Jabong Rs. 500 off (no minimum purchase)

jabongValid only on Jabong Jabong Android App. Start Time: 25th April, 2PM. First 100 orders will be free.

Rs. 500 off (no minimum purchase) Voucher: JABAPPW3Y

Download: Android App

60 Responses to “Jabong Rs. 500 off (no minimum purchase)”

  1. Baba says:

    got my order

  2. md belal says:

    so finally received all 6 orders in the morning

    after that got 3 calls
    they all wanted me to not open the package and return the product

    but then i stricly told them tht aint gonna happen !!

    so now happily wearing puma sleepers
    and carrying a wildcraft wallet :-P

    people whose orders are getting cancelled
    i can only say one thing
    u should call jabong helpline and tell them tht u want what you ordered otherwise they will hav to pay a visit to the court !!
    all the best

    # happy ;-)
    thnx again smi

  3. deepika padukone says:

    jabong sux….they cancelled 1 order nd sending only one…aap ko nahi chodunga…

  4. md belal says:

    so i am a muslim and today was friday

    but unfortunately i missed todays prayers cause of ill health
    i was sad so i opened my laptop and straight away went to smi
    on opening i saw this offer
    it was 1:53 pm
    i immidiately took my tab
    and downloaded this application

    on google play store i saw tht the app was downloaded only 200 times
    tht increased my expectation

    i straight away started adding cheap things my cart

    so after.constantly trying for.20 min i was able to buy 3 slippers and 6 wallets all for free

    i even got a confirmation message an hour ago saying tht the things will be delivered by tomorow.

    and now i am felling well and happy
    i have tried in many such offers before but never never succed i dont know what happened this time but i am very happy
    very very happy
    i guess its my indian mentality
    tht makes me so happy after getting free things :-P

    i would also like to thanks smi for the quick info.tht they provide

    lov u smi
    lov u jabong

    and thank u almighty :-)

    even though i didnt go for prayers still u supported me !
    lov u

    will post tomorow after getting the shipment

  5. Baba says:

    Ramit..same with me..:)

  6. ramit says:

    Hi,your Order No ending with 59320 is dispatched via JaVAS and the AWB no is xxxxx. This will be delivered ON or BEFORE 29 Apr. The tracking details will be activated in 24 hrs. Please check the contents of the package before accepting the delivery.

    yeahh jus gt 2 such msgs..my bth tshrts coming for free soon!
    thanx a lot SMI

  7. san says:

    not for ios.??

  8. bhargav says:

    please provide links for men clothing

  9. Nitin Berwal says:

    Time waste: No Need to Download App,because code is not working.

  10. Nitin Berwal says:

    Saale Chor H.
    koi b Coupon Nahi Chalta. Sub Coupon Apply karke dekh liye Maine
    Bekar Site h………….

  11. Nitin Berwal says:

    Time Ki Barbadi…

  12. Baba says:

    LOL…2 orders got confirmed…superb….Jabong Jai ho…:)

  13. ramit says:

    gaali dene waalo dimaag lagao..jus first 100 orders were free..tumko kya lagta hai ab tak 100 nai hua hoga?
    stupids ..dumb people soche samje bina invalid invalid kar rahe hai!

  14. rakesh says:


  15. ankush says:

    every item I placed in cart and then try to redeem voucher it says you are not fulfill the minimum amount criteria or view products listed here and again when I choose products from that section again it sayu that . i even order for 2000 rupees .its confusing it did not say invalid coupo

  16. arpit says:

    Offer end ho gaya kya
    aur yeh kal bhi aayege kya

  17. neha says:

    Is the coupon code correct…its saying voucher invalid!!help guys

  18. puneet says:

    I bought jabong.com for free:-D

  19. Biswajit says:

    Complete time waste …none of those two coupon works

  20. Anil says:

    well…finally done an order….but AJIT very poor guys

  21. Arnav says:

    Worked Like Charm Guys..Just Don’t Bother of Last Confrmation of Order.It Gets Order Confirmed inspite of Showing Order.!!! Ordered 2 Tees Same Way. Will try 2mroow Again :p

  22. Anil says:

    well…finally done an order….

  23. kn says:

    Its saying voucher not applicable for selected product

  24. raja says:

    westage of time nothing else

  25. MayurN says:

    SMI,… Code is not valid..
    please check and update new code

  26. hahaha says:

    2 orders confirmed by trying again and again for same t shirt
    lets see whether they ship it or not…
    thank you smi..:)

  27. hahaha says:

    2 orders confirmed by trying again and aggain for same t shirt
    lets see whether they ship it or not…
    thank you smi..:)

  28. sheraz says:

    this is just to befool people, it is not working apart from taking so much of time at each step… bloody nonsense

  29. dude says:

    Came till place u r order after that unable to proceed wasted 40mins,

  30. Sunil says:

    All 18 orders cancelled.

  31. ANMOL says:

    Ordered One Wallet and One T-Shirt – using unique android devices, fb logins and phone numbers for each order!

    It would be hard to use net banking or debit/credit card option…

    Even the saved cards on jabong.com are not functioning well…

    Use Cash On Delivery Option. There is extra charge. But worth the deal! :-)

  32. android says:

    Coupon not working .. App is also buggy.

  33. dude says:

    It is saying oops there is no product available in the cart it is saying,it came till the last place your order

  34. ramit says:

    awsmeee ordered 2tshrts!!..2orders..hope dey do nt reject later!!

    but yes the app is patheticcc

  35. Sunil says:

    18 orders confirmed by trying again and again same order.

  36. praveen says:

    order confirmed by COD
    bought wild craft back bag

  37. vimal says:

    ordered one top yippppppppe

  38. Aahad says:

    App is good..but this is certainly a bad time and offer for testing their Application,
    disaster when it comes to load handling. :D

  39. Shivam Gupta says:

    not working…cheaters

  40. Aman says:

    @Prathamesh Deshmukh please send the link of bag

  41. Arpit says:

    fake..!!! time wastage

  42. riya says:

    not woking app

  43. dude says:

    Code applied succesfully but am unable to proced

  44. Aahad says:

    App says ” unable to connect to internet”
    can you beat that? :D

  45. kalyan says:

    Its not today its tomorrow guyssss

  46. Bhargav says:

    500 tak k hi product free he likha he pad k fak

  47. pratik says:

    they testing new android apps. making fool to people

  48. Sunny says:


  49. Aman says:

    Ordered a leather belt, order is confirmed. Let’s see if they deliver

  50. Sunil says:

    m stuck @ place order……final step

  51. deepika padukone says:

    not working…stupid app..dnt download

  52. Anil says:

    Not working at all…..

  53. Rajeev says:

    Not wrking

  54. Anonymous says:

    time waste dont try…they are cheaters…

  55. Bhargav says:

    Prices are already high..all product at more then Rs 500,……….. dont buy

  56. Vishal says:

    Checkout not happening.

  57. hemant says:

    hanging app!!

  58. Prathamesh Deshmukh says:

    got a nike bag worth 3400 for FREE!!!!

  59. Ketan says:

    Not Working

  60. Shivam says:

    Nyc Deal but Don,t know they are working or not

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