JBL Jembe 2.0 Speakers Rs. 1988 – Amazon

jbl-jembeeAmazon has discounted JBL Jembe 2.0 Speakers to Rs. 1988. Features Slipstream Port Technologies, Built-in Power Amplifier, 3.5mm Headphone Jack for Personal Audio Devices, Stylish JBL Weave Design & Compact and Portable.

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3 Responses to “JBL Jembe 2.0 Speakers Rs. 1988 – Amazon”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @ajinkya.others and me-
    Plz don’t comment abt sites as threads changes the site but not the product or almost prod.People will check to know about product and its price but wastage of all sorts.

    The second prod which I ordered was 3.5 litre-8 Celestial prods at 170,got 1.7l All Time,basic was size.I got full refund of 170 and full courier charges which were very high as Fedex is toooooo costly.Both as fast as possible in India.
    As for items,most were excellent but it was my mistake not to try resending things which were not up to the mark as Softwear but maybe less lazy than most others.If too choosy and active,no problem would have been there from the Dhamaal Snapdeal ever.

  2. Ruchir says:

    I have got full refund as HDD was dead-5250 and full courier cost as SD cash.Without asking second time.2nd time polka size 1.8 instead of 3.5,SD cash sent,visible in 48 hrs and full refund or right item awaited.Never any issues.If known they are so sincere,I would have asked for refund for Softwear even after opening the pack which is not that relevant BTW.The only blot but Snapdeal cannot test each item at home and one knows the gamble.They would have understood,refunded and would have made stick out of trackpant and used it on the seller.

  3. ajinkya says:

    never buy anything from snapdeal, i ve bought two pairs of jeans on 16th oct 2013, no refund or product delivered yet, horrible customer service.

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