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BikeKnightHoodRidingGlovesShopClues is offering Knighthood Bike Riding Gloves Size XL for free. Features Bike / car hand gloves are designed to keep your hands warm, Close fitting for your hands, Machine washable fast-dry design, Sure-grip neoprene palm pads for improved shock absorbency, Gives good grip while going long journey & Helps your hand dry while sweating.

Coupon: SC3KG99

Buy: Knighthood Bike Riding Gloves Size XL (could be pricing error)

29 Responses to “Free Knighthood Bike Riding Gloves Size XL – ShopClues”

  1. ska says:

    Sch me… bhikariyon ki kmi nhi hai… :P

  2. tanishq says:

    order cancelled

    shopclues b lagta hai or site ki tarah apna viswas kho baithega

    froud chaloo

  3. SHAH says:

    order cancelled!!!
    Just Got mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deepak says:

    Got a mail saying refund initiated of Rs. 0.
    It was a pricing error

  5. Anuj says:

    Order Cancelled.

  6. Raj12 says:

    shipping charges asking… SMI please help

  7. abhi says:

    Required rs123

  8. Imran khan says:

    liked Rebirth comment………… (Y)

  9. rebirth says:


  10. Chinttu says:

    Can any1 tell me how to get it free….when i tried its showing a subtotal of 123 after applying the coupon code…

  11. anil kumar says:

    free offer closed, Ab Rs 123/- ka prize buy now per

    so sad

  12. zeeshan says:

    NOW after discount its showing RS123

  13. Ashish says:

    2nd time I m ordering something free from shopclues in previous free deal they offered laptop screen cleaning kit which was sended by them after 10 days. Guys keep i mind only order just place one order for one address otherwise your all orders for same address will be cancelled…

  14. rebirth says:


  15. Govi says:

    Yes, its a price error… It was corrected now… Now the price is Rs.123.

  16. Anivesh says:

    ordered 2.lets see if i get them :)

  17. pandipilla007 says:

    wowwwwwww. mind blowing offer from shopclues

  18. VNS says:

    great if order delivered…

  19. Prasad Mali says:

    Order placed
    Thank you! Your Order has been placed successfully.

  20. Arif says:

    Unbelievable deal !!! God knows wht they gonna get out of this… Dua?? ;)

  21. ak says:

    kyn sc team ko bta rha hai….pricing error h……..just buy and sit back……decide them wt to do

  22. puneet says:

    I got the merchant details.. he is from delhi…

  23. puneet says:

    Yippy, I ordered one. It’s free, can’t believe it.

  24. MEHUL SHAH says:

    All orders will be cancelled. Confirm with SC CC team.

  25. Praveen says:


  26. Kannan says:

    Ordered…. Waiting for conformation from seller…

  27. santhosh says:

    This is amazing offer, its for free. I have brought one gloves.

  28. DuranDuran says:

    Well… It worked for me…..

  29. om khanna says:

    nice offer, ist time free offer

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