Anjali Glass & Cutlery Organizer Rs. 89, Man Hunt Flirt Deodorant 150ml Set of 2 Rs. 129 – PepperFry

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New Deals: Anjali Glass & Cutlery Organizer Rs. 89 | Man Hunt Flirt Deodorant 150ml Set of 2 Rs. 129
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20 Responses to “Anjali Glass & Cutlery Organizer Rs. 89, Man Hunt Flirt Deodorant 150ml Set of 2 Rs. 129 – PepperFry”

  1. Rohit says:

    I recieved DEO pack of 2 at only 129. Genuine deal and the Product is of Awesome Fragrance..
    Thanks Pepperfry

  2. ankit says:

    totaly bakwas fool making scheme. they are making fool by showing different mrp at both websites its click and earn game.

  3. Keny says:

    Plan smart, think smart, buy smartly!

    You have to cross verify from other sites first.

    Also pepper fry is a good site if you buy items smartly.
    Not everything you sud buy.

  4. Kavita says:

    100% Cotton Handkerchiefs Set of 4 Rs. 60, rcvd today – footpath quality, Rs10/- each is also more. Only in photo they look nice. Better go for branded ones like Zodiac/arrow even though they are much costly worth it once in few years

  5. balaji says:

    How about the reviews on Manhunt shaving foam?

  6. srinath says:

    i got the chai ho packets today…thanks smil mrp was 80rs per 250gms and got for 65rs 2packets of 250gms.

  7. anam says:

    its a fake advertisement, it never works, the same was given even 2-3 days back i tried at that time as well as now, i register with two different id’s both the time, once we login, organic tulsi green tea was showing 99 rs when i checkout for buying it was showing 134 rs, i called the customer care, they are saying we are not going to give offers on what is advertised in the other websites, we will give offers if it is mentioned only in our website, for us it is showing as 134, we cant help anything………………this is what is their reply if u really want someone to just register in your website its better they give it for data entry people.

  8. Rups says:


  9. Rahul Khanna says:

    Friends. The deal is for NEW registrations. It doesn’t work on old logins. Create new login and watch it work. I had done for Green Tea bags. Otherwise it shows tea bags for Rs. 134 but with new login it is for Rs. 99/-.

  10. ajk says:

    @total: it is 250 g pack of 2 each. Pepperfry is very good site. You can check on konyak tea official site. No 500 g pack is available.

  11. SHUBHRA JANA says:


  12. total says:

    bcoz, pepperfry always put 500g and will show pack of 2, and they will send two 250 g packs always! experienced it three times ! So, please anyone tell!
    the tea is 500g or 250g?

  13. pramod says:

    I guess they will send only 1 pack, before for some other offer, they did the same.

  14. total says:

    total gram is 500g or 250g????

  15. srinath says:

    taken, thanks smi

  16. sam says:

    try with new registration. i have place 2 orders, but not sure about the quality / taste

  17. raju says:

    No special discount….its shows 160 rs with shipping free…any copoun

  18. ajk says:

    Kyu bewaquf bna rhe ho

  19. gaurav says:

    no discount coming

    Be Free from MRP

    This is a deep-discounted price and coupons are not applicable.

  20. BM says:

    I see 160 Rs…. after login also…..

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