Kustody Deo 75ml Set of 2 Rs. 103 – ShopClues

Kustody_Deo_set_of_2ShopClues has Kustody Deo 75ml Set of 2 for Rs. 103.

Coupon: SCKD69

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33 Responses to “Kustody Deo 75ml Set of 2 Rs. 103 – ShopClues”

  1. ajk says:

    is deal ka toh revlon shampoo wala haal hua hai… abhi tak nhi biki.. jaw dropping deal… :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    worst JDD EVER

  3. rajasekar says:

    useless deal…SC becoming worst….!!!

  4. saurabh says:

    jaw closing deal !!!hahahaha

  5. vabnish says:

    koi pagal hi hoga jo kharide ga

  6. mmittal says:

    X effect in rems 102

  7. mmittal says:

    Buy X effect 200 ml from pepperfry and with choice of fragrances…
    Using two ….Best deal in deos

  8. A.G. says:

    Awesome deal.

  9. Rocky says:

    quantity is very les…not buying…anybody has any reviews for the fragrance of this deo ?

  10. Sum says:

    they r making foolish, on bottle it’s showing 150ml and SC mentioned 75ml*2 :(

  11. shravan says:

    Jaw Dropping Deal? Absolute Worst Deal…Shop Clues Is Loosing It’s Fame Day By Bay And See The Shipping Charges 34? No Joke Fk Shop Clues!

  12. MayurN says:

    True Jaw Dropping Deal… ;)
    Jaw really Dropped looking at Shipping Charges ;)
    People will soon Drop ShopClues, if they continue to give such deals…

  13. harman says:

    Literal Jaw breaking Deal..

  14. anupam says:

    my jaws has not been dropped after watching this deal, then how can u say its a Jaw dropping deal…?? ;) ;)

  15. sajad says:

    150 ml for rs 103 wo b kustody. schoplues walon ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai.

  16. any says:

    bana raha hai

  17. Anonymous says:

    worst deal, time pass karne k liye hai.

  18. Bhaskar says:

    Axe Deodorant For Men 150 mL at Rs. 106 – Free Shipping
    at pepperfry.

  19. amitkumar says:

    dont buy this

  20. anand says:

    nakli mal high rate

  21. Monika Jain says:

    thanks Sarath, thanks for your reviews about this perfume…

    I was planning one for my boy friend… :-)

  22. Sharath says:

    Deodrants and perfumes are not all good at shopclues. Dont buy them at shopclues.com. The perfumes and deodrants do not last long and get over soon.

  23. R says:

    jaw dropping deals kya ho gya ho gya =D

  24. Srinath says:

    slowly shipping price will be higher than the deal price…shopclues ki jai ho jai ho!!!

  25. R says:

    jaw dropping deals ke naam par dhokha dhokha

  26. Sarath says:

    Guys..and they are not good perfumes..i have very bad exp with them…dont go for them…that too for this price

  27. Pavan says:

    true mehul, and did u notice..shipping is 34/-….is it jaw dropping deal..

    shopclues…think once you post.

  28. UNKNOWN 2 U says:

    u r right mehul,,, SC makes f

  29. rahul kashyap says:

    What a Joke, 75ML X 2 for Rs.103/- & Jaw Dropping. exactly mehul just highlighted my point.no ones going to buy soo expensive deal.the last two deals by shopclues have been nothing but a joke.

  30. rajiv says:

    maha bakwass deal

  31. Bk says:

    On the image, it is showing 150ml each… What the hell, can any one provide me with correct info???

    And Shipping charge is getting higher and higher day by day…

    Soon shopclues will start getting zero dropping deal… :)

  32. dk says:

    worst deal

  33. mehul says:

    What a Joke, 75ML X 2 for Rs.103/- & Jaw Dropping. Hahahahaha.

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