Ladies Watch Set 11 in 1 Rs. 123 – Tradus

watch-11in1Tradus has Ladies Watch Set 11 in 1 for Rs. 123. Features 11 Dials & 11 Straps.

Buy: Ladies Watch Set 11 in 1 (shipping varies depending on location)

5 Responses to “Ladies Watch Set 11 in 1 Rs. 123 – Tradus”

  1. kanakm says:

    The price is not 123 it is 173.plz dont fool the coustemers .U shiul mention the shipping charges also.

  2. Prajot says:

    it very bad planning by every online seller & Provider, that is shipping hide in main page, after login shipping charges show.

  3. Anonymous says:

    product is not good. cheap quality /

  4. Ram says:


  5. ratika says:

    Product is not good. Cheap quality. A china product. Frnds don’t become fools

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