Indoor Lighting 25% off or more from Rs. 46 – Amazon

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Crompton LED Bulb 7W Pack of 6 Rs. 469
Syska LED Bulb 8W Pack of 2 Rs. 169
Crompton LED Bulb 9W Pack of 4 Rs. 299
Philips LED Bulb 14W Pack of 2 Rs. 399
Philips LED Bulb 17W Pack of 2 Rs. 499
Crompton LED Bulb 18W Pack of 2 Rs. 449

Crompton LED Tube Light 20W Rs. 369

2 Responses to “Indoor Lighting 25% off or more from Rs. 46 – Amazon”

  1. rk says:

    Thanks smi, bought wipro led

  2. Pramod says:

    Bajaj CFLs are very poor quality, dont last anywhere near that of Osram blubs.

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