LAVA Pocket Wireless W150 Router Rs. 1499 – FlipKart

• Supports EVDO and 3G Dongles • Multi User Support – Upto 32 users on Local LAN • Ethernet Support (RJ45) • Plug and Play • WiFi Standard 802.11 b/g/n – Speed Upto 150 Mbps • Secure Access through WEP and WPA – Built in Firewall.

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  1. Ruchir says:

    This looks good. Stay away from Hame. That is garbage.If you have a GSM/EVDO dongle like most use,it will eliminate need for PC as modern cellphones are a computer if you want to use it properly.It looks to work as an ADSL router and also an N router.Quite a punch if all three.If I remember correctly Micromax above 2k doesn’t support ADSL or EVDO or work as N-router.Good buy this looks like

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Sameer-You are absolutely true. SMI should be responsible and in my understanding which may or may not be correct is it tries to put what is known till that point.And omits sites that are clearly deleterious.Dear friend,your review is not found at Mouthshut, shows error.
    IF your loss was more than 100,SMI or we could have poured more energy in it to force Masticart to refund you in full.Less than 100 and we may treat as charity to Masticart, Masti+Charity(its name is quite near to masticharity if we add some alphabets)
    I will blame lack of laws(most are criminal legislators) who encourage cheaters(their blood brothers) and instill fear among buyers.No laws and no punishment and cases will continue till eternity.That is why there are cheats everywhere,Tradus,Shopclues,which have won some eretail award,Ebay,everywhere.Barring very very few like Yebhi,Flipkart,Goodlife who buy and sell themselves.No third party sellers reduces chances unless site itself is a scam.Then it is most dangerous.I think allschoostuff falls under that category.And we vote for people like Pappu Yadav,Raja Bhaiya and hundreds others and so are responsible or unlucky.

  3. Raman says:

    My order no. is #100012184. I have placed my order since 26 jan. till today my order is showing pending. I tried to talk with customer care but after waiting for soo much time no response. Please tell me when my order will be delivered. Otherwise cancel my order so that i can purchase from anywhere else..

  4. Masticart Customer Care says:

    Dear Mr. Sameer

    We are not here to cheat anybody. Sometimes the good’ ordered are not available (like offline world) and thus there is a delay in shipping. We have to work in co-ordination with Brands, Vendors and Wholesalers. In Retail same problems exist online and offline. Offline a customer is more confident and understands the situation better due to face to face interaction-which is missing in online and thus customer thinks that the company is cheating him. We as a Group have been in Retail/Wholesale business since the last 20 years and have build a good client and customer base. We are trying our level best to serve each and every customer online in the same manner but due to situations beyond our control we sometime miss on that experience.

    If anyone wants to visit us and see our office and meet us in person they are more then welcome.

  5. sameer says:

    @Masticart Customer Care..I am sure you would recognize me because from very first day of order, you had started the cheating acts and after each and every discussion/slot of arguments, you was agreed at my point. I had earlier told you same thing that at global level, you can’t achieve progress by cheating your customers.

  6. sameer says:

    @Ruchir.. thanx for your advice and your support. its true that SMI is just to suggest best deal. But here SMI is also just advised to check about the site/new site before posting any offer. Its true that 1 should think not 10 times but 100 times before buying from a new website but the responsibility of suggestion giving firm/company/person should not be limited upto just copy pasting the offer released by company.

    But suggestion means to take responsibility. Not each and every customer is aware about their rights and not each and everyone thinks to stand for their rights. So By this message i only want to convey SMI as well as other customers that before buying/posting about new offer/new deal just use google to find reviews about the company.

    finding a better deal is not a deal but using cheap marketing skills to promote company/site is starter of greed in human beings..

  7. Ruchir says:

    @Sameer-Your experience which we believe is a fact is disturbing but there is a thing we do 100 times in a day-Generalisation.I suffered once and everybody is decimated all over India.Plz tell exactly your case,that will help you and us.For every site their is a dejector.

    SMI is not advising,it suggests the best deal for that product.Any doubt.If anybody has bad experience and/or doubts like I never registered even before bad reviews.I think 10 times to buy from a new site.Taking a risk is not very different from greed,see with microscope.Can you disagree or anybody?

    I am very happy that you have filed a case proving you are an aware citizen and others should follow you.India needs citizens like you.Timtara and its children will perish before birth.

    Law is not made in our dreams.Please don’t ridicule yourself by taking on SMI.In short if one kills someone by knife and files a case against the company making that knife.If you believe knife manu. should be prosecuted,SMI is responsible for this.Both arguments are equally bizarre,one is hypothetical analogy.

  8. Masticart Customer Care says:

    Dear Mr. Sameer,

    We are indeed sorry to know about your experience with us. Kindly email us your order details and within 24 hours we will resolve it.

    Masticart Care Team

  9. sameer says:

    please do not buy anything from masticart. the worst e-commerce site i have ever dealt with. worst customer support. they send mostly defective products to customers.
    SMI is also advised not to promote or be a medium of marketing for cheap offers for such a cheap e-commerce site as i have already filed a case against in consumer court for cheating and exploitation of customer and hence for being a medium directly or indirectly for promotion of such cheater site, SMI would also be responsible for cheating acts performed by


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