Livpure Fresh O2 450 Air Purifier Rs. 16999 – Amazon

livpur-450Features Has a high CADR of 450 m3/hr, Possesses Aromatherapy function, 5 level Fan Speed, Automatic Mode & 4 Grade Air Quality Light Indicator.

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  1. Swapnil says:

    Every one is wealthy enough to buy one for each room however we have not yet landed in a situation where we will need to buy these stuff…Please keep the atmosphere clean…Make use of public transport as much as possible.. Try not using cars for a single person rather prefer to share a ride with colleges (this will also help you come of the digital social world and make you a part of actual social world).
    Money can be earned twice at the rate at which we spend but once we spoil the atmosphere around us we won’t be able to re-build/re-create it. There is such a situation in China where people buy oxygen cylinders.
    We are fortunate enough and let our coming generation also be fortunate enough. Plant more and more trees and save the mother nature.

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