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lux3ManiacStore has discounted Lux Vests Pack of 3 to Rs. 149. Features crafted using pure cotton that allows the fabric to contour to your silhouette and help you stretch in ease.

Buy: Lux Vests Pack of 3

48 Responses to “Lux Vests Pack of 3 Rs. 149 – ManiacStore”

  1. gdairan says:


  2. RT says:

    Worst deal this vest available in market for Rs 62/- so if you take this deal you have to pay 172.00 where as you have this from market for just 186/- now take your call.

  3. Avi says:

    I agree with satish… Almost on every offer’s post.

  4. satish says:

    i am wlling to buy but des ruchir n h s gupta always gives d negative review of each product as if dey hv bought products…

  5. master ajay saini says:

    not working..

  6. Gagan says:

    I ordered this last time as well…quality is fine..ordered one again :)

  7. Manas says:

    LOL … Look for the bottom of the page. You will receive bedsheet with pillow cover :P

    Key Feature
    Brand: Lux
    What’s in a Box (?)
    You will receive: 1 Double Bedsheet with 2 Pilow covers
    Please Note. All products at are brand new, 100% genuine and come with Manufacturer’s warranty wherever applicable.

  8. Chirag says:

    Last look of SMI was better than the Newer One !!

    Still SMI rocks !!

  9. chandrashekhar says:

    i recently ordered one, quality was not that bad, its lux venus not cozi, a bit thin but okay for 40-45/piece

  10. gupta.yash says:

    SMI me SC ki complaint kaise karu….

    pls help me friendzzz

  11. gupta.yash says:

    @anchie u r right….
    They r cheating with the customers..They dont send the correct item…

  12. Snikam6691 says:

    is the quality good?ordered one!

  13. Sunny says:


  14. kailash kher says:

    price again down
    they have heard satish’s complaint

  15. Satish says:

    Same offer a few days back was at Rs.128/- all inclusive. Why this increase of 30 extra?

  16. Anchie says:

    Shopclues never gives the exact model of the item. Briefs last week were 182 MRP and shown in shopclues at Rs.297.
    Same will be here, these vests are available @ 150-170 in market. Never trust SC when brand / model is not written clearly.

  17. kailash kher says:

    use a small plugin for your browser Ad Block Pro
    It will remove all the annoying banners and images.
    Saves your data download as well

  18. ajk says:


  19. jigar mewada says:

    i agree with all…

  20. Reddy says:

    Offer doesnot exist in the site…..

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Abhi says:

    old one is more easier to surf and understand

  23. aman says:


  24. Rajesh M says:

    SMI — you seem busy updating your website today. No exciting deals seen since morning. Its March end and supplier need to clear their stock.

  25. Sridhar says:

    New look BAD. the coments type size is very small.Do u want to make commenst unreadable n boring and supress them??

  26. Sridhar says:

    Some time back same thing they had offered for 103/- 19/- shipping in Sunday Flea market. I bought the quality was v bad. tahts why they dont say that its Lux Cozin just say Lux. They send cheap quality lux baniyans. Not worthit.

  27. Regular Buyer says:

    Last week in Sunday flea market pack of 2 for 122, now pack of 3 for 148.,not fair on shopclues’ part. But still..a really good deal

  28. Ruchir says:

    Probably obvious that SMI is testing and will finally settle with the best- The Best for the readers.In between,liking and disliking will happen.But best to publish newer ones so that our feedback can be had.Not an easy job,the most boring one for many.
    But recent deals at the bottom are taking all space without any use for many reasons.But still best like always.

  29. praja says:

    fine but looks like different, need to comfortable with new look.

  30. Original says:

    Earlier one SMI page was good… New page is worst.. So get back to old one… Old is Gold…

  31. chandrashekhar says:

    need time to adjust to this new look, older look was better and in no time i got used to it

  32. clash of clans says:

    yup i like this website coz it uses less data and isnt messy.The new look is also good.

  33. Amandeep Singh says:

    smi plzzzz make site old one….

  34. joy says:


    waiting for Your comments …………..

  35. Dhawanbm says:

    great look new smi, best to look at now, make it more colorful

  36. Mahita says:

    Old is Gold…so I & more people comfortable to that old look SMI

  37. mahendra says:

    i agreed all above ,SMI pls make site just like old one, old is gold

  38. lakshay says:

    me too agree wid shipra

  39. kalash says:

    simple liviing high thinking
    so simple look as earlier pages was more comfortable

  40. Sarath says:

    @shipra yeah that is true, easy to load and all the items are displayed one after the other, now it looks a bit clumpsy

  41. joy says:

    completely agreed with shipra

  42. shipra says:

    earlier page was more comfortable

  43. Mukul says:

    My suggestion is to have random deals banner on front page.
    And Star rating of deal to read through the comments. This way a impartial opinion about a deal could be established.

  44. joy says:

    smi top pe jo images hain usse remove kar do, site ka look simple hi acha hain…. data usages bhi zyada hota

  45. Rajesh M says:

    Cracker Deal is more of a Faker deal !!
    @SHOPCLUES – be competitive, guys around here are not fools.

  46. Arnab says:

    Same offer was available at Rs. 122 (including shipping) in last sunday flea market sale……..shopclues has increased the price in this cracker deal…….

  47. sunny says:

    yahi offer 1 week pehle 103 rupees me tha ab shopclues bhi lootne laga hai…!!!

  48. dinesh says:

    @SMI , nice new web look …… My suggestion ..add option for referring offers to friends…… !

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