Mahindra Duro 125cc from Rs. 34775 (on road) – SnapDeal

mahindra-duroSnapDeal is selling Mahindra Duro 125cc starting from Rs. 34775 (prices vary from city to city). Features Free Delivery at Doorstep, 0% Interest EMI, Paper Work at Doorstep, 4 Years Warranty & Free Comprehensive 1 Year Insurance.

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Buy: Mahindra Duro 125cc (5 colors)

12 Responses to “Mahindra Duro 125cc from Rs. 34775 (on road) – SnapDeal”

  1. vivek says:

    yaar no doubt, mahindra is an xcellent company …but the prob with this model is its milage…its just about 30kmpl… highways and less than 20in city….my advice not to but ….instead….activa,pleasure,access are better…

  2. shreekanth says:

    sharath not available in b;lore MACHA!! :p

  3. Sharath Kumar says:

    Is this offer not available in Bangalore???

  4. pankaj says:

    I was wondering . Jb delivery hogi. What will courier boy sayy

  5. maan says:

    Bed mileage but satisfactry running results. It gives only 27-28 kmpl mileage.

  6. Jagadeesh says:

    really .. helped me a lot .. Thank you Kavitha

  7. gaurav says:

    Thanks Kavita for the feedback !

  8. ravi says:

    kavita is right,i have this one &mileage 20-25kmpl,dont think about this..

  9. GG says:

    i recently sold my 2010 edition /model of Activa White for 35K. The new one similar bike, that too 125cc vs 110 or 108 of Activa available for same price.
    I`ve driven Kinetic Sym later Mahindra Sym bike, its very good. I dont need to buy who so ever looking for Activa, this by far also very good. Activa too, did`nt have much mileage, I never got more than 35 after initial few days.

  10. Kavita says:

    Its mileage is around 26-30KMPL. I read about this around a year back before finally buying Activa. Many people are not happy with its mileage. Go through reviews before buying(…etc). My choice Activa(but heavy)then Dio light then Access125

  11. Vivek says:

    Iska milage kya hai….

  12. nitin says:

    i want this offer

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