MastiCart Rs. 100 off (no minimum purchase)

New Whisper Sanitary Pads, Huggies & Pampers Diapers.

Masticart is one of India’s finest technology and digital lifestyle shopping portal with the latest range of Gadgets, Electronic products, Home Appliances and Personal care at most reasonable prices.

Rs. 100 off (no minimum purchase) Coupon: WEEKEND (Rs. 45 Shipping)

Good Buys: Beauty from Rs. 49 | Baby Care from Rs. 45 | Bombay Dyeing Face Towel Set of 3 Rs. 96 | Kustody Bombshell Deo 75Ml Rs. 45 | Denim Deodorants 150ml Rs. 110 | Kustody Face Wash Neem 60Ml (2 Rs. 45) | Kustody Face Wash Water Melon 60Ml (2 Rs. 45) | Condoms from Rs. 20 | Omron MC246 Digital Thermometer Rs. 100 (new) | Whisper Sanitary Pads from Rs. 63 (new) | Huggies & Pampers Diapers from Rs. 19 (new)

Website: MastiCart

63 Responses to “MastiCart Rs. 100 off (no minimum purchase)”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Agrawal-There are some words never to be used at least on other sites and at public discourses.Reprehensible.

  2. sunny bhatia says:

    Coupon code is Invalid….. Bogus deal

  3. babli says:

    coupon code does not working.

  4. Shashank says:

    coupon code does not working.

  5. Amulya says:

    Code is not valid “WEEKEND”. Not working.

  6. Amit says:

    In the morning, it was working. Now its NOT!!!!

  7. kunal says:

    fake coupon….

  8. Anand says:

    Coupon code not valid..

  9. anil gupta says:

    now new coupen WEEKEND also not valid

  10. SRIKRISHNA Baitmangalker says:

    code WEEKEND at masticart working finly,but shipping charge is overall 55 rs only benefit from 100 rs.Not that much worthy.

  11. Neelam Agrawal says:

    Working but they are charging 45 rupees extra as shipping charge..
    This is fucking shit!!!!!

  12. S Gurumurthi says:

    Coupon code “MASTI100″ is not valid.

  13. Shona says:

    But. Ode is not workin on baby items

  14. Shona says:

    It’s good got my mop

  15. Sukhdeep says:

    They will never send a product on discount “FAKE”. The site is not trust worthy.They never send anything having discount.

  16. SS PADAM says:

    It is a fake site. I ordered a Sony Charger on 23rd JAN. After contacting them more than 10 times now they are saying that we are that We are cancelling your order beacause the product is no longer available. I saw product on there site and placed in the cart but they have no reply for it….

  17. Neeraj says:

    This site looting people by giving such offers…totally fake no communication from site’s end never delivered the product

  18. Aman soni says:

    fake seller.
    Please dont buy anything. they will never deliver item
    and no respond from customer care.


    Please dont try the website we dont know the shipping time and product quality
    time and money waste sorry SMI dont post this type of useless offers….

  20. manik says:

    fake no purchase from this site ,,
    they can’t delieverde your product

  21. Original says:

    Its Fake Site… I ordered earlier but yet not received… So stay away from this site…

  22. priya says:

    fake fake fake. don’t purchase

  23. ashi says:

    did any body receive order item.
    they didn’t ship my cash on delivery item since 1 month.

  24. sarthak says:

    shipping is 45 rs

  25. Neeraj Maheshwari says:

    It’s fake site they don’t deliver my product order no-10001161

  26. Neeraj Maheshwari says:

    It’s a fake site they never delivered product I bought deo 15 day ago but till now no communication nor they delivered they don’t pick phone

  27. vinod goel says:

    not working

  28. RVGOHIL says:


  29. Aaquib Patel says:

    Awesome. bought mouse for Rs. 90:D

  30. Mayank says:

    site not working

  31. joy says:

    Shipping charges is nor acceptable. Save money india plz don’t promote this type of useless offers

  32. shreekanth says:

    Technically its a discount of Rs 55 because there’s a shipping charge of 45!!
    Best product to buy is DENIM SHAVING CREAM
    Subtotal Rs. 120.00
    Shipping & Handling Rs. 45.00
    Discount (FB100) -Rs. 100.00
    Grand Total Rs. 65.00

    ALMOST 50% OFF!!:)

  33. Tushar says:

    don`t buy from this site they never ship the products

  34. Anita says:

    shipping charges too much, it should be free shipping

  35. sheetal says:

    it is still cheaper to buy here

  36. Anil says:

    Shipping Charge is Rs 45/-

  37. rayudu says:

    NOT SUGGESTABLE,, THEY ARE CHARGING 45Rs for shipping charges

  38. SHUBHRA JANA says:

    There has been an error processing your request

    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 887010722676

  39. ARUN says:

    Its working guys i bought apendrive hp-v115

  40. akshay says:

    There has been an error processing your request

    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 872104869496

  41. Amit says:

    They have a new coupon code FB100-giving Rs. 100 off on any purchase. Bought a trimmer for rs. 190.

  42. Sarath says:

    Its applicable only if you purchase for Rs. 1000/- or above. The same can be noticed on the front page of the web site.

  43. raj kumar says:

    it worked till 6.50am . i placed multiple orders. lets see for delivery

  44. naveen says:

    true!! . it was working till 6.55am .. and i ordered one item too… and later when i tried for 2nd item early 7am, it dint work.. thank you SMI

  45. Raviteja says:

    Its Working…. i bought four 4GB pendrives each cost 20Rs……i bought at night 2′O Clock

  46. shivam says:

    not working

  47. raja says:

    not working

  48. shravan says:

    it’s not working! what happens now a days coupon codes are not working?

  49. guarav says:

    SMI why your are posting fake offers…i think you are generating traffic towards a particular website in return of benefit… don’t fool innocent people…

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anuj says:

    Coupon code only working on Rs. 1000+ orders….

  52. Rajat says:

    Coupon code not working…

  53. ravi says:

    Coupon code :- FB100 is not valid…..

  54. Dharamvir Singh says:

    Coupon code “FB100″ is not valid.

  55. dime says:

    fake coupon not working

  56. Ashish says:

    coupon code not working

  57. vikas says:


  58. ARPAN SHAH says:

    Not Working

  59. abhishek sharma says:

    I buy a head phone of 299 cost but they said that FB100 is not valid

  60. arun kumar says:

    coupon code is not working..

  61. Thariq says:

    Coupon code “FB100″ is not valid.

  62. Ganesh says:

    Code is not even valid.

  63. praveen says:

    not working

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