Mi Rs. 1 Flash Deals – Mi 2nd Anniversary Carnival

mi-carnivalJaw dropping Rs. 1 flash deals everyday at 2PM, from 20-22 July!

20th July, 2PM: Mi 5 & Mi 20000mAh Power Bank
21st July, 2PM: Redmi Note 3 & Mi Band
22nd July, 2PM: Mi Max & Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Mi: 2nd Anniversary Carnival

32 Responses to “Mi Rs. 1 Flash Deals – Mi 2nd Anniversary Carnival”

  1. pradeep says:

    i rupee soldout sale

  2. Siman says:

    Actually you can do a lot of harm by exposing this in other platform also. So that their sales hamper, Our time loss = their money loss

  3. sandeep karan says:

    It is high time that these companies should understand that , by creating sale hysteria like this, they are causing more harm to themselves.

    Consumers will eventually lose trust over the brand.

    Instead of giving phones for Re.1, which no one gets eventually.

    It will be better of they do the following instead :

    1.Run a lucky draw.
    2.Sell their products on a particular hour at 20% or 30% discount.
    3.Sell their previous generation products at lowest price.

    I am yet to understand what is the real benefit behind these fake flash sales , eventually they clog their websites.

  4. mk says:

    click and sold out
    making fool hahaha

  5. sripad says:

    once i refreshed page after login & it showed out of stock for all 3 days mobiles
    now again after refreshing its showing “coming soon”
    its a clear visible trap

  6. sripad says:

    now all 20th 21st 22nd all mobiles showing out of stock.
    its now very clear that how they are cheating openly

  7. Rinku Sharma says:

    sale start hote hi soldout .what a deal.pagal banane wale deal.

  8. vamsi says:

    @sam i will also write 100 mobile numbers blindly are winners. if you refresh the page you will get the coming soon and out of stock buttons.check carefully.

  9. Adi singh says:

    These MI people always make fool. Fake marketing stunts like this will leads to damage of their reputation. Totally crap

  10. Sammy says:

    Pata hai kuch nahi milega phir bhi time kyu waste karte ho dosto.. is se accha.. ek ped lagao. Atleast in month.kuch toh fayda hoga

  11. Buyer says:


    In list only numbers of user not name also no one said that he get in that thread

    There. is video on YouTube and in forum also someone told that how Mi fooled us

    They tricked that as soon as 2pm buy now comes as out of stock msg

    In last Diwali sale there is que page
    this time direct msg

    You know this via Website source

  12. sam says:

    its not fake sale,see winner list of mi forum, and FB page , already written that only 10 mobile and 100 powebank were on flash sale.it was called flash sale for the reason that it be over in a flash

  13. Hemangshu says:


  14. Arsha says:

    1rupees flash deal sab Ku beyakuf baba raja hai 2 pm hua tu buy now click keys tu sold out salary 2nd anniversary sale bakyas hair mi wala sab Ku beyakuf bana raha hai agar mi wala aisa kuch laya 2nd anniversary 3rd anniversary mi wala mere same aya tu juta se maruga

  15. nagaraj says:

    i have 4g net …but it showing out of stock…
    worst sale…time waste…

  16. ABC says:

    Free ka promotion kara liya ne. Agar on an average 2 lakh logon ne register kiya. sabke on an average 500 friends. matlab 10 crore ki audience tak promotion ho gya muft mein. Sahi hai Xiaomi free ke dhoke se free ka promotion kara rahe ho.

  17. Buyer says:

    Fake Sale
    as soon as 2pm
    coming soon to buy now button changed
    that means out of stock
    Fake Sale

  18. ravi says:

    it is not 1 rs flash sale
    it is 1 rs fake sale

  19. Karan says:

    It shows out of stock button for a while before sale starts

  20. ramu says:

    Totally its waste of time

  21. Ramya says:

    Rs.1 Fraud deals will be a better title.

  22. Shiladitya says:

    didnot work on 4g also,after pressing buy now it says check network.

  23. Anirudh says:

    Sold out at 2:00:00 , even option shows buy now.

  24. Ravi says:

    Sold Out at 02:00:00 PM

  25. qaqaq says:

    What is this?
    i can’t believe how this could be possible ?
    i pressed buy now button from 4laptop at a time then also out of stock

  26. Anirudh says:

    Sold out

  27. Jatin says:

    Lo bahi fhat gyi site ki..

  28. harsh says:

    lo bhir se aa gaya banane.

  29. Parth says:

    Totally waste of time

  30. pooja says:

    kuch nhi milta bawas hai sabh

  31. XYZ says:

    every month has a fool day nowadays.

  32. Buyer says:

    another month another rs 1 sale ???

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