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microfiberTradus has discounted Microfiber Glove to Rs. 57. Features Super-Soft Chenille and Microfiber, Gentle on your vehicle’s finish, 100% Scratch and Lint Free, Holds more soap and water than other wash mitts, Elastic cuff keeps mitt snug, Ideal for clening Car /Home /Office and other valuable products & Each synthetic fiber acts as if it is magnetically charged to attract negatively charged dust particles.

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3 Responses to “Microfiber Glove Rs. 57 – Tradus”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Comes to 85 after convenience charges(looks like Tradus is like Govt too cunning and 420 in introducing taxes at will to cover their misdeeds.But at this price it is cheaper by 100-200 compared to almost all other sites.Issue is Tradus is one of the biggest thieves and expect all nonsense.Happens many times that got SMS that item shipped,AWB 24 hrs,after that no shipping,refund option but no shipping,refund for months and another 3 days etc etc.If u believe in Tradus that you will get it,go ahead.

  2. Sum says:

    yeah pls share details that how will you get it at @57 only?

  3. Karthi says:

    SMI, 54+shipping 39 = 84 . can you help me how can i get this @57?

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