MobiKwik Wallet upto Rs. 150 Cashback on Deposit

mk-wallet• Offer runs from 9AM to 9PM on 29 July, 2015.
• Promo Code is valid only if Add Money and redemption platform is Android, iOS or Windows App.
• Use only Debit card or Credit Card while adding money to MobiKwik Wallet to redeem the code.
• One user can redeem only one Promo Code during the day.
• Mobikwik Wallet can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

Rs. 10 Cashback on 50+ Promo Code: WED50
Rs. 25 Cashback on 100+ Promo Code: WED100
Rs. 50 Cashback on 250+ Promo Code: WED250
Rs. 100 Cashback on 500+ Promo Code: WED500
Rs. 150 Cashback on 1000+ Promo Code: WED1000

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112 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet upto Rs. 150 Cashback on Deposit”

  1. Ankit says:

    500 Add kiye and get 1000 in wallet

  2. mahinder kashyap says:

    There was some Problem while redeeming this coupon…

  3. bibhu says:

    Thank u 100 cashback on adding 500.

  4. rahal says:

    bro compliant in social platfrom they will fixed and u will ur money

  5. manu says:

    Added money yesterday at 12 noon but got nothing till now .
    Friends any one else facing the same problem…

  6. yogesh says:

    Got 1000 in my wallet and cash back 150 also

  7. nisha mittal says:

    atlast i got cashback…

  8. praveen says:

    nice exp. with mobikwik. I got 100 cb

  9. sumitjangra says:

    thanks smi & mobikwik
    casback aa gya h

  10. Saheb Chakraborty says:

    Mobikwik very good application mera rupea kat tho liya tha bank sai leakhin bapas mobikwik wallet maie mil giyea cash back bhi mila thank u mobikwik team.

  11. govinda says:

    I got 150 cashback

  12. vicky says:

    itni mehnat agar paytm ki 100% cashback sale m ki hoti to pata nhi kitna loota hota unhe…Never use mobikwik…such a worst experience today

  13. KaranKD says:

    another great offer for mobikwik lovers, thanks smi and mobikwik
    one of the best trusted site gives amazing offers and returns too
    Great offer indeed for weekend.!

  14. Satvara Harshad says:

    best offrsh

  15. ubed says:

    first time very bad experience with mobikwik…iam trying from morning but getting error…

  16. srinath says:

    mobile app is not working properly…too slow

  17. anshu says:

    500 rs kaat liye mere n now cc not picking phone cheaters

  18. ani says:

    thanx smi and mobikwik I got 3 times

  19. Ravi says:

    Worked for me. Thanks SMI.

  20. Nikhil says:

    Very bad experience with MOBIKWIK today.
    Giving connection timeout error continuously since morning.. Its wasted most of my time today :(

  21. sudip says:

    Ekdam fraud hai mera 1000 deduct from bank Ac but still not added money, after complained no answer from Mobikwik.

  22. Hitesg says:

    Mobikwik sucksss big time …

  23. maurya says:

    Tum log ho hi chutiya mere to nahi Kate aur Mai 3 account. Me use Kr liya ye code

  24. nisha says:

    what the hell. ..500 rs debited but money add hi nhi hui…SMI atleast check to karo…mobikwik fraud h

  25. KamaalRashidKhan says:

    Mere 500 mobikwik wallet me add to ho gaya, par cashback nai aaya.. Subha 9:05 baje aur ab shaam k 9 bajne ko aa rahe hai. I have all the screenshot ready , I will soon teach a lesson to mobikwik. Aankho ke saamne dokha 500 k 600 nai huye coupon Wed500 daalne par

  26. G1 says:

    Server bad…conn. time out

  27. KamaalRashidKhan says:

    Mere to subha 9bajkar 5 minute par paise kaat liye …mobikwik is such a cheater cock


    Mere bhi 1000 rupee bank account se debit ho gaye par balance wallet me add abhi tak nahi huaa h

  29. SHAKTI says:

    mere 1000 kat gaye Lekin wallet me nahi jude

  30. Vivek says:

    Mera abhitak 2000 kat gaya he lekin balance ni aaya fraud mobikwik

  31. krishna says:

    For multiple transcation r u using YV is it working???

  32. kumar says:

    some errors occurred

    what the is going on?

  33. yogesh says:

    Money 1000 debited from account but not updated in wallet also no cash back added.Where is this money going?filed a complaint but no response till now

  34. SLETPN says:

    done 20time susscful but take good network

  35. pankaj says:

    Yaar muze to as gaya WED500 IS DONE

  36. g d airan says:

    Wed 500 working
    I done 3 trans with different cards

  37. ram says:

    ni two time aomount kat liya bank se or wallet zero hi h…

  38. ram says:

    mobikwik ki ab tak ki sabse ghatiya offer…Site me intne pancher ho gaye h ki hawa ruk hi nahi rahi ki…

  39. Prifam says:

    Finally WED500 applies and got 100 rs cashback after a daylong fight. ..

  40. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Money Debited from account, and balance and coupon amount not updated. What the Hell…

  41. gurmeet says:

    i dot know which amateur have made this disgusting app . For IPAD its showing “update to use this feature “even after downloading the latest one from app store. and on android it gives”some problem ocur ” (not even care which problem )

    if i be that mobikwik then insteadd of luring people by giving offer i would fire and hire new technical team

  42. Amar says:

    It’s working now..!!

  43. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Showing diffetent types of error since morning. Finaly money debited from bank account and wallet not updated.

  44. Akshay says:

    Its working now! (After 6 hours)

    Make sure you have fast internet connection.

    Even then Be patient it will take around 2-3 minutes.

    I redeemed WED500 and got 100 instantly.

  45. sudip says:

    Rs1000 debited from my account but still not add money in my wallet, I complained 3 times, but they not replied.

  46. pintu deva says:

    Dont do that. App hang so many times. Money deducted and not credited to my mobikwik account. I raised ticket. Waste of time.

  47. Preet says:

    After sometime i radeem the wed1000

  48. Manish says:

    Very bogus site waste of time I am trying since morning but no use only error

  49. Pari says:

    Totaly waste time. Agar apki aukad nay dene ki to esi offer kyu dete ho

  50. Ashish says:

    Finally… After 5 hours of trying…successfully redeemed WED500 and got ?600 for ?500/-.
    But the transaction took 5 minutes to get completed.

  51. Saheb Chakraborty says:

    I am saheb chakraborty very sad to say I try add money 500 rs used coupon code WED500 but bank account debuted my amount but not update mobikwik wallet so my experience mobikwik site very bad . ..

  52. Ravi says:

    sharm karo. Public ka time to kharab mat karo ese offer deke.
    Tumare bus ki 10% hi hai wo hi de diya karo.
    20% ki okad nahi he to kyo late ho ese offer

  53. Anonymous says:

    Bank debited but wallet is not credited.

  54. Saurabh says:

    hello Mobikwik team, bhai kyu aisa offer dete hn jo customer use hi nhi kar paye nd time v waiste ho ..first sites server ko thik krein ..den koi offer publish krna.

  55. adesh says:

    Murkh bna rhe hai

  56. sravan Baggali says:

    My friend got extra 100 @ 9am. Am trying since 9 am.its showing different type of errors.

  57. BAKUL says:

    cash back & total money not received my wallet
    !!!very problem

  58. rameshwar singh charan says:

    how many times after be successful
    i tried 10 times still sad

  59. SANTOSH says:

    trying since 10 a.m but every time connection goes out message come.
    Mobikwik first make ur server strong then announce any offer

  60. praveen verma says:

    all you guy who money deducted and free money not received . Write mobiwik they surely solve your problem .

  61. Michael says:

    They are doing load testing ..and we are doing testing for their software .
    So bear the pain for testing their software .

  62. Zeeshan*** says:

    Bakwas app…uninstall mobikwik…

  63. manu says:

    Money deducted from bank but wallet shows added nothing my money sucks by mobikwik

  64. Jithu says:

    Site not responding

  65. GEEK says:

    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

  66. prashant says:

    its just waste of time .. connection time out every time .. trying from 9:00am..
    faltu site mobikwik..

  67. HARISH says:


  68. pam says:

    coneection time out…since morning???

  69. kumar says:

    guys uninstall mobikwik app. then only these guys will learn a lesson

  70. Sadan says:

    code WED1000 successfully redeemed after a long fight with mobikwik

  71. kumar says:

    recharge also failing. poor mobikwik. if u can’t handle don’t introduce offers

  72. sanjiv says:

    after add cash in wallet. now m using on payment failed 5 times but money deduct from mobikwik wallet. what the hell with mobikwik, may users stop using mobikwik. mobikwik do u want that?

  73. dharmendra verma says:

    humare pass debit card nahi hai be

  74. Anonymous says:

    Mobiwik better dont put offers which you yourself cant provide the load of users.
    Everytime connection timed out /or this card been used (which is not used in real)

  75. devang shah says:

    after so many try i appllied code wed100. but receive only 25 rs cashback instead 100

  76. technextji says:

    Load Rs.500 by applying “WED500″ coupon but cashback not credited.
    its more than 2 Hours.

  77. Deepak says:

    Seems irctc has sold their servers to mobikwik.

  78. BIKASH says:

    Not able to redeem the coupons

  79. Kamesh says:

    Only 500 credited. Cashback didn’t happen.

  80. Anand says:

    Wow code successfully redeemed wed500 thanks smi and mobikwik

  81. Gaurav says:

    connection timed out aa rha hai baar baar

  82. Aniruddha says:

    No Connection Error. Throwing out of the session. Wasted a lot of time.

  83. praveen verma says:

    got it after 2 hour of trying , good job mobiwik . enrolled for payback also .

  84. ck says:

    No connection on wifi tooo Fake


    Coupon is not working

  86. Rajesh Gameti says:

    No Connectin bata raha hai 2 ghante se . fake

  87. Anonymous says:

    Wi fi pe bhi no connection

  88. ashish says:

    Bakwas scheme..waisting of time

  89. Anand says:

    Trying from 1 hour accepted code many times but again timed out

  90. munish says:

    says no connection time out, mobikwik ki to scheme start hone se pehele hi dhraaam ho gayi, watse of time with mobikwik

  91. sanjiv says:

    coupon code hi accpet ni kar rhaa, shame on u mobikwik. offer dene se pehle check to kar lo ki offer logo ko dene ke guts bhi hai

  92. praveen verma says:

    no add money , mobiwik may be using old irctc server . feel liking booking tatkal ticket

  93. RINKU says:

    NO connection bol rha please solve this problem imediately and post agian

  94. nil Yed says:

    There was some problem with redeeming this coupon.
    Mobikwik DRAMA again.

  95. adesh says:

    Kejriya offer
    no connection
    3g pe drama

  96. sumit says:

    no connection bolta h

  97. Anonymous says:

    Error is no connection

  98. Puja says:

    say no connection available or something went wrong

  99. kumar says:

    no connection available

    something went wrong

    SMI – check offer before posting. don’t waste our time

    mobikwik – if u can’t handle offers don’t post them. it will reduce ur reputation

  100. kk says:

    No connection

  101. unyk says:

    There are servers are getting jammed.. Getting timed out & showing other errors. :(

  102. pardeep says:

    say no connection available or something went wrong
    im unable to add money

  103. Anmol Sharma says:

    Problem while using code

  104. jamir says:

    fentastic offer..

  105. Sunil says:

    Superb Offer. i got 100 after add balance 500.
    chumma offer by mobikwik

  106. KamaalRashidKhan says:

    9 AM be ready

  107. Jagdeep says:

    9 To bajne do

  108. Priya says:

    Are ho gaya WED1000 Thanks to all

  109. ARUN says:

    wait till 9am

  110. GG says:


  111. Priya says:

    Not able to use promocode redeemption. There is a problum while using promo codes.plese help me

  112. gurmail says:

    wrong code not apply

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