MobiKwik Wallet 30% Cashback

mobikwik-wallet• Get 30% Cashback on Add Money done on MobiKwik.
• Cashback will be directly credited to your MobiKwik wallet within 24 hours.

30% Cashback Promo Code: KWIKTWITTER (max cashback Rs. 50)

Website: MobiKwik

57 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet 30% Cashback”

  1. Rahul kuamr says:

    Got 50*100000000000000=5000000000000000

  2. Yogesh says:

    Yeh! got in 100000000×50=5000000000 Thanks mobikwik I m india Top10 Rich people

  3. lakhani says:

    we can do through net banking

  4. Uday says:

    Lol, good one sanju

  5. Sanju says:

    Got 50*1000000 A/C =Rs/_ 5Crore…Now going to buy an IPL team…Thanks SMI n Mobikwik

  6. Tushhar says: in180 ac -50*180=9000. Thnx smi

  7. B A Swamy says:

    No longer valid

  8. Lali Tohra says:

    Showing no longer valid

  9. Bhushan says:

    Invalid coupon code. No longer valid

  10. SG says:

    not working

  11. amar says:

    @sameer beta thoda aur jor lagao aur tajmahal hi kharid lo

  12. Krishna Reddy says:

    @9.25 coupon alive… i used 4 cards.. got 4*50=200

  13. Anand says:

    Sammer itna fekugiri mat kar

  14. Keeran says:

    not working, invalid coupon code

  15. Manoj Kumar says:

    Showing no longer valid.

  16. sameer says:

    I GOT IN 100 IDS 100*50=5000

  17. GAURAV KUMAR says:

    not working now so please do not false comment

  18. amar says:

    got the cashback, thanks SMI for the update…

  19. papa says:

    no longer valid

  20. Mk says:

    4 me hi kyo 40 me kyo nahi, tumhare jaise logo ki wajah se offer hi aane band ho gaye, har baat ka dindora pitna h bus

  21. Pa says:

    Got in 4 accounts

  22. RAHUL says:


  23. kumar says:

    working. thanks smi

  24. Rajat Seth says:

    Working Now !

  25. sumit says:

    Worked got 50

  26. Ashish says:

    Worked got 50 cashback.
    Thank you SMI… :)

  27. Samarth says:

    The coupon is no long available i am getting message like this

  28. thulasiram says:

    no long valid ??? not working

  29. KRISHAN says:

    not working

  30. Raghu says:

    not working. expired.

  31. Raphikul says:

    Showing no longer valid

  32. sai says:

    it is no longer valid

  33. Jagadeesh Sivapuram says:

    The coupon is no longer valid – i m not sure why it’s not working now

  34. Anonymous says:

    Not working now

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Venkat Hyd says:

    The coupon is no longer valid,,,

  37. Anand says:

    Its showing this coupan no longer valid checked at 10am again cheated by mobikwik no time to add money also very dissatisfied

  38. Nitesh says:

    Showing error…”coupon is no longer valid”

  39. akela says:

    no longer valid…

  40. Damodar aghaniya says:

    mobikwik is very bad ullu banati hai.

  41. sameer says:

    The coupon is no longer valid

  42. Damodar aghaniya says:

    this coupon is not working.

  43. Goutham says:

    Not Working.

  44. Mahendra says:

    Offer expire

  45. Abhinav says:

    Not Working???

  46. Nil sen says:

    Showing “Code no longer valid”

  47. Pa says:

    Not longer valid

  48. AMIT GARG says:

    coupon no longer valid

  49. Madhurpreet says:

    Is it still working. Now message displayed It is no more valid code.

  50. Rajat Seth says:

    Not working . Showed No longer Valid

  51. Sourabh says:

    code expire

  52. kishore says:

    The coupon is no longer valid

  53. RA says:

    “The coupon is no longer valid”

  54. Krishna Reddy says:

    gud.. for each card once…

  55. Radhika says:


  56. RK says:

    good offer, got on my three accounts

  57. Harsh says:

    Thanks SMI.It worked

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