MobiKwik Wallet Send or Receive Money for Free

mobikwik-send-receiveSend or Receive Money for Free to any Mobile Number or Bank account with MobiKwik. Money from Coupons, Cashbacks and Redemptions can’t be transferred to Bank or Wallet.

Website: MobiKwik

5 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet Send or Receive Money for Free”

  1. Mahendra says:

    Trs only limit is 2000 and only with NetBanking

  2. Bhanwarlal says:

    mobikwik my wallet blocked

  3. ash says:

    Hello Murugappan P,

    My Mobikwik is not upgraded.

    I was also getting some issue however it was auto resolved after some time.

    Only 2000 can be transferred I believe in one time.

    I added 2000 and getting error Error: “You don’t have sufficient funds to make this Transaction”.

    Hence I tried 1999 still it is saying same

    I tried after 1 hour and able to successfully trf 1999 now

  4. Murugappan P says:

    Hey i added 10,000 but only 100 i was able to transfer after that i am getting error message as insufficient fund to transfer.But i am having my wallet Loaded don’t know how to transfer that into my bank, Got Blocked :-(, @ ash is your account wallet upgraded?

  5. ash says:

    free transfer

    I added 2000 using KWIKCASH

    gor rs 20 cashback

    then trf to bank same amt without any fee

    Great Mobi offer

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