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dingding – the most convenient, safest way to send top-up to any phone, anytime, anywhere.

50% off Promotional Code: CONNECTWITHDING

Website: Ding

77 Responses to “Mobile Recharge 50% off – Ding”

  1. Naveen kumar says:

    Worest app . if we have capacity to give offer give otherwise remove u r app. Why you people cheating customers. Foolishing people.

  2. Rajpootsk says:

    I got this message :( We’re sorry – we were unable to complete your transaction. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact customer care. No money has been taken from your account.

    but money has been deducted.

  3. Bhaumik says:

    The promotional code ‘CONNECTWITHDING’ is available for a limited time only – Starting on 25th of February at 00:01 EST – Finishing on 4th of March at 23:59 EST The value of the voucher is 50% off top-up (any amount) and it’s limited to the first 10000 customers. The voucher code is not transferable and is only valid for your specific email address. The promotional code “CONNECTWITHDING” is only available for one transaction per customer and receiver number. The voucher code can be redeemed against one top-up* only and can only be used on ding* *‘top-up’ refers to prepaid phone credit for the mobile operators supported on ding*

  4. Amit Shah says:

    Aitor: Thank you for contacting ding*
    How may we help you?You: helloYou: case number #00490461You: Hello,

    I am from india, I tried to recharge my cell twice, payment got deducted.

    But recharge, not done + and money got deducted from bank.

    Recharge done + Payment deducted + What about refund?You: Can you please help?Aitor: hi there, I have checked and you are trying to redeem a promo code you are not eligible for. Your account does not show in the mailing list the promo code was sent to. If you have not received the promo code via email from us, you will not be able to use it. These promo codes cannot be shared and can be only redeemed with the email address they were sent to. Funds have been reverted to your bank/Paypal account. They will put them back to your account shortly. Please check with them their refund policy.You: so does that mean i will get full refund?You: can you tell me the time duration of refund process?Aitor: cannot be accurate. Please check refund policy from your financial institution. Funds have already been revertedYou: Ok, so from ding side it is completely reverted?Aitor: yes, it is an automatic process whenever the top up cannot be deliveredYou: ok but it is very strange, payment deduction message came to me,You: actually you should not accept the payment until your promocode and other stuff are okay from customer’s end.Aitor: whenever your account is eligible for a promo code, you will receive in your email. Do not try to use any promo code shared by others.

  5. BHAGYA says:

    app pe ya website pe recharge success

  6. devi dayal says:

    Out of rang of mind can’t do our wish recharge only you can do 100 .300 . service TeX vunnka bap bharega

  7. D.Venkatesh says:

    Now this offer error

  8. Sacheen says:

    Faltu offer 50% off but 25% fee means 75% off means 100 ka recg 75 ya 78rs me :( mat karna kyuki bahot logo ko rechg nai aaya

  9. arjun says:

    working like a charm for airtel and vodafone

  10. Frendz4m says:

    Fake ..plz don’t use it
    All ur money will get stuck …

  11. Pavan says:

    This website is not reliable. I tired twice just amount gets debited. once paid via PayPal. Once directly by card.

    Repayment for failed transactions takes months to credit to your accounts. Sendly is better than Ding.

  12. dhyan says:

    Mane paypal through recharge kiya to automatically refund huva.
    Plz recharge mat karo

  13. KZ says:

    If any of you have used PayPal for payment, just register a case on and they will take care of it. Digg should first verify the code and if valid then only money should be deducted. This is called cheating as they have system to recognize users for who the recharge should be done and NOT. They must use this before deducting money and not AFTER.

  14. KZ says:

    Howard: The transactions failed because you tried to use a promotional code which was meant for some customers only
    do not try to use it again
    In these cases we do not charge, but you may see an Authorisation on your bank statement. The money won’t be taken from your account and the authorisation should vanish from your bank statement within 2 to 8 days.

  15. kanna says:

    Dylan: Please be aware that the mentioned promo code is not available for you, this is why the transactions failed and you will be refunded. The promo code was sent to specific customers and you are not eligible for this promotion. Please share this information with your friends and if you know the person who shared this code online please tell them to stop as they are sharing misleading information. Also, if you can comment or review the website it was taken from, please do so as a lot of people in India are being misled.
    Please keep this in mind for the future.

    so dnt waste time money

  16. amarjyot says:

    Got 1000 rs. Recharge for 608 thanks smi…

  17. Ehtesham Habeeb says:

    Kya Mazak hai yar.
    Sb kuch ho ja raha Promocode lg ja rha but payment nhi ho pa rha.
    Koi Bhi Card se kro to Invalid Information Krke aa rha.
    Totally Fake

  18. rajni says:

    its i recharged 500 rs and without pin no my amount debited in my account and i have not received any balance pls refund my amount @ ding

  19. Parag says:

    Visa verified was nt available bcz payment was made to foreign vendor.

  20. ritesh says:

    money debited from bank account but recharge not done
    ..credited back the amount in a few seconds…I think they r not accepting Indian debit cards…use credit card instead(not tested by me do at ur own risk )

  21. rohan says:

    Guys how is this possible that the payment is done without visa verification code?

  22. shameem says:

    Amount debited but recharge failed don’t go…it’s fake offer

  23. Balu says:

    Would preer to stay away from Ding, never works for me..

  24. kishore says:

    Amount debited but recharge failed don’t do..

  25. hudhud says:

    Ding Ding

    Never worked for me

  26. anand says:

    This offer is for previous registered users only igot message from ding
    It failed because this promotion was only valid for previous registered customers that have received the email directly from our marketing team.
    Then why are they accepting promo code and why they publish on savemoneyindia site just to increase new customers thats it and thats all shit they should.have given clause that only for old users as paytm and freecharge terms all their conditions before piblishing promo code so guys dont go for new site as they dont accept verified password or otp also just payment is done so its not a trustable site by conditions also and by security also

  27. ssss says:

    kaise hai yar ye bakwas hai pahle paisa bharo or badme…

  28. Omee says:

    hey guys, don’t go for this offer. it’s nothing but shit.
    i tried to recharge my bsnl prepaid no. but the recharge got failed and money got deducted from my account. also the customer care agents are giving lame excuses about this offer.
    i thing ding is a fraud.
    they even skipped security pin request, which should’ve appeared during transaction.

  29. Batman says:

    ‘greed is the ultimate way to destruction’ why you guys even trust on these shit sites like DING or MOBIKWIK.I always suggest everyone to use PAYTM n FREECHARGE.Itna to offer dete hain ye…ab kitna loge…

  30. Gagan says:

    End Chat
    Liam: Thank you for contacting ding*
    How may we help you?
    You: I have
    You: Been charged twice
    You: 5.13$
    Liam: Hi Gagan
    You: No recharge done
    Liam: just one minute while im checking the transaction please
    Liam: the transaction failed
    Liam: The transaction was not successful, and as such you will not be charged for it. We released the funds immediately to your bank, however your bank may still list the payment as pending on your account. It can take your bank 2-8 business days to release the funds back into your account. Please contact your bank for further information regarding your refund.
    You: I have used for the first time for my own number
    Liam: it failed because you tried to use a promocode
    Liam: Sorry, this promotion is only valid for previous registered customers that have received the email directly from our marketing team
    You: Promo code when typed or accepted whu
    Liam: the promotion was just for customers that were already registered, that’s why the tranaction has failed
    You: When I said I am new customer the code should be declined
    Liam: you registered on the 10/31/2014
    Liam: the promotion is just for customers registered before that

  31. Nipun says:

    i called up the cust care they said , the promo code u’ve used, did u get that in an email from us ??? I said NO, he said that this promo code is for existing users and not for new users thats why ur recharge is not done and you will get the refund, THIS WAS AN UNAUTHORISED PROMO CODE BY SAVE MONEY INDIA

  32. Madhur Thukral says:

    My 688.12 rs is also debited but recharge not done.
    God knows i will get back my refund or not?

  33. Anand says:

    I think its only for credit card
    as i got 2 times refund back and when i entered debit card its showing invalid details so its not working with debit card and by credit card its showing offer only once but i dont know when i recharge previously.

  34. sam says:

    Waste of time ….. It showing all 50% cash back and all but recharge is not successful and saying failed amount will be return back.

  35. shivam says:

    they are trying to debit money as soon as my card details are entered. I tried two times and both times balance debited and after some time got refund.

    PS- don’t go for it

  36. sud says:

    tried to recharge vodafone 500 rs , 315 rs got deducted but got error that coupon can be applied once. though m using it for fist time.
    i wrote to customer care of ding. hope will get money back.
    customer care chat service is not working.

  37. Mahinder kashyap says:

    Promo code use Nahi Ho Para Promo code app100 Use Karne par Sorry this offer has expired

  38. ankit says:

    Pls don go for it. I lost USD 5.13+5.13=10.26

  39. Surender Kumar says:


  40. Gagan says:

    I recharged with 500rs 9usd after discount 4.5usd and some processing free it came to 5.12usd
    the recharge was not sucessful error came but amount got cut from my card. pls be careful. Unable chat deducted t

  41. Pavan says:

    Money deducted and i haven’t received the balance..I had a chat with customer care and they told

    “The promotion is only available for registered customers that receive the email directly from our marketing team”

    Also, All failed transactions are ” pending” in you bank side an it will be back again into your account in 4 or 6 working days.

  42. rani says:

    got 1188rs reliance recharge in 650rs.

  43. shivam says:

    guys is it working?

  44. Gagan Anand says:

    I recharged with 500rs 9usd after discount 4.5usd and some processing free it came to 5.12usd
    the recharge was not sucessful error came but amount got cut from my card. pls be careful. Unable chat deducted t

  45. jay says:

    Abe kya hai yea…. Min 100 ka top up… Ham,manual select nhi,kr sakte kya,amount

  46. Ganesh says:

    Amount got deducted from my card, but i did not got the recharge on my mobile.
    Neither do i see the transaction history in “Purchase history” of ding website.
    How much time does it take usually to complete the recharge process ?

  47. amarjyot says:

    please note that u can use the recharge code only once/mobile/id..

  48. Ravi says:

    No recharge done money detected from my account. Does not even showing whether the recharge is succeeded or failed.. Fingure crossed. Send them a mail to look around but no respond yet let see what next.

  49. Rohitsayslove says:


  50. Manikandan says:

    soooooper… i recharged for Rs. 1000 & was charged 9.85USD (Rs. 600 approx)

  51. Karan Dharmani says:

    BSNL USD $9.90 stuck in processing….they are not replying to chat so Dont get fooled

  52. amarjyot says:

    successfully done vodafone recharge of 500 full talktime for just Rs. 327/- thanks smi

  53. siddarth says:

    Got the recharge for 327 .. 500 TT but prob is no security.. Directly money gets deducted

  54. adish says:

    I got 440rs recharge in 292.. greatt

  55. PARAS DOSHI says:





  56. Sarfaraz says:

    Got Recharge of Rs.1000 for Rs.625, Reliance Gsm Mumbai. For App search ding* in the play store.

  57. Sacheen says:

    Ye ding pe 50% off nahi hain
    Real me 76rs me 100 ka recharge hoga.. (discount rate 50rs+26 processing fees) means 76 me 100 :D

  58. Amit says:

    Py tm bahut achha

  59. Sacheen says:

    Flop> ding app :(
    Flop> Sendly app :(
    Flop> mobikwik :(

    HIT > freeCharge :P

  60. satya says:

    itni fatati hai to free pe kahe marte ho .no pain no gain

  61. prathip says:

    i did got recharge
    No password/security confirmation
    but amount gor deducted
    also got call from my bank that dont do from this site again
    They may loot money
    i am now scared their is 30k in my atm :(

  62. tinku meena says:

    mahi itna bhi mat fako. you are totally fake person.

  63. ashu says:

    Paytm kaa koi new code offer hai kya

  64. abc says:

    Confirmed Working. Got top up for 1000 in $9.84

  65. AJAY says:

    MOBIKWIK ne meri ID block kar di……usme mere 200 Rs. hai…mai kaise use re activate karu………….????

  66. koolbajaj says:

    guys dont be greedy
    yeh log ka koi bharosa nahi
    all this payment are in USD
    so we cannot say hoga ya nahi
    koi try kar raha hai toh apne risk pe karo
    mostly sabko yahi error milega ki recharge nahi hua n amount got deducted and they will refund
    better hai go with small benefit on paytm and freecharge
    Be Indian Buy Indian

  67. mahi says:

    mera atm se 2000 uda diya ding. ding hacker hai ise mat use karna. paytm sahi h ise use karo.

  68. don says:

    doesnt matter how good is the discount putting about 700 from your pocket to your phone never becomes fruitful..

  69. satya says:

    I got it man 1000 for 625 . beat it . its true

  70. MOHAN SAI PRASAD says:

    Its working or not working tell meee frndzzzz

  71. Parthasarathi says:

    Psytm to 100% cash back deta hai.
    paytm ki jay ho.
    Baki saabki dhakiti ho.

  72. ram says:

    recharge not process they refund the money i have tried 8-10 times it is not working……just waste of time

  73. azad says:

    offer is not work now dont recharge and i dont khnow this app is trustble or not

  74. bbksh says:

    ye sab bakwashh hai!! kuch v nahin huwa.

  75. Akshita says:

    What is the maximum amount which should be recharged in order to get the maximum benefit?

  76. srinath says:

    I recharged with 500rs 9usd after discount 4.5usd and some processing free it came to 5.12usd
    the recharge was not sucessful error came but amount got cut from my card. pls be careful.
    i have already had a chat session with their so called representative and he said they shall process the refund…i shall wait n watch!!

  77. damodar says:

    android par app available hai kya

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