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mobizackHyprMart has discounted Mobizack Swiss Leather Mobile Phone Pouch Case Pack of 2 to Rs. 49. Features Premium Quality Swiss Leather, Elegant Classy Design, Waterproof, Microfiber Lined Inner Side, Only 0.5 mm thick & Diemsntion: 125x70x0.5 mm.

Buy: Mobizack Swiss Leather Mobile Phone Pouch Case Pack of 2 (new website)

6 Responses to “Mobizack Swiss Leather Mobile Phone Pouch Case Pack of 2 Rs. 49 – HyprMart”

  1. Ruchir says:

    As it takes a huge infra to send mails about shipment and most important for all is getting it than AWB no.In the order history page is mentioned the status like my case-
    : #811Status: Shipped

  2. S Gurumurthi says:

    As per their site,
    “It is a Universal Pouch/Case which fits almost all mobile phones of dimensions upto 110 mm height and 50mm width.”
    This means that only the early “Nokia” basic models will fit.
    Any “Smartphone” should be larger than 50 mm width.
    They should have started with a higher size…..

  3. Pavan says:

    May i know for which mobiles it will compatible ?

  4. Ruchir says:

    Thank you for your Order.
    Payment Successful
    Your Order id – 811.As new born site.Else Zs6776574744 etc.They say same day shipping.VERY INTELLIGENT.As for a new site and just 4-5 days delay,they are already declared culprits and hanged.And soon you will see what Lucknow stands for if opted for.

  5. Ruchir says:

    Dear friends,the details looks to be correct.At the time I visited this complex,MAG was not born.Only half offices etc were working.Very costly complex.But this is Lucknow.The best people.If it is actually Lko as stated go ahead.I guarantee Lucknowites don’t cheat.Sue me if they do any fraud and I will sue them and visit them and …………for making this great city ashamed if at all

  6. Ruchir says:

    The company MAG TradeVentures Private Limited is founded by Ahmed and Gaurav and they have finally done it !!
    The key profiles are as under :
    Ahmed :
    Is a master in management – who wanted to do something
    Gaurav :
    Gaurav is a computer engineer with passion to do things –
    Shivi :
    A graduate in MassCom
    Shivi is the designer expert and eager to do even accounting .
    Kaifi :
    A graduate in Business Management
    Ali is a go getter he can do anything but we stop him from doing every thing .
    Others :
    Like minded energy sources who want to do something will soon join us.

    The funniest ecommerce enterprise introduction. Fb likes seems genuine.
    Last but not the least-Such brotherhood is amazing. Pakistan hates it and ALL Indians are proud of it.

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