[Mumbai] EkStop Rs. 250 off on Purchase of Rs. 1000 – Groupon

ekstopFeatures Shop from the comfort of your home with Mumbai’s # 1 online supermarket, Over 10000 quality products & Free same day and scheduled delivery.

• 1 Voucher Rs. 69
• 3 Vouchers + Rs. 55 Cashback Rs. 207 (Cashback Terms & Conditions)

Extra 5% off: Under Choose payment method > select Netbanking / PayUMoney.

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4 Responses to “[Mumbai] EkStop Rs. 250 off on Purchase of Rs. 1000 – Groupon”

  1. N M Rao says:

    Beffort buying from this site please read my experience which I gone through. I purchased basmati rice they sent me other cheap quality rice. I came to know after opening the packet. So I made a call to their office but there is no reply from them. So I sent a mail that also they ignored. So this company once sell the product they ignore the customer aa if there is no another day. So before buying think twice you get genuine stuff or not._Thanks

  2. Kalpesh says:

    Search for vim dishwash liquid in drop list 1 option you will find Vim 1.5 ltr Rs.280. when we select that option when the page opens its mentioned 1 ltr. and when we zoom the image the price on it is Rs.155 only

  3. rishe says:

    i had bot basmati rice from ekstop.com but what they sent me was the rotten and smallest tukda in the world which i had to throw away as even my dog refused to eat.

  4. Ruchir says:

    Tremendous deal as it is a extremely reputed site and its investors,management is too serious and big pocketed.Almost as good as Localbunya but here is the catch.It looks to be a cheating attempt undoubtedly.At groupon stated only in Heading.Confusing elsewhere.

    Site is great,rates etc.but they permit to make an ID,wherever you are in India,but delivery to Mumbai only.No fine print mentioned nowhere.You will get trapped thinking my area is in the database and acceptable,you will shell out Rs 30 and if you are outside Mumbai,attempt to purchase will lead to shock.I tried before Groupon visit and avoided bigger shock.
    If in Mumbai,don’t waste a microsecond to spend 30 but if not let it remain inside the wallet.

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