Car Air Freshener Grandy or Poppy Rs. 74, My Tone Grace Rs. 82 – ShopClues

ShopClues is having upto 76% off + 25% off sale on Car Perfumes. Perfumes can be bought from Rs. 74 including shipping.

25% off Coupon: SC1CP25

Buy Car Air Freshener: Grandy Rs. 74 | Poppy Rs. 74 | My Tone Grace Rs. 82 | More Car Perfumes Sale

17 Responses to “Car Air Freshener Grandy or Poppy Rs. 74, My Tone Grace Rs. 82 – ShopClues”

  1. Anshul says:

    Guys ! This deal may be a fraud one but I do not agree when you say that shopclues website itself is a cheat. I agree that some products are like completely opposite to description but every deal isnt .
    I just bought a 130rs worth Munix Scissors for rs 38 ( home delivery included) ,and it is as genuine as it could be. Plus, I have ordered a SWISSVOICE cellphone, which is for 1300 bucks at flipkart, for just 648 rs in total ! The product is sold out, deal is ended (though this deal was not shown in savemoneyindia website) and I am hoping to receive it today itself as it has been shipped ! So you see,buying something like airfreshener,to me, seems a bit risky caus it needs a check before buying. But if I buy pair of scissors,or a pushup rod (though cellphone deal is also risky but the reviews made me comfortable enough to continue with the transaction :) ) ,then there is no problem as such..!

    A DAILY visitor of shopclues,tradus and savemoneyIndia websites :)

    btw, savemoneyIndia, you have been missing some really worthy deals lately. I bought a genuine ZARA brand tee ,worth 2100 rs, for just 399 rs from ,2 weeks ago!
    The Deal is over. Please give us some link like google forms, so that we may notify you about such deals and you can then spread it .:)

  2. kiran says:

    Thanks a ton Guys!! You saved me!! I saved my money :)
    Sabka bhala ho!!

  3. Jittender says:

    I agree as well I was also not happy with the product that I have received last time , no fragrance at all.

  4. Arjun Mehta says:

    I read these comments after the placing the fragrance order .noted for future purchase

  5. HT says:

    I agree. Majority of these type of deals on shopeclues are just chiting

  6. nandu says:

    thanks mate u saved my money

  7. RT says:

    It seems shop n Clue is playing with customers, let us stop purchaing products from this website.

  8. gaurav says:

    Thanks for stsoping me to waste my money.

  9. Nikky says:

    @SMI- Y dont u ban this fraud Shopclues ??

  10. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    sam: Thanks!

  11. Sridhar says:

    Totally useelss. Leave aside Fragrance,lousy smell. China make fake Product. Dont waste your Money.

  12. prateek says:

    thanx for the feedback about the product

  13. vivek says:

    Thanks Guys for saving my 82 bucks…..

  14. VARUN KAPILA says:

    no frangrance in it

  15. mehul says:

    I agree with Hitesh. Totally waste product. It seems to be filled with water, no fragrance at all.

  16. hitesh says:

    don’t purchase this item. its totally duplicate, poor quality product, i am waiting for my reverse logistics for the same product from shopclues.

    thank you

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