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olacabsRs. 100 Ola Money from: Sign Up Offer ( select I’ve a referral code to redeem > Referral Code: 3Z7ZPK )

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24 Responses to “Taxi Booking Rs. 100 off + Offers – OlaCabs”

  1. dx says:

    Very nice experience with Ola.good service provided in Mysore.

  2. Ashish Meena says:

    really ola is bed. ..very very very bed…my balance is deducted in my ola account. ..ola bed but service is good. ..

  3. govind says:

    Service is excellent in bangalore area

  4. Himanshu kedia says:

    ola is bad ,service is very good but work is very bad 395 ola money debit in my ola account .ola company

  5. Venkata Reddy says:

    Ola is good

  6. Az says:

    I checked with customer care about TR500 , They told this code is only for thomson reuters employees

  7. Shashank says:

    My experience is excellent in Pune. Very good drivers n cabs also. Ola should very cautious to retain its quality for long

  8. Rahul Talreja says:

    this is wrong promo code bro !

  9. syed raza says:

    Hi guys.. I will recommend ola anytime .Their service in pune is too good. Also tr500 was valid till 18oct14, so if you have not used the entire amt, it will be zero.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yup I called ola customer care they informed it for only ola empolyies…

  11. Pravin says:

    ola cabs is the worst cabs ever, all the drivers are local, they don’t know how to behave with the passengers and even the customer care are so rude, please don’t use this cab. Its just a waste of money.

  12. Rahul says:

    My olamoney of rs 500 which i get by code TR500 also has become 0. anyone talked to customer care for the reason ?

  13. Alok Dubey says:

    Yes guys TR500 is not working and balance has become 0 whoever used it.

  14. Mahesh says:

    Guys those who have used TR500 as referal code while signing up. There ola wallet/money bcame rs 0.
    I have checked my account and its rs 0 now :(
    Chk urs

  15. rahul says:

    Guys tr500 is not working, pls give the new code

  16. shiv gautam says:


  17. latesh says:

    ola code for new sign in members, its TR500 put this as referral code and you will get 500 rs ola money in your account. happy driving

  18. balaji says:

    I am from Pune. My experience is vgood with this cab service. Thanks!

  19. Mudit Miranka says:

    Mr sarthak please check your ola money there you will find the amount credited to your account .So when ever you take your next trip that amount gets cut feom your actual amount

  20. Anonymous says:

    I got ola money and travelling on 30th August..Hope no issues after trip.Thanks to SavemoneyIndia in advance for this helpful deal!

  21. BitsP says:

    To get the ola money go to “My Accounts”–> Ola Money and then type the coupon code there (which you receive in your registered mobile) and click Recharge.
    It will recharge your ola money and the amount will be shown in your ola money.

    @Hemank, it is unfortunate that you had issues with ola cabs, but I have travelled with ola cabs and I got a discount of Rs 200 from my total trip fare.

    Actually you have to look at the phone (where they switch on the meter) after the trip is over and check the total payable amount. Otherwise the cab driver may cheat you, because when i asked the cab driver he told me that i have to pay 345 bucks but when i checked the total payable amount, it was 145.

  22. Karan jain says:

    How to get Ola money

  23. Hemank says:

    Do not travel with OLA Cabs. The discount money is all fake. It disappears when the travel is executed and more over the customer care are very rude and force you to pay seeking legal action. The cab drivers are not trained at all. They are pure local fellows with no manners and ethics. Worst experience i ever had… Hemank…

  24. Sarthak says:

    How do i get the discount?

    I registered with the above given referal code but unable to get the discount…Help SMI….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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