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orkia-torchGrabAsap has discounted Orkia Rechargeable Torch to Rs. 59. Features 100,000+ hours of LED, emits 300+ hours of pleasant light, water resistant, shock proof and environment friendly.

Buy: Orkia Rechargeable Torch (new website)

22 Responses to “Orkia Rechargeable Torch Rs. 59 – GrabAsap”

  1. diwahar says:

    Torch was very small in size..Not a worthy one… Its just 34rs …

  2. suresh says:

    worst site.

    order date 9/11/2013 till date they didn’t deliver my order. also not giving me refund.

    suggest what to do?

  3. netrafter says:

    I had received the torch and it was a good one, so I ordered one more but this time I got a defective peice and when complained they say it was tested before despatch.
    Now don’t know what to do now …

    Guys please take note..

  4. VENKAT says:

    I received the orkia torch and it is working fine.it is looking nice and working perfectly.Thanks SMI

  5. kvsr subrahmanyam says:


    I received the orkia torch and it is working fine.it is handy too.no problems with charging.

  6. Ram Suresh says:

    I had gone through complaint section website, everywhere I can see comment on their fraud service. some links for your info


    Today I got mail from friends, they didn’t recieve parcel yet and no response from grabasap.
    From their name itself feel some fraud touch ..”Grab” people money “asap” and vanish.

    Please circulate mail to your friend circle so that atleast they can save their money.

  7. chandrashekhar says:

    me too got torch, seems a good one and good deal also, but indian adaptor to charge is needed and given also which is an extra attachment, thx smi

  8. dinesh says:

    I received the orkia torch today, it is working well. thanks SMI

  9. Naveen says:

    They Deduct the amount Twice , and order placed only 1 time , and contact no is also not responding , might its a cheat web sight, from last 3 days it has been not shipped

  10. menaka says:

    Shall i trust this site do anyone received the ordered product

  11. Man says:

    @Vishnu don’t worry bro…..this is a normal plug. You will require only a simple two pin plug to recharge this torch .

  12. SUNDEEP REDDY says:

    not a trusted site. google it

  13. vishnu says:

    I doubt about its charger plug….the pic of plug shown is not in our country…..

  14. sreeni says:

    hai this is sreeni we trust this site?

  15. Man says:

    The brand Orkia is not mentioned in writing anywhere at the website but only shown in picture. I hopw that they send only this brand not a cheap chinese dirt produt. I am already using Orkia torch since 11months and it has worked very well till now. No problems of early battery discharge and well built quality.
    Still I doubt this new website about what they will send???

  16. lokesh says:

    only some selected bank

  17. Dipro Sarkar says:

    Ordered one. Lets See if they send it.

  18. rati says:

    i too grabbed one. hope it is good

  19. G D Airan says:

    ordered one

  20. Rushabh says:

    it’s a part of whaaky.com

  21. soumya says:

    YoYo….Place the order…….. Order confirmed…… lowest price it is……..just grabitasap

  22. Rashmi says:

    Not able to place order as it says, “Your order placing failed…Please try again”. :(

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