Panasonic Gold Plus AA Battery Pack of 10 Rs. 58 – ShopClues

panasonic_battery_11thnovShopClues has Panasonic Gold Plus AA Battery Pack of 10 for Rs. 58. Features Paper Type, Metal Jacket & No Mercury/ Cadmium added.

Coupon: SC5PB29

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15 Responses to “Panasonic Gold Plus AA Battery Pack of 10 Rs. 58 – ShopClues”

  1. Vinay T says:

    @Ruchir, I had ordered Jovanna duracell for my uncle and he said it was definitely authentic and really lasted! It was a really good deal.

    @anybody telling that you will get 10 cells for 40 to 60 Rs, can someone tell me where? I have never seen anybody selling cells less than MRP other than online deals. Not even a rupee less. They all sell them at 10 Rs each! I got the nippo for 60 Bux or so from shopclues and they were authentic. I still use them in wall clocks(as I avoid rechargeables there) and they work great!

  2. Ruchir says:

    Duracell proved.But since this particular case sells same at wholesale and Jovanna somebody said at SMI Jovanna is Aleva 2 and Delhi,it may not be fake.Unbelievable margins and then one can be sure like Revlon shampoo MRP160,courier to SC-min 20,sold at 58,i.e net gain=38,how is that possible and merchant,SC,Revlon are gaining.NOT POSSIBLE.

  3. Ruchir says:

    The only thing which prob you all are missing is that you will get the duplicate having Panasonic print only.Take it to any Panasonic expert,center and you will know.Not sure since material is very basic,will it damage the item as it will be giving diff Volt,Amp etc.So not bad deal or no deal but loss deal and probably potentially disastrous deal.
    If u remember I have missed Duracell pack citing image proves…. which was 10 at throwaway price-jackpot.One great(Many points etc,maybe mod) who bought SC Dura-10 says & I quote-

    shopclues bekar hai bhailog…

    DuraCell liye the, wall clock mein 2 months bhi nahi chale poore.

    Ye to 1 week bhi nahi chalenge lagta hai.

    Shopclues means fake product, Beware!

    AA cell MRP-6 at least works for 10m-year and more but 2 months,and this time 2m,4m,5m in wall clock or elsewhere maybe 1m,2m or 15 days,who knows.

  4. joydeep roy says:

    in kolkata 6 rs per battery..means 60… and here 58 ?????? how the people is saying worth … ?????????????
    worst deal

  5. Gagan says:

    Bakwaas deal…shopclues deals are not worth at all these days…:(

  6. Anonymous says:

    58 rs le rahe hai worst deal time of waste

  7. Anonymous says:

    chep dael hai market me 40 rs ke milte hai

  8. mike says:

    their all JDD are now 30 PERCENT discount deals, but they show 70 pecent off.

  9. Mayank says:

    worth it ..bought it..

  10. Varun K says:

    Very soon shop clue will bring offers and deals worth 99/- of whom the market price would be 100/- and will call it a JAW Breaking deal, trust me indeed those deal would be jaw dropping.

  11. payal says:

    vabnish.. 2 packet mere liye bhi le liyo..!!

  12. nikhil says:

    hey vabnish its not priced at 5? in local market i have confirmed.. this deal is totally worth it!!

  13. Harish says:

    shipping is too high………

  14. vabnish says:


  15. rahul kashyap says:

    todays deal not worth at all. all we get to save is rs38 as rs 90 is the selling price. jaw ddnt drop..and waise bhi pehle ke Duracell abhi bhi pade hai.

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