Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER206 Rs. 139 – Amazon

panasonic-trimmerAmazon has discounted Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER206 to Rs. 139. Features Front height adjustment dial, 12 steps length adjustment, Ergonomic S-curve & Cord/Cordless operation.

Buy: Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER206 (likely pricing error) | More Shaving & Hair Removal

18 Responses to “Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER206 Rs. 139 – Amazon”

  1. Vinay T says:

    Forget and forgive ;)

  2. Sreeky says:

    Cry Bitches !!!!!!
    Mine’s better , When I tried to order It was out of stock . Somewhat satisfied.

  3. kailash says:

    @ K
    keep it up!
    Amazon appears to be a big time cheat. I will try not to buy anything from Amazon

  4. chandra shekhar says:

    never buy anything from amazon

  5. K says:

    Re: Order Number xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx Panasonic Hair Trimmer
    Greetings from,
    “We’re writing to inform you that your order xxx-xxxxxxxx from TALESARA ELECTRIC STORES has been cancelled because the price for the item(s) was not set correctly by the seller.”

    My response:
    This is unacceptable. Amazon should honor the order pricing error not withstanding. This is normal procedure elsewhere. By cancelling the order, Amazon’s reputation will take a hit especially as you attempt to make a foray into India. Consumers like myself will think twice about ordering from Amazon again. Those who have ordered and have had their orders cancelled will initiate action in the appropriate consumer forum.
    Also, please do not force customers to store their credit card details with you prior to placing an order. This is not legal unless voluntary which is not the case. Amazon will be liable for legal action if you choose to continue this sleazy, crass practice.

  6. A k s says:

    Don’t be fooled by amazon.
    Created an account on amazon about 1 month earlier.
    Ordered about 14 different items including mobile,pendrives,beauty products,memory cards amounting to Rs- 50,000.
    Now they blocked my account.
    Reason behind this-
    1- Can be used for reselling
    2- Prices offered by amazon are very low and every customer must have the opportunity
    3- You have crossed the limit of purchasing
    …………………Bhai ye eklauti site hai jo aam ke saath guthaliyan bhi ginti hai. Price kam dikhate hain aur order kar diya to phir cancel kar dete hain. Aap ka order bar bar cancel hota hai aur isi ke saath aapko asliyat bhi pata chal jati hai. Amazon ki niyat samne aane k baad isse pehle aap kisi ko iske bare me bataye ye account ko permanent block kar dete hain.Negative comment ye kabhi bhai apni site par publish nahi karte hain.
    …………………In my opinion Flipkart and snapdeal are the most trustworthy online shopping sites.

  7. srinath says:

    Anyone got plans???

  8. hero says:

    Mine cancelled as well

  9. srinath says:

    I spoke to a customer care executive named Harini, i received plenty of apologies from her and nothing more, she wasn’t prepared even to give a special promo code or discount code for the pricing error .

  10. MANDALS says:

    @ srinath, k, nishar ,hero…pls update the status and next course of action.

  11. MANDALS says:


  12. srinath says:

    @ K, Nishar, Hero ….agreed.. please keep us informed about the order status and delivery details. Thanks

  13. K says:

    For those who ordered (eg Nishar, Hero) and the order was accepted, in case Amazon or the merchant fails to fulfill delivery obligations, we should join hands to put in a formal consumer complaint.

  14. r says:

    Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER206 not fulfilled by amazon

  15. bhyby says:

    is it pricing error??

  16. NISHAR says:,or.refund.

  17. hero says:

    ordered one…. hope they will not cancel the order….

  18. sreeky says:

    It’s out of stock .
    Check once before posting.
    Don’t fool us.

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