[Pantry] Samples 100% Cashback – Amazon

pantry-samples• Purchase sample(s) as part of your Amazon Pantry order.
• You will receive Sample promo balance equal to the value of samples purchased as soon as your box ships (through e-mail notification).
• You can redeem this Sample promo balance when you purchase any item of the same brand that you received as a sample on Amazon Pantry.
• The delivery charge Rs. 20 per box for Prime customers and Rs. 49 per box for non-Prime customers. However, if your Pantry order value is above Rs. 599, the delivery is FREE.

Pantry: Sample Store

4 Responses to “[Pantry] Samples 100% Cashback – Amazon”

  1. Gadheshwari Nath says:

    all samples that u buy, the cashback the u get will allow u to buy products of the same brand no other items.

  2. Hindustani says:

    @Amit Amazon pantry prime will be introduced later for 599 per year.. lol

  3. AMIT GARG says:


    no more free delivery for amazon prime for all order.
    rs 20 shipping charge for less than rs 599 order for amazon prime.

  4. Amit Garg says:

    Ordered arial matic detergent 500 gm in just 50 rs

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