Park Avenue Fragrant Soap 125gm Set of 3 + Rs. 1 Cashback Rs. 65 – ShopClues

park_avenue_soap_23junFeatures Indulge in the refreshing bathing experience and greet your mornings with joyful fragrance of Park Avenue Good Morning Freshness Deo Soap & Having major constituent, tea tree oil, it acts as an anti-bacterial agent and works as a natural conditioner and skin moisturizer and keep you cool.

Both discounts add up:
Coupon: SCBLA15
5% off upto Rs. 50 from: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. In ShopClues > Payment Options > Cash Card > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order > 5% Discount.)

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65 Responses to “Park Avenue Fragrant Soap 125gm Set of 3 + Rs. 1 Cashback Rs. 65 – ShopClues”

  1. G D Airan says:

    now working,placed 1 order

  2. Vikram says:

    Thanks SMI, it works perfectly fine with coupon code SC3PA39. I have ordered one now…

  3. Aahad says:

    Such an Expensive bath!!!
    sorry Shopclues not interested :P

  4. Ashu says:

    No such offer,,,,, its for Rs 118+50 (Shipping)… either it is stocked out or the deal was never there. Although I received an email from shopclues about the same deal…. still no reality.

  5. G D Airan says:

    Price 118 and shipping 50 total 168
    SMI please check and update

  6. Gagan says:

    Bakwaas Offer..

  7. Bhaumik says:

    Available in DMART FOR RS.75/- for 3. Dont buy from shopclues they are cheaters.

  8. Gaurav Jain says:

    you can get the less price with better quality in Chandini Chowk

  9. xyz says:

    Boycott ShopClues for very high shipping charges and for not maintaining quality & genuine products.

  10. VENKAT says:

    I agree with manas..and recently shopclues increase the shipping charges more than product,they loose their customers…

  11. Neeraj Gupta says:

    shipping is high, it should be Rs. 10-15

  12. Gagan says:

    its smell stinks…i’m not buying even when its gonna be free

  13. Manas says:

    Purchase Fresh Stock from Market with more ever same price

  14. GAURANG says:

    shipping chearges very high. this is khullam khulla lut.

  15. Vinay T says:

    I have bot them earlier, they are original. The deal used to be much cheaper before(I remember paying less than 50 for 3 an year back.). Still 81 is cheaper than paying 120 in the market. I have never seen this soap selling less than MRP in the local supermarket. Maybe less in metros, but I don’t go there.


    IN D MART IT IS AVAILABLE FOR Rs. 24/- per pc

  17. Sreenivas says:

    Do NOT buy. May be duplicates or crap from Park-Avenue. No fragrance absolutely and also it is like hard compared to even cheaper soaps. Except brand everything else is crap. Bought last time 6 still one more is left.

  18. raghu says:

    Sab sale chodu banate hai……..

  19. shiva says:

    Sold out
    For the name sake they are doing it

  20. S Gurumurthi says:

    It used to be “Set of 4″ @ Rs. 62, Now it is “Set of 3″ @ Rs. 78.
    Not so “:Outrageous” anymore.

  21. harsh says:

    bakwass product hai shopclues is now cheeting with us

  22. vabnish says:

    sahi kaha saurabh…….

  23. Mehul Shah says:

    Available in DMART FOR RS.90/- for 3.

  24. Harish says:


  25. saurabh says:

    Bewkuf hi lega koi

  26. sarath says:

    This was an amazing deal, have ordered 2, Love you SMI. but it has been very long with such jaw dropping deals. Plz come up with some more. I’m looking for rebok socks. Please let me know when that deal is up.

  27. ashish says:

    Park Avenue Fragrant Soap- Set of 3 (125gms each) has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart

  28. SUDHIR says:

    coupon SC1PS29 now working but says only works once :(

  29. SUDHIR says:

    coupon SC1PS29 not working

  30. MAnpreet says:

    Finallyyy PLACE the orderrrrrrrr

  31. Mehul says:

    Got 2 confirmation SMS in Same Account. :)

  32. Sandy says:

    Site is too slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww …. even snail can win in a race against shopclues :p

  33. Bibek says:

    slowest internet experience even in High Speed Broad band

  34. Ratnakar says:

    site not working. If we click jaw dropping deal then site goes slow, other link are working fine. I think this is just a stunt show. pathetic

  35. husain says:

    worst website I have ever seen,
    Unable to open :’(

  36. tanishq says:

    Shopclues your site properly working,

    i book order withdrawn pymnt but no msg.

    some time site error plz. check

  37. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    The deal stays on top of all other deals for 3 hours.

  38. :) says:

    What does this mean
    Hot deal sticky. Scroll down for latest deals.

  39. pradeep says:

    dead slow :(

  40. Shuvam says:

    after trying 30 min finally aable to purchase.. :P

  41. priya says:

    Order placed
    Thank you! Your Order has been placed successfully.

  42. Nishant says:

    Too much traffic ……. finally order placed successfully…..

  43. H.S.Gupta says:

    yahoooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!! Purchased …………………………… ONLY AFTER 10 MIN OF WAITING ……

  44. harish says:

    i bought on my android mobile. :) google rocks .. order done in 5-10 min

  45. mohin says:

    site not open

    traffic jam

  46. pankaj says:

    use this…

    and use google chrome for pymnt…site is slow but keep patience….it will be done in 4-5 min…

  47. Praveen Kumar says:

    Now -a -days the website of ShopClues is becoming like irctc website,
    the site is too slow..

    Not able to open jaw dropping deals especially .. on that days

  48. S MANOHAR says:

    site is too slow

  49. sri says:

    used chrome and mozilla firefox even then not working as of now

  50. sri says:

    site too slow not getting on payment page

  51. pankaj says:

    yupieee…..i got it…..!!! :) :p

  52. Ketan says:

    Slow site.

  53. kumar says:

    site not working. If we click jaw dropping deal then site goes slow, other link are working fine. I think this is just a stunt show. pathetic.

  54. Ashish says:

    Bought :-)

  55. bhaskar says:

    Super ,i got the porduct!!! :)

  56. chris says:

    Got confirmation of my payment late evening

  57. gaurav says:

    its over….

  58. Nishant says:

    Successfully ordered and received confirmation sms

  59. Ruchir says:

    Didn’t face any problem.Instantly confirmation mail+SMS.
    Hard to say whose fault,bank,PG,SClues but chances of failure much more when third party PG involved .Yebhi,HS18,Ebay etc has their own.Not intentional SSL problem apparently.Ultimately either refund or product will be delivered.Hopefully Shopclues will refund if shortage of product without delay for its and its customers benefit.IRCTC is best at refunds.Pepperfry too slow,HS18 once etc.Most are lazy unfortunately. Timtara,well its gone,don’t bother.

  60. anil gupta says:

    plesae use google crome then you have purchase this item

  61. chris says:

    I’m also getting SSL connection error after payment .. Contacted CS.. They say it should be processed in 48hrs & asked to wait till tuesday.. or else will be automatically credited back.. It’s clear that their website went down(at least the payment gateway).. been happening a lot lately

  62. P J Sudharshan says:

    Actually, this soap gets exhausted very fast!
    So, only they are selling here!

  63. parthi says:

    this soap is worth

  64. S MANOHAR says:


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