Patanjali Badam Pak 500 Grams Rs. 125 – SatvikShop

• Development of Brain • Controls Cholesterol Levels • Good Source of Folic Acid • Increases Energy • Improves Skin Complexion.

Coupon: SATVIK0402

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50 Responses to “Patanjali Badam Pak 500 Grams Rs. 125 – SatvikShop”

  1. jitendra sangode says:

    kyo hamara time west kar rahe aap

  2. ATUL says:

    mera kya hoga yaroo maine to Chawanprash order kar diya hai……………..dekhate hai isame hai kitna dummmm……thanks buddy

  3. srinath says:

    ordered dabur honey and chick peas more than 1month gone…every 3-4days i get a call saying it will be shipped soon or no stock…till now no trace. waste of money and site.

  4. Deepak says:

    Thanks “Save Money India”. I must say it is one of the best sites for such offers. Thumbs Up !

  5. Deepak says:

    I too ordered few products from Satvik Shop but it is always that they delay. It is only when the Seller is Divya Pharmacy, Haridwar, that products get delayed. But I’ll suggest that if you can wait for at most 20 days then you should order. Mostly it takes between 7 to 15 days to reach a order at your doorstep.

    Moreover, all of the products (on which atleast Rs.100/- discount coupon is applied) which I ordered have been of excellent quality. On some products like Chawanprash, Badam Pak, Honey etc. you don’t get even Re.1/- discount when we but it from our local store.

    One last thing, One of my products “Dabur Honey” reached me with broken bottle but on complaining to them. The refund was issued to me within 15 days.

    So, I’ll suggest that one must buy the products with at least Rs.100/- discount, if one needs them because finding such a discount is not possible.



  6. joy says:

    i am not able to understand why SMI promoting the site Satvik. Jabki koi ek single user bhi khush nhi hai unki services se. plz stop promoting

    I still not received my old order

  7. Mehul says:

    Pls do not buy from Satvikshop, I ordered 1 Kg. badam Pak on 19th Jan and I am yet to recieve it, no use writing or contacting customer care, they initially replied to my email that it will be solved in 48 hours, but that 48 hours have not yet come. I am still waiting for it, and now the customer care has also stopped repsonding. Pathetic Seller. PLS REFRAIN FROM PLACING ANY ORDER.

  8. manoj says:

    i was just going to order this Badam Pack but thanks to all your comments, i dropped this idea because of very very poor service of Satvik Shop……………….they looks like B**ls Sh*t

  9. Dhawanbm says:

    Hello savemoneyindia

    DABUR HONEY SATVIK CONFIRMED ORDER NO 700001850 ORDER DATE 2 JAN 2013 NOT DELIVERED TILL DATE, I am making several calls and reminders but of no use, what to do?

  10. amrit says:

    No payment mode for shopping cart

  11. Sunny says:

    Fake site.So, Far I have not received 500 Gram Badam Pak which was ordered on 19.12.2012. No reply to my phone calls and emails. They give false promises.

  12. Sukhwinder says:

    I am order product on 29 December but it is not deliver to me yet and unable to track courier number . Bad response from customer service executives

  13. GURJIT SINGH says:


  14. Pranay Meshram says:

    guys pls dont order any product from site…..they never deliver a product on time they as mention….i ordered patanjali badam pack on 17 dec. and i didn’t get product yet….

  15. joy says:

    Save money India plz don’t promote this type of website, Satvik Really poor.

  16. jodh singh says:

    Agar product available nahi hai to sold out likh do… kyun hmara time waste kr rhe ho!!

  17. jodh singh says:

    order no- 7000006355
    order date- 17/12/12 (30 day)
    item not shiped/deliverd
    fake site…….
    phone karne par bhi koi reply nahi …….
    india ki sabse bakvas site hai…. plz order mat karna……..

  18. MANDALS says:

    Manas bhai ,milega v nehi….It was a trap. They just collected the payments . few days back they sent a mail that your order has been shipped. Now today they are saying that product can not be delivered due to empty stock and asked me to wait till the fresh stock is arrive. That means may be no gurrenty. So i will suggest Not to buy anything from that FRAUD website even if they are giving it free….

    Please ask all buyers to read the review of thet site….

  19. hello says:

    @Kavin, I guess u r talking about Nice Agency

    read in details,
    product Price is Rs. 5 & Shipping Fee is Rs 327. COD not available

    just to get more hits on page.
    would suggest just ignore!

  20. Manas says:

    Mera Dabur Honey Abhi Tak Nahin Mila :(

  21. ravi says:

    Order and forget….
    I ordered something from satvik they update the status to shipped and with shipping details and one day I received an email that your order can not be shipped because this is out of stock. Seems it is not a good site to make your purchase from.

  22. joy says:

    mera to pichla vala badam pak abhi tak nahi aya. mail kiya par no result. Refund ki bat bhi nhi kr rhe customer care. 2 mahine se zyada time ho gya….. Very poor Service

  23. Gagan says:

    Agreed with Bhuban…i placed order last time on 17th Dec..Firstly it was written 1kg qty and once i made the purchase then changed it to 1/2 kg…its 1 month today but i’ve not recieved the product… i’m calling their customer care on regular basis but get same reply

    First date of product delievery was 28th Dec then on 7th Jan and then on 12th jan…i’m still waiting for the product..Called the customer care yesterday to again cancel the order but got a reply that it has been shipped so it cann’t be cancelled.

    You’ll not get your order, what you’ll get is Tareek par Tareek….Tareek par Tareek

  24. kavin says:

    Any one place order or please explain

  25. Hiranya says:

    So, Far I have not received 500 Gram Badam Pak which was ordered on 19.12.2012.

  26. Dheeraj says:

    Fake Website, guys please don’t go for this. They are not going to courier your product.

  27. KRISHAN says:

    not so good………….

  28. AG says:

    This is the actual product on which GC will work

    Its 2 packets of 500 Grams each i.e. 1 KG..All mentioned in detail

  29. madhuri says:

    no payment option.

  30. Bhuban says:

    Hi everybody, don’t purchase anything from satvik that is a cheater site they commit something and sent other things, so be aware, and please forward as much as possible, Bakwas deal!

  31. RAYUDU says:

    coupon code expired

  32. Paramjeet says:

    Coupon is expired. Please check.

  33. sreenath reddy says:

    Patanjali Badam Pak 1KG Rs. 125 but when i click the buy button it’s showing product content 500Gms….

  34. satyendra says:

    Padhana aata hai to padho

    Patanjali Badam Pak 500 Grams

  35. guest says:

    Alternate title

    Almond, Badaam, Prunus Dulcis

    Main ingredients



    Cough, General Debility, Lack of Semen


    Useful In Loss of Energy, Memory Enhancer, Indigestion, Lack of Semen, General Debility

    Product content

    500 Grams


    1 Teaspoon to Be Taken Twice A Day Empty Stomach With Milk

  36. satyendra says:

    Bevkuf maat banow buy link per 1Kg likha hai and final link per 5oogm.

    Bevkoof bana rahe ho.

    Complend karni padegi.

  37. jodh singh says:

    ye 1 kg. nahi ….. 500 grm. hai………………………………. rs 125/- me

  38. guest says:

    now product is available on site….

  39. KAMAL GOLANI says:


  40. Parminder says:

    hi the product is of 500 gms and not 1 kg.
    kindly rectify it

  41. KAMAL GOLANI says:


  42. guest says:

    At savemoneyIndia site they mentioned that 1Kg and on satvikshop it’s showing 500Gm. looks like ‘satvikshop’ r cheating with us.. I already placed the order and got 500Gm. at cost of 125Rs.

  43. Renu says:

    Agar product available nahi hai to sold out likh do… kyun hmara time waste kr rhe ho!!!!

  44. anil gupta says:

    hay guys dont worry use google chrome and then purchase it and apply the coupen

  45. Joginath Behera says:

    no payment option there, its a cheater

  46. chinmay shah says:

    update shopclues haw droppign deal

  47. Rocki says:

    brought one…

  48. nixon says:

    you says ‘Patanjali Badam Pak 1KG Rs. 125 – SatvikShop’
    while clicking on ‘buy’
    it shows the cost ’225′
    so what is ur original cost

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