PayTm Maha Bazaar

paytm-maha-bazaarBrands Pe Aisi Deals Aur Kahin Nahin. 12th to 14th October.

PayTm: Maha Bazaar

Categories: Electronics & Appliances | Men’s | Women’s | Home & Kitchen | Furniture | Sports & Fitness | Automotive

Good Buys: (use Promo Code from product page)
Laptops upto 16% Cashback
Tablets upto 18% Cashback
DSLRs upto 15% Cashback
Printers upto 20% Cashback
External Hard Disks 18% Cashback
Monitors upto 20% Cashback
TVs upto Rs. 10000 Cashback
Headphones & Headsets upto 30% cashback
Speakers upto 25% Cashback
Power Banks upto 35% Cashback
Appliances minimum 20% Cashback
Microwave Ovens upto 15% Cashback
Geysers upto 20% Cashback
ACs upto Rs. 9999 Cashback
Washing Machines upto Rs. 9999 Cashback
Refrigerators upto Rs. 9999 Cashback

4 Responses to “PayTm Maha Bazaar”

  1. ashwin says:

    Worst experience with paytm. So don’t buy from paytm. Just check before buying, they sell goods at overprice. Some of the items having seller warranty, not manufacturer. Selling cheap and non standard products. Amazon is the best among every online shopping site.

  2. Prashant Jain says:

    Actually Paytm has lost all their credibility after they consume all investor money and now becoming a earning by shipping company & providing cashback on over-priced MRP.

  3. sabya says:

    very bad they cancelled my order of previous maha bazaar deal saying that product is out of stock at seller’s end

  4. rohit says:

    Is paytm trustworthy? I’ve been buying from amazon but paytm is advertising 20% cashback on an item i’ve been wanting to buy.

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