PayTm Recharge Win 100% Cashback

paytm-100cashbackPayTm is offering chance to win 100% cashback on recharge. Use promo code from Free Recharge page.

PayTm: Free Recharge (10 winners every hour)

38 Responses to “PayTm Recharge Win 100% Cashback”

  1. bimal says:

    it’s a good deal but now where is promo code?

  2. abhinav says:

    any winner?

  3. kalyan says:

    is any one got two cashbacks for same account??

  4. abhinav says:

    max cashback is 500??

    u recaharge mobile??

  5. Raghavan says:

    Recharged 1000 rupees and got only 500 rupees back…Why?

  6. abhinav says:

    i got 61 cashback..

    but not for second recharge

  7. abhinav says:

    any winner?? today for 7th june recharges??

  8. Chiru says:

    Dont Do It. Its Trash… I didn’t get the cash back.

  9. sd says:

    smi rly if u know

  10. sd says:

    the promo code cant be applied on rs.500 recharge dish tv .any one tried dish tv recharge?

  11. abhi says:

    done three recahrge yesterday

    1)300 (refunded as paytm cashback)

    2)28(refunded as paytm cashback)

    101 no luck for this

  12. Tyagaraja.a says:

    hey it’s good deal… got cash back… thanx to SMI nd paytm..

  13. chiru says:

    PAYTMFR5Q9DE (But the promo code keeps changing everyday )

  14. shalini mishra says:

    Go ahead with given link in offer then you can get PromoCode in right side.

  15. SUNIL says:

    Chancal what is the promo code u have used?

  16. chiru says:

    just now i have recharged 110/-. Let me wait..

  17. chanchal says:

    I too got 100% cash back

  18. SUNIL says:

    Its bullshit… so many people asking about the code but no one is bothered to give that… crap..

  19. Pushp says:

    i have also got 100% cashback.

  20. Raj says:

    i have recharged with rs 50,today got the cashback of rs 50 in my paytm account..

    Is this offer is working today… please let me know SMI….

  21. abhi says:

    how to get promo code

  22. ra one says:

    i recharged 100. today i got 100 rs .very good deal

  23. shalini mishra says:

    Yesterday i recharged from paytm with 100% cashback code, I had done recharge of 50rs & today morning i got 50rs back in my PAYTM CASH..

  24. nitesh says:

    What is the code and from where have u got the same?

  25. Joy says:

    Yesterday i recharged from paytm with 100% cashback code, I had done recharge of 500rs & today morning i got 500rs back in my PAYTM CASH..

    Superb Offer.. I had got 500rs back & also get 500rs recharge..


  26. nishant says:

    where the promo code is??
    applied the above code it said not applicable on your plan????

  27. GoodFellas says:

    PAYTMFR5U2EF @MayurN this was code.

  28. MayurN says:

    but what was promo code which was earlier displayed?

  29. hits says:

    where is the free recharge page guy?

  30. Munna.n25 says:

    Paytm bana raha hai,, Aur SMI uska sath de raha hai..

  31. Pushp says:

    I have recharged using promocode. Now waiting for PayTm’s response. Promocode is not visible now.

  32. shiva says:

    some accounts the promo code is not applicable
    it says the plan is not applicable for you

  33. satish says:

    maine b recharge kiya…paise wapis kaise aaenge…???

  34. mouli says:

    its not working

  35. Nagaraju says:

    what is the promo code

  36. Shivam says:

    Never try this its cheep deal everyone don,t try ok

  37. SHRAVAN says:


  38. gurunath says:

    where is promocode

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