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pediasureShopClues is offering 30% off on Pediasure. Features nutrition specialist that helps provide balanced nutrition to children.

Coupon: SCHN30

Buy Pediasure: Vanilla 200gm Rs. 215 | Vanilla 1kg Rs. 713 | Chocolate 200gm Rs. 215 | Chocolate 400gm Rs. 328 | More Health & Nutritional 30% off

3 Responses to “Pediasure 30% off – ShopClues”

  1. G D AIRAN says:

    all sold out,quantity may be in single digit

  2. Shasank says:

    Yes, even the same with me.
    I hope it is not duplicate :-(

  3. nitesh says:

    i have ordered vanila flavour at 713/- and the same was delivered in 2 days. My only concern is the pack was not sealed.


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