PediaSure Chocolate 1kg + Vanilla 1kg Rs. 1338 – PepperFry

PediaSure is a complete and balanced nutritional product designed to meet the nutrient needs of children 2 10 years of age.

Rs. 700 off on Rs. 2000+: Sign up offer. (Register & get Rs. 1500 worth Coupons)

Buy PediaSure: Chocolate 1kg + Vanilla 1kg (to make total Rs. 2000+)

3 Responses to “PediaSure Chocolate 1kg + Vanilla 1kg Rs. 1338 – PepperFry”

  1. muhammad sarfraz says:

    I would like to buy PediaSure Chocolate 1kg + Vanilla in larg quantity to use for my childern in UK. could you call me on 00447805320556 or email me on
    I will wait for your responce

  2. rajesh says:

    sri@ its ur bad luck or unawareness that u didn’t accepted pepper points, after every order i pray to god that it should get canceled coz i recive triple value pepper points, eg. last time i ordered c games worth rupees 588 at 299 by useing 50% off coupon, luckily ordered got canceled n i recvied 898 peeper points than i purchased diapers worth rupees 934 by paying rs. 36 more that means i paid rupees 334 for diapers worth rs, 936, means more than 65% discount. this happened with me more than 6 times. i uselly see people complaing about online shopping sites. chor hai fraud hai…this n that, truth is people dont know how to shop online, there orders hangs coz of mistakes (incomplete info) then they complain, people post non sense comments, link not working, coupon not working, fraud site……etc etc. actully they r doing mistakes by themselves. i shooped from every known n known site but never got cheated. wat to say about others.

  3. sri says:

    after ordering the product they will keep the money for 3weeks with them and say order is out of stock and they will return the money in the form of pepper points. I have faced this issue before with them. After many mails and follow ups they have returned my money back to my account instead of pepperpoints. Took 35days exactly.

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