Pepsodent Fighter Toothbrush Rs. 8 – Tradus

pepsodent-fighterTradus has Pepsodent Fighter Toothbrush for Rs. 8. Features interdental bristles profile cleans in between teeth effectively and are soft so that they don’t hurt gums.

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12 Responses to “Pepsodent Fighter Toothbrush Rs. 8 – Tradus”

  1. akash walia says:

    now shows deal END. What is this ..

  2. rahul mittal says:

    tradus sabsa bakwas site hote jaa rahe ha ya sirf 3-10 rs ke item he sell karta in mega deal not big deal like shopclues,rediff . tradus ko site band ker dane chaeya or shopclues sa sikhna chaeya kasa deal karta ha . the most demerit of tradus is that payment option is not there while purchasing

  3. rathor vijendra p says:

    Ab tradus bhi petrol ki tarah mehnga hone laga……………………

  4. komal says:

    ek id se ek product khrid pate hain…itne product kyu nikalte hain….

  5. Udit says:

    Tradus se Acchi to Shopclues hai..Atleast genuine products to deti hai..!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    ab tradus ne bhi apan rang dikhana shuru kar dia mehnga kar dia saman oof ye online sites

  7. suman says:

    its showing 6 or 10 rs here but while purchasing its showing 17 rs…????

  8. venkat says:

    it is facke website

  9. youngtruk says:

    Yeah…it’s working now SMI but mood change now…don’t wanna buy :-(

  10. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  11. Imran says:

    whoops? the page is not availabel……………. kya bhadda mazaq ha yaar……….

  12. youngtruk says:

    The page is not available.
    May be it’s gone for shopping…what the F***k

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