Philips Noise Cancelling Headphone SHN6000 Rs. 350 – Amazon

philips-shn6000Amazon has discounted Philips Noise Cancelling Headphone SHN6000 to Rs. 350. Features 90% less external noise, Angled Acoustic Pipe channels directional and precise sound, Precisely tuned speakers for every detail and dynamic sound Ultimate on-the-go convenience, Powered directly from your iPod, Control your iPod at the tips of your fingers Made to fit you, Ergonomic Angled Acoustic design ensures a natural fit & 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ears.

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3 Responses to “Philips Noise Cancelling Headphone SHN6000 Rs. 350 – Amazon”

  1. Rock says:

    @RB Shah Don’t people easily blame others overlooking the facts.

    The listings on Amazon are uploaded by sellers and until the customers report, Amazon won’t crosscheck whether the information is correct or not. It’s plain impractical.

    SMI just creates a deal based on the information, why would they crosscheck. It’s up to the one who buys, to verify and decide whether to buy or not.

    Moreover, if you took the time to search on Google, even on Philips India website, they list the product as “Noise Cancelling”, I too agree that it’s false marketing since the noise cancelling models cost a lot more than 300 bucks. But, what can you do when the information on the official site is false.

  2. RB Shah says:

    this is not noise cancelling… its noise isolation..

    false information by amazon and smi… cheaters amazon..
    noise cancelling cant be so low… it costs >2k

  3. Tarun says:

    for iphone only

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