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76 Responses to “Philips Portable Speaker SPA50 Rs. 149 – eBay”

  1. ABCD says:

    Finally got speaker Today By Dotzot(DTDC).
    Good sound quality.
    But Bass Is Low Comparison to Treble.

  2. shubham says:

    recived 4…
    waiting for more..

  3. akg says:

    Thanks Marc. Can we increase the length of usb cable, any cable connector?

  4. apoorva sinha says:

    hi Frnds,

    Please help me,as i want to know is there any connector for connecting two video cable (1.set top box video cabele. 2.DVD video CABLE) for television,as at same time i canot connect both these as there is only one slot for video cable (yellow cable).
    Please help me i know u all are very brilliant in these technics
    hope u will reply frnds.

  5. Harsh says:

    Dhansu hai boss…fantanstic…!!!

  6. vipul patel says:

    Bhai log i got it. its awsome nice speaker dhinchak dhincha

  7. Mars says:

    @Arun, Buy 3.5 mm Male To Two 3.5mm Female Audio Stereo splitter in local shop(around 20Rs) or in ebay. Connect male pin with laptop and other sides two female jacks are there. Connect creative in one jack and philips in other jack. Thats all.

    Ckeck the picture in ebay you will easily understand.

  8. Mars says:

    @akg this speaker is not chargable. For laptop&desktop connect the usb plug of speaker with usb port of laptop/pc. Connect the 3.5mm plug with laptop/pc speaker output.

    Connect the speaker 3.5mm plug to the 3.5mmjack in phone/tablet.Connect the usb plug of the speaker with usb charger(mobile usb charger).

    If you don’t want to use mobile charger, you have to buy seperate usb female to micro/mini usb male adaptor.

  9. akg says:

    can anybody tell me how it works in tablet, phone? is it chargeable?

  10. Sravan baggali says:

    I got it yesterday. I like it so much

  11. akg says:

    Received today. Is it rechargeable? How to use in phone, tablet? Only usb plug and 3.5mm is there. How to use it?

  12. AK47 says:

    finally got the speakers today.

  13. Ankit says:

    Shipped throught DOTZOT courier at 22 Oct. and Still showing in Chennai till date.

    When i got.

  14. sudarshan says:

    Recieved speaker yesterday..BOOM BOOM awsome sound with bass and even no break in sound at maximum sound.Very happy with d product.

  15. arun says:

    frnds i had received speakers and its awesome
    Please tell whetehr i can connect 2 speakers to my laptop am having creative 2.1 speakers and ebay philips speakers can i connect all these speakers to laptop .please reply friends is there any connector… please give reply frnds awaiting for it

  16. kajol says:

    friends please inform how can we know ebay providing these best offers ,now only i came to know about this deal.Request you all to inform how we get alerts on these deals please

  17. vipul patel says:

    bhia mene bhi mangvaya he par abhi tak nahi mila or speaker ki quelity kesi he bhai aapko mil gaye he to kese he speaker

  18. Manoj Saini Rohtak says:

    bluedart se kal hi recived kiye h.

  19. ashin says:

    Manoj Saini Rohtak what co;or u got .by your review i think its best at this price of 149 right.eager to receive my product till not yet shipped…

  20. Manoj Saini Rohtak says:

    nice sound in laptop and mobile.
    nice look…

  21. ashin says:

    frnds who had received this speaker can review it how is the product is it worth buying it,Please reply frnds…

  22. AK47 says:

    shipped on 23-10-15 by DOTZOT courier. But the tracking details are not updated. abhi tak chennai me hi h.

  23. Alli says:

    My product will be shipped but I track it now it’s on chennai when it will be delivered to me yaar

  24. KRANTHI says:

    my product is also shipped and it will be delivered by tomorrow.
    thanks ebay and smi

    can anybody give the review of this speaker who have already received the speaker

  25. navnit says:

    yes i have received speaker yesterday…

  26. ANYONE says:

    But it show chennai till after 2 day

  27. Pranav kalra says:

    I have tracked the order they are sending it to us buy DOTZOT COURIER

  28. sara says:

    dear frnds i think courier people are making this much delay .why they are not shipping did anyone received speakers or whether anyone able to track their order

  29. sai says:

    Me also same yrr till now I didn’t received

  30. monu says:

    booked on 12 oct still not received timeline ends today,anybody received the speaker pls reply..

  31. ABCD says:

    Shipped On 24 Oct 10.30Pm

  32. Aman says:

    Ordered on 12 Oct and not yet shipped… Wtf

  33. nitin says:

    speaker dispatch after 26 oct thoda to intjaar kr lo:-)

  34. Ankit says:

    What the hell Not shipping yet…!

  35. AK47 says:

    bhai abhi tak to ship hi ni hua. it has been 8 days. saharanpur U.P

  36. ABCD says:

    Anybody got speaker in fatehabad (Haryana)

  37. monu says:

    i booked 12 and till now my product not shipped

  38. Anonymous says:

    those u hAVE GOT speaker can tell how is the quality of sound

  39. AK47 says:

    not shipped yet…ebay sabse zada tym leti h ship krne me. or sbse bekaar seller ka stock b ebay k paas hi h.
    speed post se b bhej dete h product. hehe

  40. Ragav says:

    i received the speaker today

  41. prabhu says:

    I have received my phillips speaker on 17th oct via bluedart in TN.

  42. Hemanth says:

    my product is also not shipped yet

  43. kishore says:

    I too not received the product and no tracking details updated in eBay & showing as not yet shipped.

  44. ABCD says:

    Anybody Got the product till now or any shipping detail

  45. mahi says:

    I am not geting speaker till. Plz comment any one recive.

  46. Prabagaran says:

    I received the code but there is no Stock

  47. RTX Zone says:

    Shipped my order today…thanx SMI

  48. Ashish says:

    Ebay kuchh purane customer pe bhi daya karo. Naya number Email id kanha se laye.

  49. Hornys says:

    Did not received coupon, fake ebay offer.

  50. HSEKAR says:

    Got the code yipee and place the order via PayTM wallet

  51. R10 says:

    So at last…i also got Philips Speaker @ 149 …good deal…let see how long it will be delivered .

  52. ABCD says:

    @Bhagwat singh

    It is for new users so make new id and add use mobile no. on which no. you receive code

  53. Bhagwat singh says:

    coupon mila lekin (Sorry, the eBay coupon code cannot be used as you do not meet the coupon eligibility criteria) massage aa raha he

  54. donseenu007 says:

    Congrats! Ur Coupon to buy Philips Speaker @ Rs.149 on eBay is 17LLYNLBA8 valid only today. Click , Sign in & Buy! First Come, First Serve!

  55. sai says:

    item till available…:)

  56. Anonymous says:

    did anybody get the code

  57. ABCD says:

    Still Available

  58. Hemanth says:

    the item is still is very good offer not fake

  59. SeKaR says:

    Fake offer out of stock any offer end with in sec

  60. Devil says:

    Coupan mila aur dekha to out of stock ho gya.

  61. ab says:

    this item is out of stock

  62. Pown says:

    I got the code..successfully

  63. sruti says:

    did anybody get the code

  64. Roy says:

    Did anyone receive the coupon code yet? any idea by when it might come?

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. New says:

    i think today they will send the coupon, because today morning only promotion offers expired

  67. Hemanth says:

    Don’t worry guys.
    ebay will send coupon code after 2pm.wait till midnight
    if you didn’t receive it today then they may send it some other day.
    i am saying this from my experience

  68. baswamy says:

    it didn’t get code till now

  69. pranav says:

    Till now any one got the code???

  70. ABCD says:

    Anybody Get Code till 10.26 AM

  71. Ram says:

    Register with number which is used by parents or unused number and avail the Scheme..

    I have availed same against Scandisk pendrive 16 GB for 79 Rs only

  72. pardeepprajapat says:

    I m new user. They will send me sms on 12 Oct. Unable to understand.

  73. Ashish says:

    Old number register to ho jayenge but 12 ko coupon code nhi aayega. This offer is applicable for first time user only.

  74. har says:

    yeah!! old nos working…:)

  75. RIZ says:

    First person to comment here.

    Old number also working.

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