Free Rs. 50 Amazon Gift Card on Posting Free Ad – Junglee

junglee50Post an Free Ad on Junglee and the customers whos ads went live would get Rs. 50 Gift Card from Amazon.
• The Ad must contain at least one image of the product to be eligible to win.
• Ensure that the Ad remains live on Junglee for at least 24 continuous hours during the Offer Period.

Junglee: Free Rs. 50 Amazon Gift Card on Posting Free Ad

154 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Amazon Gift Card on Posting Free Ad – Junglee”

  1. raja says:

    31st jan 2014 ko live huwa hai, par 50/- gift card mila nai… bakwas offer…

  2. sonu says:

    @AMIT GARG : please tell me how to add multiple gift cards to buy a single product?
    i tried to add two gift cards but it is not allowing.

  3. ADITYA says:

    bhai ek item dispetch hone ke baad dusra purchage kare.
    maine bhi abhi tak 20 item purchage kar liya he aur abhi bhi laghbhag 20 account mein gift card balance bacha he.

  4. Tanmay says:

    Hey guys, what if we change the name of our family member and then order at same address/? bcoz in some places the address is same for all houses. For eg-
    Tanmay Bhargava Sector-5 JNV Colony Bikaner
    and if me is neighbour is Harish then the address is also
    Harish, Sector-5, JNV Colony, Bikaner

  5. Neeraj Singh says:

    To bhai address koi b bhar de aur courier wale ko phone krde

  6. Neeraj Singh says:

    Bhai agar tune orders krne h to settings me jaa k accounts me jaa k mobile number Badal liyo pehle ye uspe b problem kr rhe h.aur pehle order dispatch hone diyo phir dusra order kriyo kyunki ek baar dispatch hone k baad account close b go gya to b item pahuch jsyega tere paas.aur maine to bhai ab apni city k bluedart courier wale ka phone number le liya h jo Amazon ka courier dene aata h to jis din aana hota h us din msg sa jata h ki saj ayega to use phone kr deta hu ki ye mera h maine use bta diya h ki aise baat h..

  7. Neeraj Singh says:

    Bhai wo jawab hi nhi de rha tha ki kyu kiye h close phir maine phone kiya to usne mujhe kahs ki aap multiple accounts se same address pe kr rhe ho it means ye saare aapke account h Maine kaha ha mere h par saare legal h to maine sab email se reply kiya par wo bola ki ab ye accounts shuru nhi honge

  8. KILLER says:

    @dheeraj what did the account specialist told you. did he told you that we can order only thrice from a same account. tell me yaar because he not telling me anything saying we can’t give further information on why we closed the account and what resources we used to figure out link b/w accounts.

  9. dheeraj says:

    Bhaiyo pehle maine 9 orders kiye wo to mere address pe aa gye phir inhone securty bada di aur account block krne shuru krne lg gye.phir maine aur accounts banaye 4 phir mere 2 items aa gye par jab maine 3rd item same address par ship kiya to unhone saare accounts close kr diye.phir maine account specialist se baat ki to usne kaha ki aapne multiple accounts se.phir maine ek account se dusre address pe mangwaya wo aa gya aur account b close nhi kiya

  10. Sagar says:

    kitne din me milta hai gift card??

  11. atul says:

    I have around 100 email ids , out of them i got 100rs vouchers on 50 accounts ,
    According to amazon t&c one person can buy a same product from same seller only 2 to 3 times , i have already used my 50×100 vouchers from different accounts and on same address , when i ordered a same product more than three times , order got canceled and money was refunded , none of my account is blocked yet , i am waiting for 50rs vouchers to get in all my accounts so that i can use them too before amazon start blocking accounts ,
    When i asked custmr care , they told me that sir u have made 73 multiple accounts on amazon , so your orders are cancelled , your money will be refunded to your bank account within 7 days , and u can not place order for same product from all the accounts , since product quantity is limited to per customer

  12. Blackout says:

    Can u guys tell, the blocked account was Verified by same mobile number?

  13. ramleela says:

    Amazon has started blocking the duplicate accounts…I had 3 accounts of which they closed 2 accounts …be careful as of now

  14. KILLER says:

    @ajay our ids got blocked. why yaar
    @ Dheeraj Please tell from where you know that we can place three order from gift card and because of that id are blocking tell please naa yaar.

  15. KILLER says:

    @deheeraj i think you are right they also blocked 3-4 of my accounts shit yaar but can you tell from where you knew that we can order only 3 times from gift card on one address, from where did you know because their account specialist aren’t giving any reason for closing. did you mailed to their CC or from where you came to know we can order only three times on one account. tell me yaar please dheeraj

  16. ajay says:

    I have already purchased Items from 20 mail ids at same with only gift voucher…
    Each Item I got successfully…

  17. dheeraj says:

    Bhaiyo jo keh rhe h ki mere paas 120 emails h uska koi fayda nhi h kyunki agar tum 3 se zyada orders alag accounts se gift card se pay kroge same homw address par korge tumhara account closed ho card sirf 3 baar different accounts se same address par le sakte h product so itne saare home address kaha se laoge aur phone number bhi.mere bhi saare accounts closed kr diye h aur un sabme 100-150 rs pade h gift card k mile thge jo par use nhi kr sakte..

  18. meena says:

    do u mean on the same account which has been already given a gift voucher previously???

  19. AMIT GARG says:

    @Shivam – Yes you can use multiple gift vouchers to buy single item.

  20. nizam says:

    gift card will be in your amazon a/c… u can redeem while shopping

  21. shashi suman says:

    i recived 3*50 goft card in my amazon account today
    thanks SMI

  22. King says:

    my party was very small, i got only 2 but from the same email id.. one for 100 and other 50

  23. raja says:

    coupons will be mailed by 10th feb

  24. Sandeep says:

    Is anyone got 50Rs coupon. I have posted one add on JAN 9th. Still waiting for coupon

  25. ajay says:

    I have near about 490 email id. I check and maintain all mail ids each week regularly…

  26. sonu says:

    @ajay – do u have 120 email ids???coz 1email id will get only 1 GV.

  27. suraj says:

    Of course, while you are purchasing a product it wil show the full gcard amount,and the reamaining money to be payed.

  28. Shivam says:

    Can we add 6-7 gift cards to buy a single thing ?

  29. Sammy says:

    Hi, you guys will get it a week later so please be attentive. This gift card is only valid for a year (till 16 Jan next year or so.) Yeah, so you guys will get it in your amazon accounts. It’s the same account as your junglee account. You can go and check it by:
    Click “my account” on Amazon and then click ”view gift cards” and there you’ll have it.

  30. ajay says:

    i received 100 X 120 = 12000 Gift Card…till 07 jan 2015

  31. RAJA says:

    anyone received rs 50 gift card?

  32. mahendra singh says:

    gift card kahan aata hai? mail me?

  33. saha says:

    they released GC up to 8th jan. till date i’ve received total 19 :) . used 5 , 14 in hand. few ads are suspended, otherwise i might have some more :(

  34. Mritunjoy says:

    I just received 2 GC of Rs 100 each, for add which was posted on 3rd & 4th January 2015 :)

  35. Ankit Jain says:

    Mere 50 rupe kha gae junglee log :( :(
    nai mila koi b coupon :(

  36. Rishabh Jain says:

    can we get more than 1 gift card of rs 50..?

  37. Thiyagaraj says:

    I posted on 23 Dec at 4:30 am, when 100 gift card was there
    But I didn’t get

  38. akshay says:

    i have recieved 4 gift cards guys just wait for 6-7 days you will get it

  39. dj says:

    I posted ads at 12:05 am but didnt got gc till yet

  40. Mritunjoy says:

    I also have not received for 4 add. Bad Luck :(

  41. suraj says:

    i havn’t received the gv it’s already 13 jan

  42. Mritunjoy says:

    Kd bro thanks for your info, Lets see ..hope to receive GC on Jan 13th.

  43. suraj says:

    nice kd …thanks..

  44. Kd says:

    I got GC’s three times..First time It was on 23rd..then 30 dec..then 6 jan..It means they are sending it on 7th day..s0 it will be on 13..

  45. suraj says:

    @how you know that on jan 13th???

  46. Kd says:

    remaining 100rs GC’s will be delivrd on 13 jan…

  47. kamlesh says:

    i have posted ad on 1 jan @ 6pm and got the gift card.

  48. Mritunjoy says:

    Posted add on Jan 3rd, but still not get any GC :(

  49. sachi says:

    I have posted add 2 days before at 12.05 am but didn’t got gift coup an yet

  50. raj says:

    Can I get gift coupons daily with same account or have to make new account???

  51. Don says:

    12 gv till now
    from 12 different account
    using 5 numbers

  52. suraj says:

    Consider from 11 45 pm

  53. Rahul says:

    is it considering ad posting time or ad live time.
    I have posted ad on 11:45PM but gone live on 12:30AM post moderator review. so which time will consider to win GV

  54. xyz says:

    post ad at 1:00 am to get assure win, i post 2 ad on 1am from different acccount and got Gift Card on both account.
    u can get same number of CG as many as sim u have.

  55. Tanmay says:

    Bro… SMI meant to say that 31000 people means 1000 people everyday and that too 1st 1000 people. I also got 4 cards… Try doing at or before 8 A.M.

  56. karma says:

    i got 6 vouchers again today

  57. Rahul says:

    31000 People have received Gift Card, have you?

    that means 31000 unique ids posted ad is it true??

  58. rohit says:

    is the offer still working ????

  59. unyk says:

    Got mine today.. It took about a week to receive it. BTW I posted at 8.00AM and still got it.

  60. karma says:

    i have got 6 vouchers yet

  61. Dheeru says:

    How some body knows that he has win 100 gift card? Just after keeping an ad for 24 hrs live we will get confirmation if we are lucky?

  62. ajay says:

    maine aaj …subah 4.00 baje uthkar ad post kiya hai….dekhte hai GV milta hai ya nahi…

  63. Rahul says:

    To received multiple GVs use unique combination of mobile number and email id

  64. Rahul says:

    @Shivam- first time offer was to give 150Rs voucher for new customer i have used my two account to post ad and received two 150 GV then few days later used same accounts to post ad and received 100 GVs

  65. patel says:

    still dnt get any vochar on my id
    i alredy post 2 add

  66. Kumar says:

    Is this Working for same mobile number in different accounts??

  67. Shivam says:

    How did u get two 150s and two 100s @Rahul? And to post another ad from another id, can we use the same phone number ?

  68. Rahul says:

    Thanks SMI… till date received two 150Rs and two 100Rs GV…

  69. Samia says:

    Hey everyone.
    For all those who’re cursing the website, please read the T&C before posting your ad. It clearly says that the first 1000 people who post their ad. from 6th of December to 5th January EACH day will get their 100Rs. Gift cards. So, it’s solely based on your luck.
    Also, no matter how many ad.s you post, you’re going to get only one gift card per account.

  70. sabyasachi says:

    in previous ad offer i got rs 150 gift card & bought a laptop protector screen.
    Thanks SMI.
    waiting for rs100 giftcard for this time offer

  71. suraj says:

    No chances ..refer T&C

  72. Shivam says:

    Can’t we get two Rs.100 GC from the same account? Or we have to make multiple account for that? I posted ad twice (not on the same day) but got only one GC. I think there were 3 chances ie. 150(first chance), 100(second chance), 100(not sure about this third chance). So I just want to ask whether there was the “third chance” or not.

  73. suraj says:


  74. RAJA says:

    I have posted ad on 6am and received gift card in 7days…hurrey

  75. kirubha says:

    just received my giftcard used it to buy an book.

  76. Kumar says:

    Did any one posted ad’s exactly after 12:00 AM (May be at around 12:10) and got their GV’s?? I posted an ad almost 10 days back but still did not get the GV.

  77. Akash says:

    How many times can get gift card in same a/c 1 or more pls tell

  78. LALIT AGRAWAL says:

    I got gift card but around 8 days later

  79. meena says:

    kya 1 no more than 1 time verify krwa skte hai?

  80. Galib says:

    First you should make an account on junglee and must verify your phone number
    If you already have an AMAZON account you can also use that for posting add

    Post an add on junglee.
    Make sure it will live for atleast 24 Hours on Junglee.

    If you are lucky you will get 100Rs/- Giftcard and it will be delivered to you via email.

    After that check your Gift card balance on your AMAZON account.

  81. dhruv says:

    kaise add dalni hai ?

  82. ankit says:

    merko mila hai 100 rs ka gift card.
    but around 10 din baad..

  83. Blackout says:

    Fake already 15 days past and my Ad is online but no coupon till date.

  84. mudit says:

    Kitne din baad aata hai gift card ???
    N pehle confirmation aata hai kya???

  85. mudit says:

    What is the right time to post your ad???
    12 01 in the night out early morning???
    After how many days I will get the confirmation???
    Will I get a mail regarding the win???

  86. r reddy says:

    got it…thanks to amazon…check your amazon account

  87. priyanka says:

    how manny gift cards we can get per 1 id?

  88. Nitesh Pawar says:

    got 100 Rs/- gift card…Thanks

  89. Akash says:

    My ad live now in how many days the msg occur in my email id

  90. LALIT AGRAWAL says:

    4 days badd gift card milega

  91. Mohit says:

    bro, Once the ad is live than they will take some days to consider and than if your stayed live for 24 hours than you will get gift card after some days. if your ad got ad is live for 24 hours than yes you will get but remember only first 1000 people will get gift card everyday. make sure you are among them.

  92. RAJA says:

    bhailog please batao…

  93. RAJA says:

    ad live hone ke baad consider hoga ya verify hone ke baad…please tell me.

  94. RAJA says:

    code kaise milega..?

  95. Galib says:

    Got 100 Rs/- gift card…Thanks to SMI and Junglee.

  96. shaik` says:


  97. ujjwal says:

    got it!!

  98. sundar rajan says:

    yeah got it..!
    it took more than a week to get my gift card..

  99. Deepak says:

    Got my gift certificate and successfully redeemed it. also while posting ad there is an option od share my number with buyer, un tick the box you ll not receive any call. and post fake ad like post ad of nokia asha 203 and put price like 5000 no one ll call you!

  100. Vijay says:

    I also posted ad into this site, And also received confirmation email and the email msg is “The INR value of the Gift Card will be credited to your account within 45 days of the expiration of the Offer Period – 31st Dec”
    What is the meaning friends, Please tell about this gift card. Any body received in this same msg?

  101. ashish says:

    Just to win voucher Wat fake product u all r putting for sell? Dont u all recieve call ?

  102. Az says:

    Guys, I got the gift card for 100rs.. After 2 days of posting the ad amazon ppl will call and ask whether the item is available for sales and wot is the price bla bla… Just for verification.. Be careful

  103. Mohit says:

    @priya, i think you sshould try once more because in mine case also the first two times my ad didn’t got live and i didn’t got the confirmation mail but the third tiem it got live and i got gift card also after 6 days. don’t get angry, arey yaar 5 minutes ki ad post karne mein kya jaata hai and even you can use same mobile number again for verification as i got two using same number and also make sure each time you make a new account with new email id. make a new id and post a ad with photo and it will go live but make sure you are among first 1000 people of htat day. hope it works for you also as i also got it.

  104. netrafter says:

    I had posted my ads earlier also & this time also and got GV both the times (150 + 100).

  105. priya says:

    no i not gottt jungle got to forest and do junglee dancee making fool to all of us waste junglee

  106. Raghav says:

    Hi , My ad is not getting live, what i need to do make it live. pls help me.

  107. ankit says:

    i received it

  108. varinder says:

    @priya its really working. Chk ur mail have u got any mail from junglee. Chk both promotion and primary mail

  109. priya says:

    i have posted the ad 10 days befor still i not got…again i posted before 2 days still i not got i got confirmation for the both ads that ad is live but no card bulshit jungle waste junglee

  110. Mohit says:

    @priya, yaar please tell us did you got the confirmation stating congratulations your ad is live on or not if yes and your ad is live for 24 hours than this time you will surely get the gift card if your ad is live for 24 hours and just wait for some days they will send a mail stating congratulations your ad have win a 100rs gift card but it takes some days. if your ad is live for 24 hours you will get it just wait for some time. i emailed also and asked them and they said that if your ad is live you will get gift card. hope it helps.

  111. priya says:

    am getting so much angry i have not got coupons last time so i have posted yesrday now also i not got junglee is worst service worst than worst

  112. Mohit says:

    @Priya, no you will not get it more than one time in one account. its written in T&C’s that you will get voucher only in account regardless of how many time you post an end. than do one thing just make a new account and post ad from new account but gift voucher is limited one for one account

  113. linu says:

    i think no

  114. priya says:

    can we post more than one add from sme id ? can we get more than 1 coupon code reply soon guys??

  115. Gaurav Sharma says:

    i got reward 2 times. its true. Just Post ad and wait.

  116. aniruddh says:

    i didnt receive any gift voucher on amazon

  117. pradeep says:

    How much time taking by amazon to sending the gift card

  118. Rajat says:

    When n where will I get the gift card?

  119. shaik` says:

    when i will receive my coupon ,as my ads is live on site

  120. ASHISH says:

    How to post gift card frnds

  121. meghana says:

    i have not got the gift card what should i do now??

  122. suraj says:

    thanks smi and amazon and jungleee…i got the gift card

  123. Technext says:

    Dear friends… Amazon gift voucher is updated in your Amazon account.
    Which email id you provided to junglee the gift voucher ia added in same account.
    When you buy any product from Amazon at the payment options… Your gift voucher is shown.

  124. ojas says:

    Contact amazon.

  125. Himanshi says:

    Now Voucher Received But Showing Incorrect Voucher…What To Do…?

  126. ankit says:

    i also got 150 in my account. nice

  127. Anonymous says:

    amazon rocks… great … got 150 gift voucher for free

  128. jabra says:

    got 150rs

  129. Technext says:

    Ohooo… It 2 December 2015***

  130. Technext says:

    Hey… It shows expiry date: 2 December.
    Please confirm it now!

  131. ojas says:

    I got mail from them, they added Rs.150 to my amazon account

  132. zeeshan says:

    Finally they have started giving gift cards
    Check your emails guyz
    Got my GC just now 09:00pm 02dec

  133. Anonymous says:

    Hi friends please have patience … maine pahle kisi contest me 300 Rs ka amazon gift card jeeta tha… usme bhi 45 days se adhik laga tha… I think it will also take that much time… Bas wait karo aur mail check karo

  134. sandeep jindal says:

    i am not recieved voucher coupon

  135. kamal says:

    have not recived the code.

  136. neha says:

    got confirmation ,dint received the voucher ,

  137. SAM says:

    ye vaucher kaaha daba ke beith gaye kisi ko mila kya ?

  138. Sunil says:

    Fake offer hai. Received confirmation that we will mail u coupon number but nothing received till date. Fake hai bhai

  139. ankit malviya says:

    confirmation to mil gaya hai par voucher nhi mila abhi tak kisi ko voucher mila kya

  140. ankit says:

    Did any 1 get the gift card till now
    i also got confiramtion mail but not voucher

  141. sabyasachi says:

    Thanks to SMI & AMAZON i received mail regarding giftcard.


    You are one of the winners of the Rs. 150 gift card as your ad was among the first 1000 ads posted on Junglee.

    You will be receiving an e-mail follow-up from us soon with details on how you can redeem it.

  142. Bapan says:

    Thanks SMI got the email regarding gift cards .

    Eagar waiting for the e-mail follow-up from junglee soon with details on how to redeem it.

    SMI yoyo!!! :P

  143. harish says:

    i got the confirmation mail……. thanks SMI and junglee

  144. rahul s says:

    Yeyy.. i won.. Thnk u SMI :)

  145. Ojas says:

    Yeahhh… I won.

  146. varinder says:

    I received confirmation mail for winning 150 gift voucher

  147. suraj says:

    i got the confirmation mail ,and gift card will be sent to amazon account with in 45 days

  148. suraj says:

    3 dys back Myslf psted the add ,till now it’s live in

  149. varinder says:

    Is any body chk his post is display in junglee or not
    Because its condition tht Ensure that the Ad remains live on Junglee for at least 24 continuous hours during the Offer Period.

  150. nikhil porwal says:

    I think they will mail the giftcard only after the offer period viz 17 nov
    But amazon is not transparent and it hasn’t declared appiness day winners (11 months of free shopping winners till now)

  151. shubham says:

    in how much time gift card is recieved..

  152. Anonymous says:

    In how much time will get the Gift card. Is anyone received till now.

  153. Raajesh Shaw says:

    Thanks admin for posting this.

  154. Sagar says:

    Nice one

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