Prime Minister’s Relief Fund Donate Rs. 25 + ShopClues adds Rs. 25

shopclues_uttrakhand_relief_fundsFor every Rs 25 or Rs 50 contributed by you, ShopClues will match up the amount and collective donate same to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. ShopClues will match the total proceeds (up to a maximum of Rs. 1500000).

Donate: ShopClues Community Initiative

6 Responses to “Prime Minister’s Relief Fund Donate Rs. 25 + ShopClues adds Rs. 25”

  1. guru says:

    we all will donate in good faith.. but people please remember it is still “Prime minister’s” relief fund…

  2. VNS says:

    Good Job Shopclues.

  3. Ruchir says:

    @SG-Everybody agrees with your Congress assessment where all are practically servants to one and no ideology,no vision anyone remembers Congress has or had for the country and its citizens.Vote once more and no need to visit stone age in history books.
    But Shopclues is doing something which nobody could ever thought.I don’t know if Ambanis or Birlas have done or wish to do any significant help to the victims of Uttarakhand calamity.SC has raised its stature and will force others to introspect namely the well off class.

  4. SG says:

    Dear Shop Clues,
    It is good to see your add here for helping victims of our country.but we dont have faith on our kutti,MC govt who is runned but one robot.usme bhi koi ghotala kar denge.

  5. Rohit says:

    Good initiative….

  6. jaydev bhatiya says:

    I buy & donate my RS 50……..

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