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quantum-qhm220PepperFry is selling Quantum USB Optical Mouse QHM220 for Rs. 119. Resolution: 400/800/1000 DPI.

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9 Responses to “Quantum USB Optical Mouse QHM220 Rs. 119 – PepperFry”

  1. anupam says:

    i brought this mouse at a challenging price of RS.9/- (old time when ebay released 100 off coupen ) from ebay and the seller gave a free mousepad too …

    mouse is OK it is still working till now .. i just droped it often due to which i think the uSB part has bended a little and the mouse cable is little stretched from the mouse … rest ok working mouse (what else u expect from a mouse) it doesnt glow like nightbulb like other :)

  2. GANESH says:

    TRADUS selling at @ 85 in Deal bazzar

    Quantum USB QHM220 Mouse at 32% Off. Buy it for Rs.85/-


  3. anony says:

    this product if u buy in your city may b u can get it for 75. I ordered from next last time when it was of Rs 99. when I removed a sticker on the box I found it print price was 75.

  4. P.J.Sudharshan says:

    I have bought this already, it hardly worked for 15 days, the quality of this mouse is very poor which makes it to die as soon possible! its a waste of money actually! put some R.45 extra and buy a Amkette mouse, it is far better, works very fine and smooth!

  5. husain says:


  6. Ruchir says:

    Check now.Next is so responsive and SMI is the reason.Skipping so that really needful can have that.At least for office,your employees should be fine.If personal use,Logitech are definitely smooth,probably 200 dpi more than this.But thrice price.

  7. SMI-fan says:

    out of stock

  8. Ruchir says:

    reviews posted clearly fake. Flipkart different.

    @Ashu-Nobody knows who is in and takes 2 sec to input 6 digit PIN and check delivery.If OK,perfect.Since at zero profit,shipping is local,maybe Bangalore or Chennai,I guess.

  9. Ashutosh Pandey says:

    This product cannot be shipped to Pune, Mumbai, Noida, New Delhi or Varanasi. Please do validate before posting.

    Error says : Sorry, the product is not shippable to your location.Please search for similar product, also you can use the availability filter.

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