Quechua SB Alpinism 10 Down Hiking Sleeping Bag Rs. 359 (HDFC) or Rs. 399 – SnapDeal

quechua-sleeping-bagSnapDeal has Quechua SB Alpinism 10 Down Hiking Sleeping Bag for Rs. 399.

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Buy: Quechua SB Alpinism 10 Down Hiking Sleeping Bag (MRP Rs. 16999, could be pricing error) | More Outdoor Adventure Gear

19 Responses to “Quechua SB Alpinism 10 Down Hiking Sleeping Bag Rs. 359 (HDFC) or Rs. 399 – SnapDeal”

  1. Mehul says:

    Order cancelled

  2. rahul s says:


    i did d same..

  3. SL says:

    They have cancelled my order..

  4. SL says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have written an email to Customer support that order history has been modified, now they will be shipping a torch instead of sleeping bag, i have asked them to ship the product which i have ordered, i don’t want any torch.
    I will keep you posted that they will say, meanwhile if you have any update regarding this please do share will all..
    If this was a error or intentional some one has to pay :)


  5. fayek says:

    wrong link provided.
    its opening the product
    Geonaute TL 100 TORCH worth 399.

  6. rahul s says:

    now i am gonna fight with them :D
    bcoz i hv ordered the product last nyt wen it was showing its a bag, also i hav cnfrmation mail frm thm tht its a bag.. :P
    Ab me nadne wala hu in logo se.. coz its thr mistake.. :D

  7. Mehul says:

    I have sent a mail to their customer service asking for clarification about the product. I have also sent them the snapshot of the order confirmation mail which stated that the ordered product was the sleeping bag and not the torch. I am yet to receive their reply. In all likely hood they will cancel the orders.

  8. Manas says:

    Just now I tried to order but it goes for “Geonaute TL 100 TORCH” if it is a tourch then why Snapdeal mentioned that this is a SLEEPING BAG….??????

    Very confusing…. :-(

  9. Teja says:

    I have doubt about this… so that i ordered for cash on delivery…

  10. Mehul says:

    They have changed the product name keeping description of sleeping bag intact. The seller seems to be fraud as Seller ratings are extremely poor.

  11. sk says:

    No it was not torch initially! it seems to be an error pricing as the sleeping bag mentioned is about 17k in India. Later on to cover the mistake torch was put in place of sleeping bag with half description of SB and half of torch.

  12. Pranky says:

    Guys.. its not a sleeping bag..
    They are providing just a torch type of thing with battery life of 30 Hrs, with just image of bag.
    Dont order it.. as its FAKE.
    The one who already ordered can return the product once delivered. just take the snapshot of deal and revert to them that you have received wrong product.

    Cheers.. :)

  13. Puneet says:

    They have mentioned – Battery Life 30 Hrs.

    Why does a sleeping bag requires battery ? ?

    I am confused about it !

  14. kailash kher says:

    appears to be cheap quality. there is another one by same company for 1100/- which can protect cold upto 5degree Centigrade.

  15. shravan says:

    quality looks ok

  16. rahul s says:


  17. d k nishad says:

    Color is not good

  18. shravan says:

    ordered .. lets see if it is delivered

  19. kaveer says:

    i have orderd one ..

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