Ramayan Rs. 269, Vikram aur Betaal Rs. 239 – Amazon

ramaya-vikramAmazon has discounted Ramayan to Rs. 269 & Vikram aur Betaal to Rs. 239. Features story of Lord Ram and his years spent in exile with his wife and brother, and also chronicles the end of the demon king Ravan and his family.

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3 Responses to “Ramayan Rs. 269, Vikram aur Betaal Rs. 239 – Amazon”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Even when from mobile and almost instantaneously checked,deal was more than 2k. But this shows about the amazing speed of Amazon and tactics are standard.Instead of asking SMI,everyone should understand that slow or fast,these offers are traps,they are zero type margins for maybe minutes or even some loss but immediately after that some persons can’t put brake that fast and pay full and from them the company make profits.Nothing wrong or unethical.Maybe Amazon order maybe strange-listing costlier sellers first etc,suddenly transferring link etc

  2. Amit says:

    Where is the offer ??? its showing price of Ramayan as – 1 offer from 3,499.00

  3. Shambhu says:

    @smi Raayan price will be1499 how can i get @269 plz let me know

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