Airtel Recharge & Get eBay Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300 Coupon

Airtel is offering eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 300 Coupon on recharge of prepaid number.

Note: Offer not reliable.

Airtel: Prepaid Recharge (click recharge now)

49 Responses to “Airtel Recharge & Get eBay Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300 Coupon”

  1. Bittu says:

    Mene rc kiya coupan nai mila cousmar pe call bhi nai jata

  2. Neeraj says:

    airtel wale chor hain…koi offer coupon nhi denge…Vodafone ki site pr hmesha milta hai

  3. 007 says:

    lode log hai sab iteni coment clear hai recived nai ho rai hai to jakh marne ke liye recharge kar rahe ho gante

  4. saurabh says:


  5. A SREENIVAS says:

    not working

  6. saurabh says:


  7. Vedant says:

    Airtel is no more giving coupons……..instead of coupons, i am getting a msg “error”.
    i wasted upto rs 400 by doing multiple recharges. NO USE

  8. Vedant says:

    earlier i got the coupon but now i am getting a msg “error” instead of the coupon.
    Please help SMI

  9. SANJU says:

    thanks smi…..working fine

  10. kalyan says:

    Ya I too got the coupon for 50rs recharge with in a second

  11. Tilak says:

    So you choose web offers or select your circle ?
    Is it valid only on 3G recharge ?

  12. Vedant says:

    got several coupons. thanx smi
    theres nothing like ‘recharge only from mobile’. i recharged using my debit card online and got several coupons (for several recharges).

  13. ahmed says:

    ur welcome … saurabh

  14. saurabh says:


  15. saurabh says:

    thanx ahmed
    its working

  16. ahmed says:

    here i am sharing a good option to get rs. 110 talktime and coupon in rs 100. go to through ur mobile select prepaid recharge n then select bonus talktime offer select rs 110 talktime in rs 100 n surely u will get 100 rs off coupon of ebay on ur airtel no. which u recharged . but only by mobile.

  17. Ram says:

    i recharge for Rs.50 and got the coupon immediately

  18. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Airtel homepage > Shop > Rewards.

  19. Jigar Shah says:

    When last did you try ? I did it 4 times till date, never received coupon. Also, This offer is not at all accessible from homepage.

  20. Neeraj Maheshwari says:

    I have recharged my no. 9897610958 but They never delivered the coupon only vodafone is genuine delivered coupon within a minute…don’t go for airtel

  21. chinmay shah says:

    i got coupan on 50rs recharge only

  22. DINESH says:

    how to avail offer

  23. Rahul Sharma says:

    Hi SMI,
    is there any minimum recharge need to be done with Airtel to avail this coupon?

  24. Ankit says:

    I got the coupon for 149 internet recharge on 19th jan.

  25. madhuram says:

    i recharge my airtel number by 30. dec.2012 by 149 rupee then after a week 25 rupee and so long few more recharge but till now i didn’t got any single airtel couponwhen i call costumer caner they told me we have such kind of offer..???

  26. Vij says:

    airtel faq says offer is valid till March 31, 2013

    I did a Rs. 200 recharge and got the coupon.

  27. Jigar Shah says:

    Yeh…they are fake…SMI should verify b4 posting…this second time it failed.

  28. Aman soni says:

    I recharge with Rs.200 . i got full talk time but still waiting for discount coupon :(

  29. deepak says:

    i didn’t received coupon

  30. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Now there is link to eBay offer from Airtel homepage (3rd slide – airtel rewards). Still the conditions are not clear.

  31. Amardeep Singh says:

    Airtel is a chor company. I recharged for Rs. 200 FTT but didn’t got the coupon. Is there any1 except for the SMI who has got the coupon?? I checked sms & email no coupon. Airtel customer care does not picks up any calls in Punjab. They simply disconnect when we select for operator assistance.

  32. amarjyot singh says:

    i recharge my mobile with 200 full talktime but i didn’t receive any coupon through sms or mail , please let me know how to get the same….

  33. Ruchir says:

    SMI,you are a master.Although it was a guess but brilliant.Nobody here could do.Your logic that it has to be above 100 although probably not stated and a 3G Pack was great.I am sure 2G and above 100 won’t bring out coupon.100+ and big margin recharge like 3G can only be the criteria.I think rate cutters above 100 would also draw a flak.
    BTW I also love Ebay.
    And of course,wherever the thing has to come,either it comes instantaneously or never. Everywhere-Yebhi,Paytm,etc.Mostly.

  34. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Yes, 6th November. Why don’t you confirm with Airtel customer care?

  35. suraj says:

    Pls reply for my query Save Money India…..

  36. suraj says:

    Hello SMI,have u recharged your mobile and got this eBay offer in the month of November ? because I would like to get this offer seriously as many of my friends tried but did not got it.pls reply..

  37. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It is 3G internet recharge. If you have not got coupon contact Airtel customer care.

  38. suresh says:

    Save money India,airtel website has no option for 102rs recharge.Pls reply for the above two queries

  39. suresh says:

    Yes,sir.But till now I haven’t got it.

  40. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It was instant. Did you recharge from Airtel website?

  41. sathish says:

    Save my India,I recharged my airtel mobile for Internet pack but till now,I haven’t got any e-bay coupon.Can you please tell me how much time will it take to get the e-bay coupon by SMS from AIRTEL.

  42. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    I got coupon by doing Rs. 102 recharge (prepaid number).

  43. Ruchir says:

    Interestingly the 14th FAQ says valid till Oct 31,2012 and 4th line from beginning that for all Postpaid customers.Where offer is mentioned the right Red link says recharge now,it always leads to Postpaid payment which is absolutely opposite point.Somewhere it is weird and silly of Airtel that the Recharge button near offer details lead to Post Paid payment no mention there,it should be adjacent like all other.
    At Recharge page no mention of offer+min recharge like Voda wants 150.All this is ridiculous but if SMI is able to win the gamble,it is not clear what is the min amount.Even the type of recharge.I assume it applies to Full TT recharge starting with 200.Serious Airtel users need this.Waste for 95%.
    Even if Dear SMI don’t know the min amount but if you can share your amt+type we will get a sure gain on that and can even interpolate.

  44. sathish says:

    Sir,I recharged my airtel mobile now only.I would like to know within how much time will I get the E-bay coupon ?.Sorry for disturbing you again …..

  45. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Yes, it is working. Got eBay coupon by SMS.

  46. sathish says:

    Hello save my India,I would like to know whether the ebay-airtel offer is still working ? and have you got the offer? Pls reply my query as soon as possible…

  47. suresh says:

    Have you anyone tried it? Is it surely working ?have u got the coupon?

  48. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    From eBay page: – offer valid till December 31, 2012.

  49. BALAJI says:

    FAQ says offer is valid until 31st OCT. pls check again ??

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