Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10 – FreeCharge

freecharge• Offer redeemable upto 5 times per user/mobile number/debit (or) credit card.
• Valid only on recharges through Debit/Credit card.
• Valid only on FreeCharge Mobile App.
• Valid for New & Existing Users.
• Cashback will be processed within 24 hours.

Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10+ Promo Code: ILOVEFC

Download FreeCharge App for: Android | iOS | Windows

172 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10 – FreeCharge”

  1. ASHISH says:


  2. Satish says:

    this deal is expired now

  3. sonia says:

    Logo ko milta hi kya h jhuth bone me…this deal is expired now !!!

  4. Dhananjay Patel says:

    Coupon “ILOVEFC” is Expired.

  5. abc says:

    Guys deals is now active again.. Lootlo again

  6. aksa says:

    Is this coupon still working ?

  7. sauraj says:

    fantastic offer nice yar

  8. Bishwajit says:

    Hey Freecharge, have you any common sense or not? A mobile recharge is on processing from 21NOV to till now! Please, recharge the mobile soon and give me a cashback of Rs30. Because i had used the promo code ILOVEFC at the time of recharge using my debit card.

  9. Blackout says:

    chor freecharge wale code time se phele expire kr diya or 3 me se 1 bar hi cashback hua mera.
    paytm is far better :/

  10. Vishal says:

    Will it work with Internet Banking also??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Get the money

  12. Hemant says:

    This scheme may be expired, does not get 30 in credit on wards 24 november

  13. Chetan says:


  14. ustad ji says:

    now. it’s showing ” INVALID CODE “.. lagta hai game over..

    total Rs. 2200 cashback

  15. PARTHA says:


  16. Uttam says:

    i ave seen if a vc is generated to be used for multiple times, it can be used in fc once only.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hoyai gya mera recharge ” ILOVEFC “

  18. konvict says:

    Its working 100% & i got 150rs.

  19. ritesh says:

    Guys I recharged rs. 35 and got 35 cashback so I think they have updated their terms n condition SMI please update new t n c.

  20. Gunjan Meher says:

    Thanks SMI.. . IT’S WORKING FINE

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi there i am solution,and here to solve your problem,reply to 50rs cashback on 10.
    1-download z4root.apk application for your android mobile.
    2-download titaniumbackup application for android mobile and remove google,fc,playapp and install again.
    3-download a app from play or other source search imei change.
    and that solve done.m

  22. aman says:

    yaaar fc , okey he nahi kar raha txn, even after applying the code, txn in pending, then credit me add kar raha hai amount, any idea??

  23. naveen says:

    got 150 cashback successfully on 2g net

  24. Ajmat says:

    not working… i try to recharge today 4 times ,..every time code applied successfully.. i made payment through debit card… payment deducted everytime in depostied in the freecharge credit.. not get recharged or not get any cashback… bad situation…

  25. Pradyumn says:


  26. RamRaj says:

    22 Nov 2014, 12:39pm, just now I complete my 5 transactions, and I get back total ?150/-

  27. aman says:

    Mail free recharge they will refund it to your bank account dont worry i have also do that they transfer 42 to my bank account

  28. tinku meena says:

    Subham ,aap konsi sim pe recharge kar rahe ho.

  29. shubham says:

    worst app ever, firstly most times it shows payment failed , then they put that money in FC credits, sometimes even they dont refund money, payment gateway overloaded and when the coupon is applied succesfully , no cash back is rewarded

  30. DostDostNaaRahaa says:

    I recharged at 12.30 midnight without any problem.since it was giving problems the whole day.

  31. Ubaid says:

    22nd Nov.
    May be this offer ends yesterday.
    I tried 4 to 5 times from morning…

    8 AM payment gateway overloaded.
    nd now
    9.42 AM this code is invalid…

  32. Manohar Rao BRV says:

    Its a great deal, server throws several error messages. Need to update server to make recharge members happy???

  33. jithendra reddy says:

    can’t recharge with freecharge credits, shows “oop something went wrong”. What is the problem

  34. RamRaj says:

    Cheating, I am trying from afternoon, every time showing as Payment Gateway Overload

  35. Shadow says:

    Server is too busy

  36. Suzit Gupta says:

    Awesome offer…
    Got 200 total (150+50) by expending 50 only

  37. Nilesh says:

    awesome app and fadoo offer.

  38. Jobin Antony says:

    Really great app.
    I got full cash back…

  39. ankit malviya says:

    it’s such a g8 offer

  40. ankit malviya says:

    it’s such a great offer

  41. Himanshu says:

    I did Five Rs 10 recharge back to bacl ,but did get any cash bak as yet .Nice Way to make fool to peoples .:(

  42. Gash says:

    can’t recharge with freecharge credits, shows “oop something went wrong”

  43. Anonymous says:

    good offer friends

  44. LALIT AGRAWAL says:


  45. Don chandu says:

    got 150 baby…I LOVE FREECHARGE.

  46. kk says:

    its working now guys

  47. Anonymous says:

    I had done 4 transiction bu not received cashback till now

  48. Parthsarathi says:

    All are my SMI Friends Server Are not Slow in freecharge app .
    Use 3G Internet .
    Get 100% Satisfaction in offers period.
    2G connection is take some time to payment gateway .
    So many time Heavy time to load transcription are Failed.
    So use 3G connection

  49. arun says:

    This offer bring down freecharge servers. this happens everytime fc comes with an offer. now will have to wait till offer ends for things to normalize. Offers always become a headache for genuine users. My 3 rec of 500, 755 and 150 are pending since 3 hours.

  50. bhargava says:

    I got120 balance

  51. andy says:

    thanks sacheen bro mts pe bhi try ker liya but still fail.
    not even a single successful Recharge.

  52. Anonymous says:

    1 recharge done at 12am .. next rec at 1pm failed .. bal deducted .. not even refunded in fc credits ..

  53. shubham says:

    freecharge is irritating.always shows recharge failed, then they put that money in FC credits and you cannot use that money for applying any promocode

  54. Swapnil says:

    LOL…one more application update to block more tricks…

  55. Dost says:

    payments are failing . shayad bahot load hai gateway servers par??

  56. Sacheen says:

    Andy@ rechg failed hua dont worry firbhi tum 5time code use kar sakte ho..ab airtel pe mat karo failed hota hain to dusre no pe karlo

  57. ravi says:

    oopps somthingwent rong…always…r.c was not done slow server

  58. Mann says:


    Great deal…!!
    Got 150 FC Credit…in 50 Rps totla get recharge of 200 Rps.
    Frecharge is great…PayTM latak gaya…

  59. Sacheen says:

    Dosto jaldbazi mat karo plz kyuki ye offer 24nov tak valid hain :)

  60. andy says:

    @tinku bhai apna bhi yahi haal hai 4 airtel ke recharge kiye 4 fail.
    ab kya sirf ek baar promi code use ker sakte hai??

  61. vishvendra says:

    invalid code bta rha h

  62. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Freecharge Hangs up……
    Unable to recharge from the 150 FC or direct payment.

    Your payment could not be processed! Please refresh and try again.

    It said it from about last 10 minutes.

  63. anis says:

    I got 150 rs nice offer

  64. anonymous says:

    Freecharge credits jo aaye hai usse recharge hi nhi ho raha hai

  65. Gaurav says:

    Works for same debit/ credit card for 5 times.

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. tinku meena says:

    My all four airtel recharge fail and i got 40 on 40.whats the fc with airtel every time recharge fail.

  68. Imran khan says:

    I have used code 4 times and after that it showing payment gateway overloaded ???

  69. ankur says:

    Payment gateway overloaded show…
    3 times used
    Daily gives new offer

  70. piter says:

    payment gateway overloaded?

  71. parshu says:

    I got 150:000 rupees guys keep on recharging

  72. Deepak says:

    site is down now recharge is not successfull

  73. Shashwat says:

    Got only 3 times and now Payment Gateway Overloaded :(

  74. santu says:

    This is what I call OFFER! !!

  75. Avish says:


  76. jay says:

    Hey amazon ka 111 cb fc credits say ho ra hai kya abhi bhi…

  77. nimisha says:

    i hv got 150/-rs lv freecharge…

  78. Ashok Reddy says:

    Please release more offers today

  79. Ashok Reddy says:

    Super offer I got Rs.150.
    Keep it up

  80. parshu says:

    I didn’t get cashback waste app don’t go this you won’t get any cashback

  81. ANUJ says:

    I have got Rs.150 cashback. I love freecharge.

  82. Raghav says:

    @Rohan No , we need to use debit/credit cards for cashback.

  83. kishore says:

    one device 5 times only i tried i got 150 fc

  84. Avinash says:

    same here , did 3 recharges in morning, promocode successfully applied but all are in process. those who are getting error msg in applying code try after some time because it showed error msg when i applied code for 2nd time but after some time i did 2 recharges and code was successfully applied. i think freecharge server is down

  85. Mitesh says:

    Not recharging. Server down . Lagta Hai Free charge ka kota pura ho gya…

  86. Nik says:

    Fun…task..tic realyy grt offer fc.????

  87. mahi kumari says:

    5 device= 5 debitcard+ 5v** = 25time
    250rs recharge + 750cashback :P

  88. iAkshay says:

    Hey SMI & Friends, I have a question…
    How these sites are making Profit ??
    Because in this way, It is impossible to make profit by giving 400% money return to the customer…???

  89. Money says:

    freecharge system is verrryyy poor overloaded

  90. Rohan says:

    @ I recharged from my freecharge credit am eligible for cashback??

  91. tinku meena says:

    Offer is running altest 24 November.

  92. Ravi Narang says:

    got 4 tyms cashback… grt offer :)

  93. Nanda Naga says:

    Payment gateway overloaded wat yar

  94. Anonymous says:

    Best offer But freecharge payment gateway has been over loafed

  95. raju says:

    yesterday 3 times and today 2 times…again thanks to Smi and fc…hurrahhh

  96. Avish says:

    hi friends, should we recharge single number only for 5 times? or can we recharge different numbers too?

  97. sarfraz says:

    unable to recharge with mW fc credit what I got.. ;( any1 else getting this issue???

  98. Firdosh says:

    Thanks SMI for info
    Thanks Freecharge for balance

  99. Ram says:

    Not working

  100. Monu Chauhan says:

    Sacheen ab maja aa raha hai ki nahi ads trick blocg ho gayi aur garibo mai paisa bato aue trick batawo

  101. karthik says:

    wat s payment gateway overloaded?? shit m nt able to do recharge

  102. Sacheen says:

    3 device= 2 debitcard+ 5v** = 15time
    150rs recharge + 450cashback :P

  103. Gags says:

    one e-mail – one number – one device

  104. Manesh says:

    Nice Apps…Great Offer…It is working properly.

  105. shadab says:

    I got 150

  106. Avanish raj says:

    wow…freecharge ne tho aaj full charge kr diya mere account balance ko..lovvvv it… :-D

  107. chs says:

    worked only 3 times for pls let me know why

  108. vijay says:

    freecharge is best… paytm bakwas h…
    agar freecharge aise hi offers dete rahe to koi paytm use hi nai karega!! well done freecharge..

  109. rohit says:

    I got it of all 5 times.

  110. nikhil says:

    invalid code.. cannot get.. :(

  111. Anonymous says:

    Wah wah Great Hmmm

  112. VIJAY JOSHI says:


  113. Swapnil D says:

    1 device pe se sirf 5 bar hi ho raha hai…
    koi solution hai kya kisi ke paaas jo 1 hi mobile pe se 5 se jyada ho…
    aisa koi solution hai to plzzz share karo…

  114. gomsy says:

    guys any trick for 50 on 10 offer

  115. RAVI BENWAL says:


  116. Daya says:

    what the hell off free recharge i install latest app but i rec update ur app version ,if ur have capicity on ur bumps thn why u blodey post why such rubish post and waste time and mood and deduct amount and return as free charge credit , offf

  117. Shannu says:

    There Are No Problems With Code, It Is Working Fine, I Redeemed The Code For 5Times & I Got 5*30=150 Cashback Instatntly.Thanxs SMi & FC Rocks Forever

  118. Rahul says:

    getting error Payment gateway overloaded??

  119. hudhud says:

    did 8 times using two devices and two card ;P ;)

  120. aashu says:

    guys debit card se payment karne pe koi problem to nahi h i mean apne cards ki details jo save ho jati h uska misuse to nhi hota h? pls help me i am using first time for online payment

  121. jay says:

    New app main kabhi kabhi fc credits say rc ho ja ra hai… Yaar plz kkoi older version de do

  122. murali says:

    I think there is no fraud is going on because I am using FC From 2 years, I faced nothing , one time password is there use it if u people feeling,

  123. Manu says:

    After 2 rchs i got 60 and on 3rd i got nothing. After that its said this is an invalid code. Please confirm your code and try again

  124. sabya says:

    really i love freecharge. thankyou FC & SMI

  125. andy says:

    did 4 recharge in 1st device with latest fc app but all failed.
    did 4 recharge in 2nd device with older fc app all successful.
    its happened just by chance or fc did something to latest app??
    anyone else faced similar issue??

  126. kumar says:

    ek hi debit card se kitne baar recharge hoga

  127. prakash says:

    unbelievable offer…ILOVEFC

  128. Manikandan says:

    I got it Great using Freecharge

  129. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    Got 150

  130. kapil says:

    Agar aapko lagta hai ki aap ke card details ye le rahe hai to change you password after doing such a recharge otherwise if you have a problem then do not give your card details to any site.

  131. Anonymous says:

    thnx to freechatge…i get 280

  132. Anonymous says:


  133. Abhay says:

    Its works. Received Rs. 150 in 5 times.

  134. pradeep says:

    freecharge is doing a good job it save my 50 and cashback me 150 thanx freecharge and smi

  135. arun says:

    Good offer for genuine users not for us. 10 mei 50 hi theek hai. Woh naa hota toh yeh bahot badiya offer lagta. fc ka acha trick hai logo k genuine card details lene ka

  136. Nitish says:

    App is not working

  137. ASHISH says:

    Done 5-5 times in 2 device

  138. Rahman says:

    thank FC for the offer,,,i wish FC releases offer after every 3-4days.

  139. raju says:

    Super…SMI…Thanks FC…3 times worked perfectly no problem saving a rupee also a good thing….so saved 90rs

  140. kapil says:

    goor offer got 120 as cradit for four time 10×4=40 mast offer hai list time baki hai fifth and last but bank server is down.

  141. jay says:

    Bhaiyo yea ads reset ki trick, nhi work kr rhi hai kya…

  142. Parag says:

    Thanks fc

  143. sri says:

    Got 150 Thanks working codes

  144. hudhud says:

    Payment Failure … since evng …. although done four times :(

  145. sri says:

    Got 150 Thanks real love fc

  146. kishore says:

    i got rs 30 fc for one time

  147. Pankaj Saini says:

    Offer ki validity kab tak hai

  148. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    Got 60

  149. Pankaj Saini says:

    FC provides many good offers…but this offer is not working…the system is very slow then hangs.

  150. tinu says:

    recharge done but didn’t get cashback.. code apllied succesfully

  151. Lalkishore says:

    Debited balance from a/c and deposited in fc credits saying that recharge failed so cann’t give cash back.
    So be careful while recharging.

  152. kiran says:

    done five after not allowed to use on same mobile we need to do something

  153. ashu says:

    Got 150 thanks SMI .

  154. Deep Rangani says:

    I have received 150 good app

  155. ASHISH says:


  156. shirsendu dutta says:

    How long the offer is valid

  157. Anonymous says:

    not working

  158. parmjeet says:

    code done but not recharge rs-10 in my mobile a/c and code amount…

  159. tinku meena says:

    Sourabh ,its your choice. you can recharge any number five times.

  160. srikanth says:

    Guys don’t miss this offer…
    Thank to freecharge

  161. bittu says:

    Server is very low.not working

  162. rishu says:

    Recharged only 3 times :-( after that paymnt nt accepting by bank.

  163. kuntal says:

    keya offer diya yaar FC

  164. Sourabh says:

    bhai ek hi nub p 5 times recharge krna hoga or othr nub p kar skte hn?? rply must!

  165. ksy says:

    Not working…invalid code

  166. RAVI BENWAL says:


  167. tinku meena says:

    Freecharge mobikwik ne to apna kam kar diya offer de ke.ab paytm ki baari hai.dekhte hai raat tak paytm kya deta hai ,offer ya baba ji ka tullu.

  168. ritesh says:

    its not working with fc credits so dont try guys

  169. Sahil says:

    awsmmm offer

  170. tinku meena says:

    Fc ne trick ko block kar ke kitna accha offer diya hai.hum to ab bhi fc ko lootege.

  171. vab says:

    not working with credits.

  172. rahul says:

    Now grt offer finally… :)

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