Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30 – PayTm

paytm30• The promo code can be used only twice per user per calendar day.
• Valid for both new and old users.
• Cash back will be credited into the user’s account within an hour of the order.

Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30+ Promo Code: Cash30

Website: PayTm

203 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30 – PayTm”

  1. Sacheen says:

    Kanha@ tum paytm k fb page pe comment ya msg karo apna order# and detail..ok to kaam ho jayega :D

  2. kanha says:

    still its showing your order is queued, wht can i do frnds?? 4din hogaye, nd no reply frm paytm.

  3. somesh says:

    code is CB100 & not c100

  4. rk says:

    sorryy frnds mann nh lg rha tha too socha sbko paresan krte h :-P…

  5. Anirudh Parashar says:

    C100 also not working. … Sorry guys

  6. sachin says:

    yes its working

  7. Anirudh Parashar says:

    Use c100

  8. murali says:

    Thaaaaaaanks rk its working,

  9. Anirudh Parashar says:

    @rk r u idiot??
    And I think.. … Yes

  10. BHUSHAN says:

    NOT WORKING……WASTE OF TIME…..DATE- 7/10/2014 7:56PM

  11. RAHUL says:

    Bhai fake info.. kyu dete ho??
    Maine toh check Kia yeh code work nh kr rha.

  12. Hiral Chheda says:

    Bhai Rk code invalid dikha raha hai..

  13. Nitin says:

    Ghanta working..huh

  14. tinku meena says:

    rk, are you mindless. kya mazak hai ye.

  15. Parveen says:

    yaro cash30 work kr rha hai ya ni

  16. rk says:

    waaaooo its working now huuurraaaahhhh….. :-D….

  17. Parthasarathi says:

    its work or not please confirm smi

  18. Sundaram says:

    Not working. So sad.

  19. Anonymous says:

    not working

  20. love says:

    Not working. Today

    Aaj k liye koi offer nhi hai so sad

  21. nagarajan says:

    Not working

  22. Anonymous says:

    not working

  23. kanha says:

    @sam @ankush @rahul thank u… i understood..

  24. Kool says:

    Its Working …..Loot Lo…Again

  25. avi says:

    This offer isnt wortking today??

  26. jimmy says:

    @Rahul Kumar, We can request for a refund to bank account even if it comes to paytm wallet when txn fails. But most of time we avoid it and recharge as when paytm refunds it can take 3-7 days. So better you recharge….

  27. jimmy says:


    Actually if your recharge was not done then 255 must have come to your paytm wallet. Open your paytm account and check there. If your transaction failed before recharge and yet money was deducted then you need to file a complaint with bank and they will refund you.

  28. Rahul Kumar says:


    Oye hello, you haven’t read the faqs while you are using this site, you just simply came and started using the offer by transacting….

    Anyway, it will cannot go again back to your bank will be in your paytm can recharge anytime any number but you can’t put money bak in your bank acc..

  29. anand says:

    it will take 4 to 5 working days

  30. shahjaanfarahdilkash says:

    i add 255 Rs on 1 Oct but the transaction become cancelled but the 255 Rs is not credit in my bank account.Is paytm is a cheater?

  31. Rahul Kumar says:

    Don’t worry my recharge was queued for more then 48 hours..Then ultimately it got cancelled..So don’t worry trust paytm and recharge more and more..

  32. ankush says:

    no need to worry check after 10/15 minutes and your recharge will be done
    just relax

  33. sam says:

    kanha_day after tomorrow mid night 12 o clock u will get confirm mail from paytm…do not worry…same happens with me every day…..enjoy..

  34. kanha says:

    guys pls anyone help me, i recharged 50 rupee nd 50rupee deducted bt rchrge nt done nd saying ‘your order is queued. ‘ wht does it mean??

  35. kanha says:

    @krishna, working nehi kar raha he,

  36. krishna says:

    Still working today

  37. Guliya says:

    show some respect towards paytm

  38. Abhishek Paul says:

    jitna milta hai usme khush raho. ek to bechare cash back dete hai usme bhi tum logo ke nakhre

  39. Sunil Gidwani says:

    it is giving error Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code

  40. RAHUL says:

    helo Paytm team,
    today’s last day of dushera. So atlest repeat dis same offer. Many users are waiting. Give me more happiness.

  41. Deepak says:

    Is the offer valid now ? Anyone ?

  42. Shubhi says:

    I got 9 in just 30. Thats really cool

  43. Parthasarathi says:

    Hi save money India This offers timing is very short but you not update this so bad smi

  44. RAHUL says:

    Helo Paytm team,
    If possible please repeat dis offer. Cuz dis offer was for less period. Like dat..LUCK BY CHANCE!

  45. Sacheen says:

    Offer start 5pm and end 8pm :(

    I done only 1 tranx at 6.30pm but dont get cashback..and now 8.30pm already :(

  46. suryanani says:

    Whyyyy always gives a time limit

  47. Avijit says:

    Offer now end. After 8:00 pm.

  48. harish says:

    pls give me offer for atleast 2 hr today or tomorrow and pls mention it in ur site

  49. kalyan chowdary says:

    Its not working…to bad..again I miss this offer..2 day durga pooja..y r u closing this offee again n again keep it for today..

  50. damodar says:

    offer closed

  51. RAHUL says:

    bhai offer ab valid h..or end ho gya??

  52. hasir says:

    thanku… savemoneyindia…i got cash back….!!!!

  53. Ashish says:

    Working Again.. but not on already used mobile numbers

  54. kalyan chowdary says:

    Guys, now this offer working r not??
    Reply me….

  55. yo yo says:

    Its over now :( 10 min late ho gya nhi to aj bhi recharge kar leta ye :(

  56. Shampa says:

    Thank You Savemoneyindia and Paytm for the offer, Happy Durga Puja…

  57. zeeshan says:

    not working for same number but working on already used accounts

  58. nitesh verma says:

    its a wonderful site .. keep going

  59. SURAJ says:


  60. jaju says:

    done 20 till now…..seeking for more….

  61. vinod says:

    Its not working ,it is saying code can be used twice per user.

  62. sairam says:

    heyyyyy…30cash back again working “paytm is soooooo crazy…:)
    thanks to paytm

  63. umapathi says:

    cash30 is working now, u can do as many as u can

  64. D vamshi krishna says:

    crazy paytm
    cash30 again working…
    thanks 2 paytm.

  65. Anonymous says:

    paytm wallest transper not working & code not succes.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Code is not working.Is it expired?

  67. sameer says:

    Today Code not working

  68. vishvendra singh says:

    I have done 630 rs. recharge yesterday. thank u smi and paytm.

  69. Bijan Singh says:

    Code not working.

  70. Arnab says:

    Coupon code not working. Showing invalid promo code ????

  71. eti says:

    yipeee got it
    180 cashback ….

  72. G D AIRAN says:

    coupon not working today showing
    on entering code cash 30
    Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code

  73. j says:

    I am trying the code cash30 but it’s not working now. has this expired?

  74. omar says:

    Salute u paytm but Pls give Cashback instantly or at least in 30 min.

  75. r says:

    rs.750 done

  76. Sacheen says:

    Now Offer End 11.59pm :(
    9 recharge done :D 270rs :) cashback

  77. Garry says:

    download paytm wallet to transfer money from one paytm account to other

  78. vatsal says:

    Cash back is not credited

  79. kishore says:

    I got cashback Rs.30, in paytm thanks to paytm.

  80. manish says:


  81. Ashish says:

    Free fund me 300 rs me recharge ho bye… Maja aagyo

  82. Ashish says:

    Thanks Suraj

  83. kumar says:

    paytm wallet mein login nahin ho raha hai …plz help

  84. Anonymous says:

    i got cash back 30 give more offers.

  85. Alok from UP says:

    Missed the offer yesterday.
    2day saw the same offer again and tried.
    Successfully recharged my Reliance Big TV twice.
    First recharged it for 30rs at 6:16PM got CB of 30rs at 6:41PM
    Same amount again at 6:24PM got CB of 30rs again at 6:50 PM
    Overall My experience with PayTM good.
    Thanks SMI for this CB offer !!!

  86. Suhani says:

    Done 150Rs recharge
    Paytm rocks:)

  87. kanha says:

    paytm rockz, great

  88. harsh says:

    gor 300 wid dif-dif account : Bang bang. thanks alot SMI and paytm

  89. XXX says:

    recharge karke 2 gante hogaya……ab tak cash back nahi aaya….Any idea friends

  90. aayush says:

    This code is only work for one no. Only

  91. suraj says:

    go to play store and search paytm wallet app ,,,,download and use it for transfering money….

  92. Anonymous says:

    Valid for both new and old users ,i got

  93. sandeep says:

    this code working but cash back is not credit in accounts..

  94. Mukesh Goyal says:

    Very good offer……welcome paytm…

  95. Raja S says:

    Good offer…..i got Rs 30/-Cashback…….Paytm Rocks

  96. YOGESH says:

    friends groupon wale offer ka gum bhul jao or is new offer ka fayda uthao. :-)

  97. suraj says:

    it’s not working for old users

  98. Shahrukh says:

    Does anyone know how to transfer paytm cash to another account ? If you know then please reply. :)

  99. Rohi says:

    yesterday’s number cannot be recharged……..

  100. Anonymous says:

    recharge done first time but for the secind time it shows system error and try again later..but the code cannot be used again…what a waste
    this happened for yesterday too..
    so i was able to do only one recharge per say ..:(

  101. jaju says:

    DONE 14 till now..without any transection …just rotating paytm cash via paytm wallet…working fine…..6.45…mje.lo….

  102. Naga Rajan says:

    Cash back will be credited in users account with in a day

  103. srinath says:

    This code can only be used twice per number

  104. krishnareddy says:

    now also workinggg

  105. Suhas Rao says:

    works with PAYTM cash as well thanks PAYTM Simply rocks Love u

  106. Avish says:

    Is it working with credits?

  107. samir says:

    working @ 06:01

  108. tinku meena says:

    did not working last night used mobile number. shit,

  109. TUSHAR says:

    Its working again guys… Enjoy

  110. jatan says:

    ppaytm is the best .. eh scheme dubara
    kado aoo

  111. Prajakta says:

    Diry Milk Dubal Shot Offers Paytm

  112. vamsi says:

    waste of time using paytm app. .. try freecharge app rc 10 nd get 70

  113. Parthasarathi says:

    Achhe din aageya. .
    vote for Paytm.
    Paytm ki jay hoooiiooo

  114. Parthasarathi says:

    Offer is closed right now.
    I miss it.
    please Paytm remake this type offer.

  115. priyavrat kumar says:

    Nice offer.

  116. zzz says:

    cashback revived at 2:57 AM

  117. Shampa says:

    Oh! Shit, I Miss It….

  118. kalyan chowdary says:

    Very short period offer…I miss this offer

  119. Anil yeduvanshi says:

    paytm is best
    Offer closed.

  120. jatan says:

    bhai scheme chal rhi hai ya khatam ho chuki hai

  121. tinku meena says:

    expired today, i done 10 recharge by 5 account. today morning i check my all Cashback received. thanks paytm.

  122. Suman says:

    Paytm you’re AWESOME.

  123. anand says:

    I have recd all cb which recharge were done after

  124. Azad says:

    Guys you just hsve to wait cash back back is on its way some time it takes yoo much time to place so many orders.

  125. jimmy says:

    Omar is right yaar. I have never seen any site cheating with me on cash back issues either Paytm or Mobikwik or FC though some technical issues halted operations of almost all from time ti time. Paytm is more genuine but the problem is their systems and servers are not working properly these days as first they integrated their recharge site with shop. Due to offers users are growing and paytm is busy upgrading their systems. So please be patient. Everybody will get cashbacks. It takes time for everyone to settle down things. In this online world we face problems with every site sometime outage happens. So I request all to be patient.

  126. Raj says:

    Thank you Paytm I received cash back just early in the morning
    Paytm is no 1

  127. Praveen Mangalore says:

    redeemed promo at 10.30pm with applied successfully message.. but no recharge done at that time.. but @ next morning got paytm message as recharge unsuccessful and money refunded..
    just waste of time…hope 2day cb offer comes again..

  128. G d airan says:


  129. Sacheen says:

    Guys dont worry about cashback sabko mil jayega..muje bhi 4hour k baad mila 6 rechg ka 6tym cb. :)
    Jiska paytm a/c verified hoga use milega..unverified ko pending me dikhega wallet me nahi aayega :(

  130. Sacheen says:

    I make 6 recharge by 3 verified a/c and i got 180rs rechg+180cashback :D thanx smi n paytm :)

  131. suraj says:


  132. nnn says:

    4 rechages .no cb for any rrcharge

  133. Sahil says:

    Got all cb… Thnk smi & paytm

  134. manish kumar says:

    Sir maine 150 rs wallet add kiya but vo failed ho gaye

    But Vo 150 rs abhi tak my account me credit nahi huye please add the balnce

  135. arjun says:

    I got cab…. BT now code expired plzzz chkk

  136. nitya says:

    i missed :(

  137. omar says:

    Kyu pareshan hore ho aisa pehle nai kia na paytm ne to samjo aj servers down hai paytm ke time lagega for cb may be till morning so chill have patience.

  138. srs says:

    Thanks SMI and paytm I was done 7 recharges and 5 CB already waiting for 2 CB. PayTM jay ho.

  139. devraj says:

    heyyyyy paytm dnt spoil your image like free charge where the he’ll is my cash back? promo code applied successfully but no cash back received. i thought paytm is trustable site but you cheating.

  140. harish says:

    cadh back nahi mila abhi tak , smi please paytm se contact karo…

  141. Sahil says:

    Not received cb till yet..

  142. ali says:

    Still cashback not came 2 me

  143. RJ Rohit says:

    got cash back after 3 hrs …. thanks Smi plus paytm

  144. omar says:

    I got 60 but very late and waiting for remaining accounts Cashback!!!

  145. Avtar says:

    recharge not success

  146. harish says:

    cash back nahi mil raha h, but code successfully applied dikha raha h lagata h paytm par consumer forum me case karna padega , ya to offer ke term and conditions saf likhe orromo code apply nahi hona chahiye, ye to cheating h sab log apni apni order id lekar 1800114000 par call karo or apni complaint likhao…for more information update as soon as possible. ..

  147. chinmoy says:

    I appplied this code and did a recharge, but after 1.30 hrs my recharge is still in process. I did not receive my recharge & cash back.

  148. DP says:

    Bhai log mera to 3hr ho gaya abhi to doubt lag raha hai cb ayega v ya nehi

  149. Jazz says:

    Cash back note recieved. Now balance showing
    pani kittiyo

  150. Amit says:

    I did 2 recharges today noon using Coupon code, the same was successfully applied but CB still not credited!!!!

    Paytm please be quick……

  151. mudasir says:

    Got my cash back 60 rs

  152. vikram says:

    Mera to cash back hi nhi Aaya recharge kare 4 gante ho gye

  153. harish says:

    if the offer is until 0800pm then promo code is successfully applied.

  154. Sahil says:

    Cash back not received till yet… Bt paytm rocks

  155. harish says:

    not received cash back

  156. jatan says:

    bai cash back nhi aounda ga vapis.paytm cheater hai. 1-2din ka offer toh dena chahiye

  157. arjun says:

    not received cb stiklllllll

  158. RAHUL says:

    helo Paytm team,
    Give me my cash back bls.

  159. AKs says:

    cashback aa rha hai.. Dont Worry..
    yeh calender day iska kya matlab hua fir se aayegaaa kya

  160. anmol says:

    Paytm ji aap freecharge ki tarah instant cashback Diya karo

  161. omar says:

    Maine to last recharge 9 ke kareeb kia tha uska cb mil gaya bt jo 8 se pehle kia uska nai aya I know it will come but don’t know how much time it will take.

  162. sanju says:

    I get cb 30rs…..thanks semi

  163. sks says:

    Paytm making fool… didn’t get any cashback

  164. vijay says:

    Bhaiyo offer 8 baje take hi tha
    Maine bhi 10 recharge liye par cb 1 ka bhi nhi aaya Abhi tak

  165. LAKHa says:

    yar abhi tak cb nhi aya 1 gante ho gye ye paytm chor cmy ho gya hai kya…..

  166. Ajit Vunna says:

    Paytm never cheats…Guys wait your cashback money will addad very soon…enjoy
    paytm rocks once again

  167. omar says:

    Paytm is giving Cashback very late!!!!!

  168. kanha says:

    i also didnt get cashback,

  169. harish says:

    paytm is not giving cash back, please help

  170. varun says:

    Recharged more than a hour ago, but still cb not received.

  171. RJ Rohit says:

    Code z still working …. love u paytm .. best app 4 me

  172. rajesh says:

    GUYS..its still working

  173. Anonymous says:

    didnt got cb yet

  174. BaWLA SINGH says:

    Maine 30/- ka recharge karwaya or coupon Cash30 use kya. Bank se amount success ho gay par recharge fail ho gaya, thagi wala kam lagta hai…

  175. ram says:

    This offer is still working

  176. LP the bihari says:

    code still working at 8:25 pm

  177. Batman's Daddy says:

    salute you paytm for your midblowing offers

  178. JAJU says:


  179. varun says:

    Recharged, but cash back not yet received.

  180. sunil says:

    cash back received but paytm is not showing cashback amount.

  181. ABC says:

    Got it on paytm cash
    earlier it wasn’t working.
    but I recharged on 7:59 and it works on paytm cash.
    then again I recharged on 8:00 and again it worked.
    I have 65 rs in cash wallet.
    and I have done 60 rs recharge free.
    paytm is sexy man.
    nice offer.

  182. shabir says:

    Yes I got two time

  183. gulli says:

    paytm is daddy of recharging app….jai ho paytm……30+30 got it

  184. kanha says:

    bekar 3rdclass, itna slw, failed,

  185. Naveen Vashisth says:

    Ohhhh yaaraa.!!!
    Invalid or expired promo code show kr rha h yr….

  186. yogesh says:

    wallet is not working.i think server down

  187. Avtar says:

    paytm wale toh pagal ho he gaye hain saath mein sab ko pagal kiya hua hai

  188. TUSHAR says:


  189. Avtar says:

    paytm wallet not working this time

  190. andy says:

    plz reply guys, have to recharge mobile to get 30 cashback or can add money to get cash back?? also where to enter promo code??

  191. R2 says:

    Couldn’t use Paytm cash wallet for the transaction. Received error, No Cash wallet is available at this time. Not sure if there is technical glitch with Paytm cash wallet.

  192. Gaga says:

    showing “ptm wallet’s balance is not available”.

  193. payal says:

    Guys.. ye ki lagne wali hai…!
    Offer pe Offer diye za raha hai… use ye bhi nahi malum ki…. customers aise nahi bante…!!!
    People will use the offeres and will say TATA BYE BYE.. :)

  194. Ejaz says:

    Paytm Rocks !1

  195. Manish says:

    hey is any one tell me is ur paytm wallet app is working fine or not…i mean…u can trnsfer the balance to other paytm account …bcoz i didnt…

  196. andy says:

    can we use paytm cash balance also??

  197. gulli says:


  198. andy says:

    frnds kya kya deal hai paytm pe detail me share karo plz new paytm user here.

  199. nagarajan says:

    Valid till today 8.00 pm. And now its 7.20 pm.

  200. Nishant says:

    I think paytm did a big mistake this time
    Recharge with rs30 use pro Cash30
    after cash back
    again recharge with rs30 use promo Cash30
    after cashback
    Again recharge with rs 30 use promo CB100
    after cashback
    Recharge with rs 10
    Use another account different number, Repeat the steps
    Don’t shy away to thank me!

  201. Vaibhav says:

    Jiyo Paytm ….GOT IT Twice !!!

  202. MANPREET SINGH says:

    what an idea paytm g kya baat jai offer pe offer de raha hai paytm best offer this mopnth

  203. MANPREET SINGH says:


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