Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50 – FreeCharge

fc-oddevenValid on successful Recharges / Bill Payments done only on 4th, 6th & 8th Jan 2016 for EVEN Order numbers.
Valid on successful Recharges / Bill Payments done only on 5th, 7th and 9th Jan 2016 for ODD Order numbers.
• Valid on credit/debit card transactions only.
• Offer not valid for Airtel transactions.
• Cashback will be credited only for successful recharges within 24 hrs.

Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50+ Promo Code: ODDEVEN (can be used 5 times)

Website: FreeCharge | Terms & Conditions

Examples: (AFTER Recharge > Account > Transactions)
• 9th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….1 = Rs. 20 Cashback
• 9th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….2 = Rs. 0 Cashback

47 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50 – FreeCharge”

  1. Manish says:


    Just open FC a/c in two tabs…(google crome)

    Just see order ID before doing final payment..

  2. Dpk says:

    great freecharge…got rs 20

  3. p kumar says:

    you have maximum redeemed nowadays the agent of free charge post the comments

  4. ARSHAD says:

    1st days decently give cashback atleat 1 out 2 ratio
    But lst 3-4 days will not give any cashback
    You will get 1 out 10 if you have big luck
    Otherwise zeeerooo

  5. Anand says:

    Got 2 cashback on 3 recharges all 3 times it showed even order 216 pe 40 mila

  6. man droid says:

    Did not get cashback

  7. Anand says:

    Got 20 cashback on 64 recharge afternoon time thanks freecharge and smi

  8. SVP says:

    WOW…excellent offer…got cash back 4 times out of 5…

  9. anita says:

    i got 9 times out of nine successful recharge.

  10. Natarajan M says:

    Today i did more then 10 times. code applies successfully. but order id showing even numbers only. they are cheating…

  11. a says:

    AK ne kata in freechargewale logonko :)))

  12. shamser says:

    today 6th Jan 2016 ODDEVEN promo code expired
    please re-update this code

  13. rock says:

    Shows code expired.

  14. Himanshu Garg says:

    Three out of one transaction is odd but forget to apply the code ???

  15. KING SHARMA says:

    free charge always says you have maximum redeemed but mine is new acc.

  16. Mahesh says:

    Today also I got 2 times out of 5. Offer is good compared to 10% cash back offers.

  17. Anand says:

    We want cashback but if its fixed amount not try on our luck mila toh nasib nahi to fakir

  18. subhasis says:

    I got one time out of five recharge

  19. Shasank says:

    I got twice. Thanks!

  20. Minesh says:

    Good deal. I got 20 back on my first recharge

  21. rk says:

    Faltu offer hi..

    2 times recharge kiya… kuch nahi mila..

  22. kaushik says:

    in maths class my teacher told me 0 is considered as even … by basic definition of even numbers

  23. Maulik Patel says:



    0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 these all are EVEN numbers and 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 these all are ODD numbers.

  24. Maulik Patel says:

    Please read carefully term & conditions:
    1 – Cashback will be given only if the last digit of the Free Charge Order ID is even.
    2 – Cashback will be given only if the last digit of the FreeCharge Order ID is odd.

    So that means agar aap jo transaction karate hai so wo transaction ka Order ID ka last digit EVEN or ODD hoga to hi cashback milegi so this is totally risk base offer…

    Thank you…

  25. MAYANK says:

    useless offer

    I made recharge 3 time but only get Rs. 20/- one time. 300 pe 20 rs. wo bhi nasib hai to milega

  26. ARSHAD says:

    if last digit is 0?

  27. ASHOK SINTHAL says:

    Are Bhaiyo EVEN or ODD Ka matlab Sam or Visam Sankhya se hai. Jab hum recharge karte hai to ODDEVEN code daal te hai or Recharge pura ya Safal hote hi Ek Ordar Id aati hai jo FC…2 Ya. FC…5 hoti hai.. Ab is Ordar Id ka last sankhaya 2-4-6-8-0 hai Date bhi 4-6-8 Hai to Aap ke Khate me 20 ? Aa jayenge or yadi Antim sankya…1-3-5-7-9 aai to THAN THAN PAAL
    OR DATE 5-7-9 ko yadi last digit visam hai to 20 ? Nahi to Hare Krishna… Sam ka matlab jisme 2 ka pura pura jaye… Visam ka matlab jisme 2 ka bhag toot jaye…ASHOK SINTHAL

  28. Abc says:

    Good offer

  29. kutty says:

    Example please…promo code apply…

  30. shopper says:

    4th, 6th & 8th Jan 2016- You will get cashback only if your Recharge ID which is generated after Recharge is even no.
    5th, 7th and 9th Jan 2016- You will get cashback only if your Recharge ID which is generated after Recharge is ODD no.
    That means you have 50% chance of getting cash back for every recharge. You may get all cash back or may not get any..Blind Luck..

  31. vikash kumar says:

    Example do

  32. Terminator says:

    Bhai ye Sab Ghochu hai Inko kuch Samajh Nhi aaega
    Agar Aata to ye Kejriwaal Ka virodh nhi karte
    sabke sab Padhe likhe Gawaar hai

  33. Y r says:

    (AFTER Recharge > Account > Transactions)
    • 4th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….2 = Rs. 20 Cashback
    • 4th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….3 = Rs. 0 Cashback
    • 5th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….4 = Rs. 0 Cashback
    • 5th Jan 2016 – Order ID: FC…………….5 = Rs. 20 Cashback
    is pure Examples: matlab kiya hai.? matlab kuchh samaj me nahin aaya

  34. Chottu Charsi says:

    Airtel walon se kya pange hain, unhe kyo offer nahi dete.

  35. amar says:

    Kejriwal formula lagta nahi kuch milega

  36. PSK says:

    that means every 2nd user will get cashback

  37. paresh says:

    mast logic lgaya …

  38. KaranKD says:

    kya kya kejriwala formula wah bhai wah

  39. G1 says:

    Yaar ..example de k samjhana chahiye

  40. Y r says:

    EVEN Order numbers. aur ODD Order numbers. ka matlab kiya hai.?

  41. Kvk says:

    What is meant by odd order id ?

  42. Mahesh says:

    Nice offer. I got 3 times out if 5.

  43. BAWA says:


  44. Rons says:

    ODD Order ID + ODD date = Cash back
    EVEN Order ID + Even date = Cash back

  45. Jjj says:

    Explain this…

  46. Anonymous says:

    but yrrr order meanse our no. or a its depends on their order sequence

  47. Bhavin says:

    this appears to be luck by chance

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