Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – FreeCharge

fc-50• This offer is applicable only for users who have received it & is linked to their email id.
• Valid on successful Recharges/Bill Payments.
• Offer not valid for Airtel transactions.
• Cashback will be credited to your FreeCharge Wallet which can be redeemed within 185 days from date of credit, and is non transferable.

Rs. 50 Casback on Rs. 50+ Promo Code: KP50 or PQ50 or PR50 or PS50 or PT50
Rs. 25 Cashback on Rs. 50+ Promo Code: C25

Website: FreeCharge

99 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – FreeCharge”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. raj says:

    mail nhi aye freecharge

  3. yp says:

    most of code is expired and PQ50 can use one time

  4. Anonymous says:

    @bk, If you don’t use your account for more than 1 or 2 months only then you get codes. It’s not that only yahoo ids get codes. I have gmail and outlook accs too on which i receive codes. the only funda is they send codes to idle accounts which are not being used frequently in order to keep them active. once you use it you wont get codes again for 1-2 months. i have 30 verified accounts with fc. haha

  5. Anonymous says:

    @RAJNI KANT MISHRA Yeh mails ussi account pe aati hai jo use nahi hota. Tum lagataar use kar rahe ho isliye company ko tumhe offer de ke apna loss thodi karna hai. 1-2 mnths acc ko use mat kar fir codes aayenge.


    Mujha kbhi mail nhi aata why mai kafi recharge krta hu mahine ma 350 to pkka krta hufr kyo aisa

  7. Bk says:

    I got the code for 2 yahoo email ids, I have account for my all family members. But just got email which is using the yahoo email.
    I am curious, is that true for other users as well?

    If your using the yahoo email id as your registered email id, then may be you have got it.
    Please write your comments.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Himanshu ji apko paytm se 1 Lakh mila ya nahi bato Please

  9. Himanshu P S says:

    Free charge n smi rock
    ,…got 100

  10. anand says:

    Airtel trai ke rules follow nahi karta ye adial company kisi network ki baat nahi sunti hai bas apni man marji karti hai isliye sab recharge companion ne airtel ka bahishkar kiya hai ab airtel apni airtel app se recharges karva ke benifits deke khud ko raja samajne laga hai i also going to leave airtel network

  11. ASHOK SINTHAL says:

    are yaaro ye Airtel se kya dusmani hai freecharge Mobikwik or paytm walo ki sab likhte hai Non Airtel usear… Kyo Kyo kyo.. ASHOK SINTHAL

  12. thulasiram says:

    tnw smi.. got 100

  13. Trilok says:

    Wow… I got two times Rs. 50 & 50

  14. vab says:

    rv50 working but not working fc wallet payment???

  15. Priyanka says:

    If you are frequently using your freecharge account for recharging you won’t get any email.
    Only those who don’t use their freecharge account for longer period of time will get this type of coupons.

  16. Sri says:

    Last day rv50 rs50 rt50 cs50 ru50 recharge add 50rs in freecharge wallet anynetbanking or debitcard so hurry thanks freecharge

  17. sahiii says:

    How to get mail ??? Can anyone plzzzz tell me

  18. Anand says:

    Not working single code says only one who has recieved linked 5 accounts no offer why make available for all of us

  19. Priyanka says:

    Use 50APP 50CB on 50.
    Wallet payment is also working.

  20. Lucky says:

    Got 100 Rs Cashback with code RT50

  21. SHANKAR says:

    everyone will get only two times it is true

  22. SHANKAR says:


  23. Rk says:

    Hey idiots, do you think people believe you. Kyon khud ka Majak bana rahe ho, Kisi ko v itni time nahi mila

  24. mohan sri says:

    Got. Frm 250 acounts 250*50= 12500 full enjoy free recharge I can use nearly 2 years this balance hip hip hurrey hurreyyy thanx smi and freecharge

  25. Sammy says:

    Shankar ko shivratri ka prasad Mila.. Lol

  26. SHANKAR says:

    I got 200 time really recharge 200 time you will get cashback I got

  27. Akash aj says:

    yup. ! i even got 50 cashback 2 times. this is a nice deal. thnks smi.

  28. vijaydhankar says:

    It works now also with fc wallet I tried 4 times really go a head

  29. R2 says:

    Does it work with Freecharge Wallet? (or only with Credit/Debit card)


  30. vaibhu says:

    yeah i got 4 times

  31. yp says:

    try more30

  32. ashish says:

    i got 4 times cb of 50

  33. bhel says:

    i get 2 times 50 50rs cb by emailed cs50 code

  34. corrupt says:

    i got 3 times

  35. seema meena says:

    I got three time cashback

  36. raman says:

    use FC50 for minimum transaction of 100.worked for me (got 50 cash back). may be account specific. above all codes all are expired

  37. Gags says:

    I got it on 2 different a/c’s which i rarely use.

  38. Sanju says:

    Got 3 times. .more50 once and DC5050 2 times

  39. prateek says:

    Koi bewkoof n bnaa rha, bhaia ye prpmocodes emails p apne ap ate h 50cb on 50

  40. Prem Prakash says:

    kyu bewakoof bna rhe ho..expired code btakar

  41. Manish says:


  42. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I Got 12 Times. I Am So Lucky.

  43. Vivek says:

    Sab xpayrd bata raha fc pagal banate ho pablic ko

  44. Alok says:

    I got 4 times.

  45. king sharma says:

    good offer

  46. dinu says:

    Says exipre

  47. Goutam says:

    It worked recharged vodafone i got 50 back.

    Used code : MORE50

  48. Ajit Mohanty says:

    More50 is working.. Thanks freecharge

  49. jen says:

    Code is not working…don’t waste of time…

  50. ravi says:

    anyone got cashback through netbanking…

  51. Ashish says:

    M50 code also working

  52. Jitender Thakur says:

    M50 use I have got 50 cash back
    Thanks free charge

  53. Ashish says:

    NOW50 worked for me thanks smi

  54. sanjay says:

    i got MORE50 Rs.50/-

  55. mahipal says:

    Not working

  56. Deep says:

    I Got 50 CashBack On Coupon Code “MORE50″

  57. cooldude says:

    Aaj b lg tha h guyzz ye

  58. Gags says:

    tried all codes for 3 different a/c’s but none of them worked.

  59. Miller says:

    working but for selective account,,, I got 50cb thanx smi

  60. sanju says: prb…

  61. pankaj says:

    I have got 50×4 =200 thanks SMI

  62. charan shresti says:

    super offer…enjoyed…:-)

  63. tirupathi goud says:

    MORE50 coupon code expire date is 22nd January 2016

  64. same says:

    How is it possible “bhel”!???

  65. Bhushan Singh says:


  66. Sunny Grewal says:

    its working

  67. bhel says:

    1 account 1 card 1 android i got 150rs on three deferent accounts thank smi

  68. Mah says:

    Please anyone tell me coupon code MORE50 expiry date

  69. jammy papa says:

    working in accounts in mails are received for More50

  70. Bk says:

    Works fine for me. I have successfully did recharge.

  71. suraj says:

    Got 50 cb thank u smi

  72. Kriti says:


  73. mohamed says:

    for me also getting error coupon expired

  74. Swapnil says:

    I also 50cb got it in one account…other 2 accounts it is showing as expired

  75. Anonymous says:

    Its wrking get cb

  76. Anand says:

    Got it thanks smi and freecharge

  77. Bhootesh says:

    Maafi, Yeh code aamanya hai!

  78. Ankit says:

    It’s working for me…!

  79. RAHUL says:

    Just tried to recharge my DTH connection and it worked correctly. Got Rs.50 cashback.

  80. kaku says:


  81. ABC says:

    its working

  82. mahinder kashyap says:

    Sorry, This code has expired

  83. jitu says:

    I got 2 times

  84. Anonymous says:

    I got

  85. jigar says:

    I received cb.
    got it
    thanx smi

  86. karan says:

    its expired now

  87. zewel says:

    ye ye! I got Rs.50 cashback. Thank you SMI & FC.

  88. vinod says:

    working now

  89. BhanuPrakash says:

    Its working, got cb too

  90. Abc says:


  91. Raju J&A says:

    working guys now check it and i got in 1 account

  92. dinesh says:

    Working fine. I dont in one account

  93. mahesh says:

    hurray, worked for me. try now

  94. GEEK says:

    Worked in three accounts of mine…got 50 cb each time… Thnx SMI…

  95. Mani says:

    THanks Freecharge

  96. sk says:

    expired bol raha he…

  97. Anonymous says:

    it says coupon code expired

  98. Abhishek says:

    It is showing code expired!!

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