Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10, Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge

fc-hi50• Valid only for New users/First Time Transacting users.
• Offer not valid for Airtel Transactions.

Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10+ Promo Code: FC30
Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50+ Promo Code: HI50 or HELLOFC
Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: FCLINE100

Website: FreeCharge

101 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 10, Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge”

  1. ASHOK SINTHAL says:

    Fcline code se mujhe 100% case back mila hai. Mitro…Ashok Sinthal

  2. mangal says:

    i had recharge my mobile 50 rupeess with coupon HI50.recharge was succeess full but i did’t get cash back…unexpected from free charge.i will never recharge from this kind of site…

  3. sunil says:

    V.C. is working or Not on this recharge for cb

  4. vinu tepan says:

    cash back no received on “fcline100″ code

  5. Arjun says:

    Is there any trick to use second time on same device with diff. debit card,because it says maximum redemption

  6. akshay says:

    Fcline worked nicely…thanks smi

  7. Yadav says:

    Bull sheet freerecha what is the problem with airte…???

  8. Niki says:

    Dint get 100 rs cashback. Did it come after sometime?

  9. BHEL says:

    one card one e-mail one mob. no. one mobile
    100 pe 100 thanks smi

  10. harish says:

    FREECHARGE backs with full of power

  11. charan says:

    why they are not giving offer to AIRTEL ???

  12. kamal says:

    Just valid on debit and credit card not valid on internet banking .. Not get cashback after use netbanking

  13. Trilok says:

    Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! I got Rs. 100 in Rs. 100 Cash back.

  14. Sachin says:

    Is all offer available through sbi internet banking or not

  15. Anonymous says:

    free charge to free charge money transferred kse hoti h plz koe btana

  16. Kumar gaurav says:


  17. Umesh says:

    wont work on Airtel!

  18. shiva says:

    not working for airtel. waste freecharge

  19. hariputra says:

    Offer expired…

  20. vinu says:

    ek device se ek hi bar ho riya h…

  21. nikul says:

    I got 3 time yo yo freecharge

  22. doc says:

    Got it 50 cb

  23. damodar aghaniya says:

    Ek debit card par ek bar hi ho raha hai new account par neeraj bhai.

  24. rohit says:

    freecharge is back

  25. Neeraj Ji says:

    Bhai ek baar hi ho rha h ek phone se

  26. Bakul ghosh says:

    Thanks freecharge. Offer working

  27. Jafar says:

    Now they pending the recharge & amount goes to fc Credits.
    Waste offer

  28. sanjiv kumar says:

    error says “something went wrong plz try again later” when apply code on screen. total useless app of freecharge. dont put thisbullshit app in offer list. totaly wastaege of time freecharge. plz check app before post offers. thnkxx

  29. vinu says:

    showing invalid code

  30. vijay says:

    app work is very slow

  31. nama says:

    it is working unlimited times on app.
    crate a new account rechage

  32. lalkishore says:

    not working
    showing reached maxm redemption

  33. anuj says:

    offer hai, I recharged three times but no cashback… banate ho..

  34. smith says:

    For Reliance GSM postpaid, it does not work for MP.

  35. arun says:

    I mean seriously if Airtel employees start using paytm they can read our sms and verify accounts and viola they will become rich on paytm’s money

  36. arun says:

    @james omg even accountants need to do such cheap things in life. really surprising. i hv no work so its a method of earning for me… soon airtel/idea and all other company ceo will be using paytm as they have crore of accounts and later give it to their distributors. :P

  37. Himanshu says:

    Got cb in 20 sec

  38. james007 says:

    @ karan…for u its may not b possible.. but for me… its very easy.. coz i have 10 family members bank acc and also my all frnds n reliatives give me their all detail too.. i am an accountant.. so very easy for me to do same.. and i also give some of benifit to them too

  39. King says:

    See how Indians exploit every corporate company which tries to provide better services here.
    These same people later will come and cry that fc not giving even 5% discounts

  40. deepak says:

    no cash back in net banking

  41. deepak says:

    only one time use par card???

  42. Santosh says:

    It is not working in multiple accounts with the same device

  43. Karan says:

    @james007 it’s can’t possible that someone share their cc dc details

  44. Eldho Jose says:

    Goto google settings then reset advertising Id. Then clear freecharge data. Sign in different aacount . But differrent card must be used

  45. B.L says:

    VC working or not? plz reply

  46. Himanshu says:

    Extended to 19 th april

  47. ashok says:

    got 50 cb thanx vipin

  48. ajay says:

    showing invalid code

  49. anonymous says:

    got 20 acc bal 1000

  50. Jobin says:

    i got it…thank you freecharge…

  51. james007 says:

    16 device 16 acc 16 dc+cc… if u want to do then its not impossible.. just make relation with your frineds and visit your all relatives regular and also give some rc amt to them… when u got cb… dfntly they will give you their device and id…and also frnds will give you their dc cc details…open all ur family mem acc in banks..

  52. Kishore says:

    how to do multiple times with same phone but diff Acc diff no and diff card?

  53. kartik says:

    How can you get cashback on 16 account ?

  54. james007 says:

    GOT 800 CB IN 16 ACCC :)

  55. kiran says:

    Where the hell are those fguys with comments ” got Rs 25000 from 500 accounts”??

  56. Anshul says:

    Its working…ty freecharge

  57. OD says:

    Guys , this offer is working and is tricky.

    It works for postpaiid, my Vodafone account got recharged.

    It works for 1 user + 1 mobile + 1 card + 1 mobile set … means you cannot use the same number to recharge from multiple accounts,neither use the same phone,neither the same freecharge account and nor the same card.

    I have 3 phones and 3 cards ,hence it helped

  58. Sehul says:

    I just checked now and Rs.50 bill payment for postpaid can be done. In the morning it was not working

  59. Sehul says:

    In Postpaid Minimum Amount has to be 100

  60. VInod says:

    Done, Its Working

  61. ahad says:

    Worked for me :D
    recharged Airtel Postpaid (Delhi) for 50 bucks with Debit Card and got 50 bucks in wallet instantly…however Airtel suffers recharge failure on Freecharge often, so all the best… ;)

  62. Tj says:

    I tried payin postpaid connection… But d transaction got failed nd amt cr to wallet…nd every time its show in an mess of try again later…

  63. Sehul says:

    I have tried 2 times but it is not working in Postpaid account and amount is been credited to the Wallet

  64. banty says:

    ha bhai mera postpaid bill reflect hua hai

  65. sam says:

    thanks got it .working at 3.20 pm today

  66. Gaurav says:

    Bhai logo .. kise ka Post paid bill reflect huya ??

  67. john nicholas says:

    i go’t it

  68. avi says:

    Can we use two accounts on same phone? if we do, will accounts be blocked? pls reply guys

  69. JAJU says:


  70. anand says:

    Great got 50 instant thanks smi and freecharge

  71. pankaj says:

    is working got 50rs

  72. Krishna Datta says:

    I Got 50 CashBack

  73. shubham says:


  74. vijay says:

    I think it’s expire now. Not working

  75. Ashu says:

    Done . its working .

  76. sanju says:

    Got it instant no prob…

  77. pardeep says:

    recharge not done
    balance add IBM credit

  78. akshay says:

    GOT IT…

  79. JAY says:

    APP50 – Working fine. Got Rs. 50 cash back immediately.

  80. VJ says:


  81. viijay says:

    I too agree with chetan and PravinYa

  82. vijay says:

    awesome offer , i got 50 cash back…

  83. vinod says:

    Not working more than one time on the same device even tried with different user Id.

  84. pravinya says:

    I agree with chetan. same happened to me also

  85. Chetan says:

    Code applied..but payment got credited in FC credits and recharge not done..verified in 3 different accounts on 3 different mobiles..even coupons selected can’t be seen

  86. Ankit says:

    Yes u can use same device n same card , n different accounts

  87. samar says:

    Got 50 …but only in 1 ac…

  88. Rajendra says:


  89. vishbu says:

    Can done twise in same phone but diffrent accounts?

  90. Tanzeem says:

    Cb will be Only once per mobile per card… Not good… Offer

  91. AMIT GARG says:

    Thanks , Working

  92. John says:

    Best deal

  93. gale says:

    Is it working on credits??

  94. xyz says:

    got cb… :-)

  95. Anand says:

    wow !!! Working got 50 Rs. Cashback.

  96. jay says:

    got it

  97. R@VI says:

    Done..!! wid 2 accounts..
    thnx smi..

  98. devang shah says:

    done. thanks simi

  99. Durga Prasad says:

    only one user/debit card

  100. Durga Prasad says:

    i gotted :-)

  101. tanha sameer says:

    Sir would u tell me i want another Recharge to old debit card can i do again

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