Utsav Soan Papdi 400gm + Rs. 3 Cashback Rs. 62 – ShopClues

utsav-soanIngredients: Sugar, Refined Vegetable Oil, Besan, Wheat Flour, Liquid Glucose, Cardamom, Dry Fruits.

Both discounts add up:
Coupon: SC2US69
10% off upto Rs. 50 from: In Step 3. Payment Options > Cash Card > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order > 5% Discount. (currently 10%)

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30 Responses to “Utsav Soan Papdi 400gm + Rs. 3 Cashback Rs. 62 – ShopClues”

  1. Mohit says:

    @ankit jain, very bad yaar please dont post such crap here and please start giving respect to women’s or either you treat sisters the same way.
    Bloody jerk.

  2. sharad says:

    Today mobikwik is giving 20% cash back for shopclues.

  3. parthiban says:

    surely they will send only old stock

  4. Abhishek says:

    This is right

    its available at reliance store in 1+1 offer

    so not worth it for Metro users.

  5. Vinay T says:

    I cant understand how a respected site like SMI allows flirting comments to be posted, probably “awaiting moderation” message is just a hoax!

  6. rajesh says:

    if a person wants only one pack,then its the best deal as bcoz reliance wont provide me any offer at one pack.
    and to go to reliance mart store to buy soanpapri,its a foolish thing.petrol ka paisa nhi lagta kya?
    yaha ghar baithe mil ja rha hain soanpapri and also one clue buck.

  7. Sri says:

    Ordered one.
    What’s all the fuss about getting it for Rs 64.5 (129/2) at reliance? just to save another 4 Rs? Big deal!

  8. Aswini says:

    ab SMI ko v facebook bana do…..ha ha ha..

  9. Ashish says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    @ankit jain
    you dont have mother or sister in your house.
    IF U have then have it with them.

  11. ADIL SHAIKH says:

    Those who want to buy this buy this product , Don’t post stupid comments .

  12. deb says:


  13. Ankit Jain says:

    Sanjana hello! mere saath coffee and soan papdi khaogi :D

  14. Varun K says:

    Hey Folks

    Why bother, those who wants to buy should buy !

  15. MOHIT says:

    also we get rs-1 as cluebucks that means only rs-2 extra FROM reliance store.

  16. MOHIT says:

    leave eveyting discussed above,Still we are getting the product sitting at our home or we can send to others as a diwali gift by paying only 3Rs extra as compared to buy 1 get 1 deal i.e 129 for 2.

  17. varun says:

    and sanjana is absolutely right it is beneficial fr the people living in small cities where reliance store is not available yarr

  18. varun says:

    oye bakwaas na karo mast deal hai pae jao :D

  19. Sanjana says:

    @Sunny – I’m not a Shopclues girl. I’m a buyer and bought 1 pack.
    Now if you think it is not a good deal – just don’t buy it…………

  20. sd says:

    anyone living in city would prefer buying it from mall. who would wait for 7 days . u can easily get 1+1 offer at any mall.

  21. sunny says:

    Friends, please understand Sanjana’a paid, she is the one who is selling it @ shopclues.com.

  22. Sanjana says:

    I said 1+1 is not available in festive season.

  23. Manas says:

    Who told reliance dosen’t have stock in festive season. I have seen those products from last 2 months in Reliance, not selling. That’s why there are here.

  24. Sanjana says:

    Stop posting stupid comments. Where would you get a packing of 400 gm in 68 Rs? It is a nice deal on the occasion of Diwali. Reliance doesn’t have 1+1 stock in festive season. Also it is good for people living in small cities which doesn’t have Reliance store.

  25. ATUL says:

    nice offer………i want only one , why should i buy two from reliance…

  26. anand says:

    Reliance Mart or Reliance Fresh is selling is Rs 129 for 2 quantity.Buy one and get one free scheme.

    so why we purchase this

  27. deepu says:

    Reliance Mart or Reliance Fresh is selling is Rs 129 for 2 quantity.Buy one and get one free scheme.

    It is costly Or may send the duplicate product.

  28. Sam says:

    Are yaar shipping charge itna high he………………..
    Shopclues you have reduced the shipping charge…………..

  29. Mehul says:

    A Thumbs down. Its available in Reliance stores as 1 + 1 Free offer.

  30. rati says:

    ordered 1 sending to bhai to agartala lets see if they ship there

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