Reynolds Ball Pen Rs. 1 – eBay

reynolds-045Seller greatdeals7556 is selling Reynolds Ball Pen for Rs. 1.

Buy: Reynolds Ball Pen (risky because selling is asking for positive feedback before shipping)

19 Responses to “Reynolds Ball Pen Rs. 1 – eBay”

  1. shubham goel says:

    it is good in writing & prices are reasonable…

  2. Naveen says:

    Its interesting

  3. Vijay Kuma Shinde says:

    :) It is Cheap tricks from ebay and its sellers…..:D

  4. Vijay Kuma Shinde says:

    the worst ebay …website…sending cheap quality products when ordered….again ..ebay paying this much cheaptricks….to cover its bad quality products…to the customers…
    when i had purchased memory card…ebay ..they send bad quality memory which is useless…then i had returned….so far no response from ebay….

    the worst shopping website ebay……eBay…eBay bad web site for cheating customers….


    So friend, be careful before purchasing anything from and please not consider the seller feedback as quality of product as they are earning positive feedback by such type of shameless ways and will take advantage of this feedback when they will put costly item as a listing after a couple of month and customer will think that seller is best.
    Ebay should do something so that a seller with particular item as listing can show only the feedback of that item not all the feedback earned in whole life by such type of cheating ways.

  6. sabyasachi says:

    such a shame.. selling Re1 pens just only to get +ve feedback

  7. IKRAM says:

    i think he will ship but many buyers ordered multiple qty. its not fair. some ppl ordered 100

  8. yoyo says:

    this is insane. I want modi as prime minister. NAMO. And Guys doo watch sachins final match.he is awsome

  9. Joker Indiana says:

    at ebay nothing is risky
    but sold out….

  10. jango says:

    bought 10 pens seperately and gave 10 negative feedbacks :D

  11. Shopper says:

    i have reported this to ebay.. :) It is Cheap tricks from seller..

  12. ????????????? says:

    no its not scrap ebay was refund your money right now ok

  13. soumya says:

    used the Mastercard coupon to get it at 0.94 paisa………yoyoyo

  14. varun k says:

    Give a negative feedback to these bastards even if you have to spend 5 Rs on such craps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    already feedback never give buyer its rating needed seller want it now

  16. Anonymous says:

    isky because selling is asking for positive feedback before shipping Its Fully Chep Deal

  17. gagan says:

    sold out

  18. Anonymous says:

    its cheeting now ok everyone don,t buy this prodcut

  19. Man says:

    Sab saaf ho chuka h bhai log……………

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