Reynolds Force Gel Pen Rs. 7 – Tradus

reynolds-forceTradus has Reynolds Force Gel Pen for Rs. 7. Features MEXEL tip for fast and smooth writing.

Gift Voucher: MEGAD105

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3 Responses to “Reynolds Force Gel Pen Rs. 7 – Tradus”

  1. Manoj says:

    Everytime tradus is increasing the cost of product in Mega Deal. In market it is available for rs. 5/- only for a packet of 10, then why people will buy from you. Now you people are cheating the customers.

  2. SHAH says:

    Paytm giving Rs. 30 cashback in form of Paytm cash when recharge mobile with Rs. 100 or more.

  3. Harish says:

    YOU BLOODY tradus.
    are we not on the planet? Are we not your subscribers/customer?
    You crapy people why mega deals are only for new customers?

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