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riona-mobiholdInfiBeam is selling Riona Mobihold Mobile Hanger for Rs. 55. Features Hangs between your battery charger and the wall socket, Provides a support for your mobile phone & Works with a mobile phone, Mp3 player, iPod, or PDA.

Rs. 50 off from: Mobile & DTH Recharge (50% Cashback Coupon: CHARGEFREE – recharge for Rs. 100 & get Rs. 50 cashback)

Buy: Riona Mobihold Mobile Hanger (select Black)

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  1. ABHI says:


  2. RAJSEKHAR says:

    You do make recharge any mobile worth 100 and use coupon CHARGEFREE and the credit balance will be added into your infibeam wallet account. After that u place the charger hanger item and follow the credit balance. First cost is 75 + 30 shipping cost. Now total is 105. Then do make minus 50 wallet account. now the price is being 55 only. In this offer u are getting 20 rupees only as benefit.

  3. Deal King says:

    First create an account, the do the rechargeof any mobile for 100, u will get 100 ka recharge and 50 in ur wallet, use these 50 to apply on the mobile holder total cost,

    so, overall u will have to spend Rs100 for recharge And Rs. 55 for the mobile holder

  4. girish says:

    where is coupon code SMI. why your company updating this kind of offer without any proper instructions and coupon code.

  5. ANKUR GUPTA says:


  6. puneet kumar says:

    what is coupon code for getting Riona Mobihold Mobile Hanger Rs. 55 when i am going for purchasing it is taking 105 rupee so please tell me what is discount coupon for that.

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